17 Best Automatic Screen Printing Machines of 2023 [Specifications & Tips]

17 Best Automatic Screen Printing Machines of 2021- Specification & Tips

Screen printing is a time-consuming process that requires some amount of manual work. In case, you are a large or medium-scale printing business, you can’t afford to have a manual procedure on your premises.

Here, comes the role of the automatic screen printing machine. This is considered to be the best option that you can choose.

In this regard, your main goal is to choose the appropriate machine after you select upgrading to an automatic digital screen printing machine.

Automatic Screen Printing Machines

Screen Printing Machine helps to print original designs or logos on various fabrics, glasses with reduced downtime, improved productivity.

A Screen print machine transfer a stencilled design onto a flat surface using a mesh screen, ink and a squeegee.

To make things simpler for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best automatic screen printing equipment that will help you run your print shop like an expert.

  1. Stryker Automatic Oval Screen-Printing Machine

The typical oval shape design, which takes up less floor area than similar carousel automatic screen print machine, is the specialty of Stryker. As a consequence, the available production space is better used.

One of the best things about Stryker is its unique standard features, such as the Maintenance Minder system, which notifies operators when planned maintenance is needed. It has features that are easy to use, such as teardown times as well as park mode fast setup.

Stryker Automatic Oval Screen-Printing Machine


  • Custom configurations are possible with the help of its modular design.
  • Made of heavy-gauge steel as well as high-quality components
  • For ease of use, the large touchscreen display utilizes icon-based instructions.
  • Built-in pallet temperature sensor in automatic palette preheat mode
  • Ink retrieval system which is adjusted electronically
  • Tool-free calibration of the front, as well as backstroke lengths, helps to increase printing speed
  1. Sportsman EX Automatic Screen-Printing Press

The Sportsman EXpress is regarded as a mid-range screen printing automatic machine that effectively combines first-class workmanship, high-quality components, as well as high-speed output at an incredibly low price.

This machine simplifies screen printing specifically with electric printheads, manifold print-stroke capabilities, servo-driven indexers, along with a new color touchscreen interface. Onboard self-diagnostics, as well as real-time production data display, are also included.

Sportsman EX Automatic Screen-Printing Press


  • Standard rear and front locking micro-registration
  • The touchscreen control panel of high resolution
  • Standard frame locks along with flood bar or pneumatic squeegee
  1. ROQ Oval Evolution Automatic Screen-Printing Process

The true strength of ROQ is in discovering answers to problems, whether they be product modifications, new and innovative technical solutions, or any other kind of requirement.

As it allows for large printing areas, this screen printing press model performs very well. Due to its resilience, it has a lower performance.

ROQ Oval Evolution Automatic Screen-Printing Process


  • Honeycomb aluminum pallets
  • AC electric printheads with a command function for each printhead
  • Printheads with a high-lift pneumatic position
  • AC servomotors rotation and indexing system
  • A rear command which specifically aids in double production
  • Micro registration screen system with the help of Vernier scale
  • Height, speed, angle, as well as stroke length settings for each print as well as flood
  1. ROQprint ECO

It was awarded Product of the Year in Screen Printing – Automatic Garment Press at SGIA 2018. Generally, it is made of top-of-the-line materials, to create and deliver a high-quality machine that needs less maintenance.

ROQprint ECO


  • Aluminum honeycomb pallets
  • Squeegees with an ac variator along with an electric motor.
  • A self-contained control panel
  • AC servo-motor rotation system
  • Location of the Flash Cure
  1. HAWK HX Series Screen Printing Machine

The HAWK HX Series is a medium-sized machine with a print area of up to 20” x 25”. Upon request, you would be able to get about 16 colors. There are eight distinct models in the Hawk series.

HAWK HX Series Screen Printing Machine


  • Print heads as well as an electric indexer
  • Roto print software
  • Individually calibrated off-contact
  • Footswitch pedal with the availability of multiple functions
  • Central off contact
  1. Automatic VOLT

Anatol’s VOLT is a high-quality digital screen printing machines. It provides the power, speed, as well as dependability of a t shirt screen printing machine without the problems associated with a chiller or compressor.

To guarantee minimal downtime due to leakage, the energy-efficient VOLT employs servo-driven indexers.

Automatic VOLT


  • View the print count (dozen) as well as speed (pcs/hr) in real-time.
  • Heavy-duty rolled steel frame for smooth, fast-paced production cycles
  • Quick as well as simple clothing alignment by making use of a laser alignment system
  • Time-tested servo technology
  • Print heads that are powered by electricity (AC)
  • The finest safety bars in the industry specifically at each print head
  • Anatol also provides the advantages of VOLTs in four distinct models
  1. The Freedom Express Series

It’s the best machine for beginners. The smooth transition from manual to automated printing is possible with this completely automatic press.

The Freedom Express Series


  • An easy-to-use program that includes features such as Missed Shirt Feature, Sample Print Mode, as well as Orbital Mode.
  • Have independent flood and print speed
  • Front as well as rear micro registration that is very sensitive
  • Cutting-edge chopper system
  • Control panel with universal access
  • Flashback compatible
  1. The Cutlass Series

This equipment strikes the ideal combination of cost as well as performance, assisting you in meeting the demands of your print business daily.

The Cutlass Series


  • Touch screen interface
  • Electric Indexing along with Air Print Heads
  • AC/electric indexer (patent pending)
  • Front as well as rear micro registration that is very sensitive
  • Improved stroke length thanks to an advanced chopper system
  • Patent flashback system
  1. The Sabre Series

The Sabre automatic screen-printing machine is regarded as the Workhorse’s most comprehensive as well as feature-rich equipment.

The Sabre Series


  • Stroke functions, touch screen display, machine updates along self-diagnostics
  • AC/electric indexer, manifold station indexing, and zero-delay double indexing
  • Plug N Go flash facilities
  • Printheads that are specifically powered by AC or electricity, each with its print or flood speed control.
  1. ElectraPrint Automatic Textile Printer- AP810

This machine is simple to use, easier to maintain, as well as inexpensive to run. This machine produces a consistent final result when compared to conventional air-driven devices. It does not require the use of an air chiller, air compressor, or regulators.

ElectraPrint Automatic Textile Printer- AP810


  • Micro registration system with direct drive
  • Front screen loading
  • Independent flood bar as well as squeegee/squeegee pressure
  • Adjustment of the off-contact head independently
  • The registration system made of hardened steel
  • Lift as well as electric drive
  • Print heads powered by electricity
  1. LP4 XL – Four Color Automatic Screen-Printing Machine

The LP-4XL is their most powerful model, capable of producing four-color pictures. It’s ideal for sleeve patterns.

LP4 XL – Four Color Automatic Screen-Printing Machine


  • Screen lock (pneumatic)
  • Stroke modification
  • Adjustment of the squeegee angle
  • A motion sensor
  • Units with a High-Density Flash Cure
  • Colour Touch Screen
  • Arms of the hoodie
  • Servo Indexer
  • Stroke as well as flood speed that can be adjusted
  1. M&R Stryker Automatic Oval Screen Printing Press

M&R Stryker Automatic Oval Screen Printing Press

It is regarded as a flexible as well as a cost-effective oval screen-printing press. This is a module based on a 10-station that may be extended to produce 22, 16, 28, or 52 station combinations.

In other words, there are no limitations on where printheads may be placed.

  • Print-heads can be effectively supported by all other stations. It may also be customized to meet any specific needs of production.
  • Information, as well as instructions, may be displayed in various languages on a digital touchscreen c panel.
  • Accurate three-point pallet leveling mechanism capable of numerous (1-4) print strokes.
  • It also comes with a limited guarantee of two years or 2,000,000 cycles.
  1. MHM Synchroprint 5000

MHM Synchroprint 5000

  • The MHM Synchroprint 5000 has a typical print area of 28×39 inches and comes with 18 colors along with 16 print stations.
  • It controls as well as records the screen position using motors. Once you’ve set it up, you can store it indefinitely since the memory capacity is limitless.
  • The tablet controller with wifi connection allows you to control all operations. At the printing station, you don’t have to stop the machine from readjusting the displays. It is possible to do it immediately via the tablet’s primary controller.
  • Change the palettes specifically with an easy push-web button.
  • Production capacity ranges from 900 to 1400 pieces per hour.

14.  Workhorse- The Sabre Series

  • This automated screen printer is suitable for medium- to high-volume printing.
  • It is equipped with a touch-screen c panel which gives operators complete control of overall operations.
  • It has a print area of 20 × 20 inches as well as is a 12-color, 14-station machine.
  • An automated screen-printing machine with eight stations, each measuring 16 x 22 inches. The rotating screen-printing machine has a 14-feet diameter and can print from 1 to 9 strokes, all controlled by a touch screen display.
  • You’ll receive an automatic index foot pedal, real-time production statistics, front and rear micro registration, a six-point registration system, foot pedal control, and a lot more.
  • The Workhorse sabre series screen printing machine also comes with a two-year warranty.
  1. Brown ElectraPrint Automatic Textile Printer

  • It contributes to making printing more cost-effective. When compared to an air-driven system, they have been shown to provide a more consistent outcome.
  • It includes ten print stations, each with a 23 x 31-inch screen as well as a 16 x 24-inch platen.
  • Being entirely electric effectively eliminates the risk of costly airline as well as valve contamination. There’s no need for a high-priced air compressor, chiller, or regulators. Above all, just connect the printer to the computer and you’re ready, to begin with.
  1. MHM IQ-Oval Compact

  • These are considered to be modular, allowing them to be customized for virtually any manufacturing need, with the ability to scale up in the future times. So, it meets your increasing screen printing need.
  • Most significantly, whenever your production needs rise, you can easily add more stations as well as colors to your existing setup.
  • It may also be set up to have a maximum of 60 stations.
  • The maximum production capacity (pieces per hour) is between 1200 and 1800.
  • It also has the iDS intelligent drive technology, which provides ultra-smooth as well as precise high-speed movement.
  1. Tas Hawk HX20


HAWK HX Series Screen Printing Machine

  • For medium-scale screen printers, the HAWK HX20 series is ideal.
  • It has a normal print area of 20” x 25”. Also, it is TAS’s most popular model.
  • The HAWK series can be customized in up to 16 different colors. It has electric print heads with a maximum outer frame size of 26” X 37” and a maximum print area of 20” X 25” and can handle 20 colors as well as 22 stations.
  • The machine’s diameter is 7300mm, and its estimated weight is 4200kg.

This brings our list of the best screen printing machine for small businesses to a close.

The next question is, “Which one should you purchase?”

Switching from a manual to an automatic machine is a big step, and you’ll want something that saves you time, gives you precise results, as well as meets all of your company’s needs.

Here Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind To Assist You With This:

  1. Press Configuration: Each machine has distinct color as well as station combinations. Choose a machine based on the kind of printing you’ll be doing (simple or complicated), capabilities, designs, and customer needs. Quick Tip: Choosing an updated level of the machine will help you do a better job.
  2. Machine Size: The size of the machine is determined by the available space. You may choose from 14 to 8 colour automated machines if you have more room.
  3. Electric Power System: If your company is home-based, a single-phase electric system would suffice. But, if you have a big company, though, you may want to consider a three-phase power system.
  4. Before finalizing, pay special attention to supporting equipment. Check to see whether the dryer has adequate capacity for further output and that the exposure unit is the appropriate size.
  5. The number of colors, as well as stations, is effectively determined by the amount of work. This implies it will take less time to do the task with more colors.
  6. As pneumatics is used in automatic equipment, you’ll need airlines. Maintenance and troubleshooting will become an effortless task with its help.
  7. If you’re a novice or only need a machine for home usage, a single color screen print machine will suffice. But, in case, you believe you’ll be using the machine for a long time, go with 4 or 8 colors.
  8. A good quality compressor is essential. If your compressor fails, your whole business might suffer.

End Words

I hope this brief list helps you in making the best decision possible. The finest automated screen-printing machine you choose will have a direct effect on your company’s performance.

As a result, be very careful in your selections. Once you’ve completed this step, you’re ready to print some amazing t-shirts on your own!

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