Best Sticker Design Ideas to Deliver a Perfect Message

Best Sticker Design Ideas to Deliver a Perfect Message

Great-looking branded stickers play an important role in making your message stand out.

Whether you want them for a trade show booth, your product packaging, or anywhere less, this is a perfect option to choose.

A bespoke look is your best option for creating a sticker that works for you and your business. Give your imagination a lift with these creative sticker design ideas. After that, get started with your design work.

Best Sticker Ideas to Draw or Popular Sticker Designs

Consider Making Your Design Pop with Color

It is one of the most widely used sticker drawing ideas. With stickers, you want to get people’s interest with a tiny image.

Make use of appealing designs that are filled with bright colors to achieve this goal. You can consider making use of on-theme colors as it can help to draw attention to your brand’s colors or underline the message you are trying to deliver.

For example, you can choose vivid colors to represent happiness or summer or contrasting, bold colors to attract the attention of people.

To attract attention and convey a similar emotional message, it is the best approach to make use of colorful and bright stickers.

Everyone’s Attention Is Drawn To the Message

In case, your sticker has a powerful message, make the font the focal point to attract everyone’s attention. Your message will be more visible if you use big and bold letters.

Distinctive typography can express the character as well as the brand identity of your business. It also helps to create the appropriate mood for your sticker design. Your message will be remembered much more if you use a distinctive slogan, wordplay, or a humorous quip.

In this regard, it is very important to focus on bold typography to make your message stand out.

Spooky or Scary Stickers

Whenever it comes to branding, it becomes very much important to stand out. A startling design is ideal for accomplishing that objective.

If you’re displaying anything scary, edgy, or dark, use color and theme aspects to complement it. For instance, blood effects, as well as black lettering, aren’t appropriate for many stickers, but they are ideal for a video game application.

For a similarly situated brand, don’t be afraid to use a scary look.

Take It Seriously

If you want to communicate a significant event, security, or a severe problem with your sticker, make sure your colors, typeface, as well as style, match those requirements.

For instance, a lot of the banks make use of navy blue to convey that they are trustworthy and safe. You’ll never see a financial organization employing a silly typeface such as comic sans.

Some stickers contribute to performing essential jobs, such as offering a service number or alerting users regarding security aspects. If yours does, it becomes very important to take your design seriously.

Go Retro

A vintage-looking, as well as a well-designed sticker, is the ideal accessory for a cool retro brand. To make your sticker design fit effortlessly, you should consider making use of line drawings, rustic colors, and other illustrations.

So, whether you are sticking it on beverages, food, or anything else, you will have to keep this in mind.

Get a retro-looking sticker to give your business a vintage vibe.

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Create a Classic Look

In some cases, playing by the rules is an important strategy to keep in mind. Choose classic visual cues such as recognizable colors, styles as well as designs.

All of these contribute to offering lots of contexts when you’re trying to advertise something simple, attractive to a broad range of individuals.

Use simple symbols, such as a birthday cake for “happy birthday” as well as a bagel with a coffee particularly for a bagel shop. Alternatively, just state that you are a “proud supporter” of a worthy cause.

Amusing Characters

Stickers featuring amusing characters are attractive as well as entertaining to look at.

It effectively attracts the attention of a lot of people and you need to pay attention to them long enough. So, this is sufficient time to convey a brand message.

Funny characters are your buddies if you can afford to have some fun with your brand as well as your message.

Stickers with a Minimalistic Design

This is one of the cute sticker ideas to consider. Flat design is still quite popular, and a sticker with a basic flat design in 2 or 3 colors can contribute to having a stylish effect.

A minimalistic sticker can sometimes be more eye-catchy than a complicated design. It’s all in the spacing, lettering as well as graphics.

Focus on the message as well as a brand rather than the sticker’s whistles and bells by making use of simple graphics.

Be Cool

You would be able to achieve a cool look with an appealing and colorful logo. It helps to depict an idea.

For instance, The Lady Killerz sticker depicts a cool look. This particular sticker ideally reflects a difficult chick we all covertly pretend to be whenever we watch an action film.

And while sunbathing specifically in an inner tube, this basking bear has successfully attained the ideal WiFi connection. Great!

Is your brand or product all about making users feel cool? You would be able to prove this with the help of a unique sticker design.

Stickers Can Accomplish Several Things

Stickers are a great way to get your brand as well as motto out there. You can design stickers that convey all you need them to say in only one image which can go almost anyplace if you have the right design ideas.

Do you want your brand’s message to be remembered?

Make a statement with a custom sticker.

What kinds of stickers are you capable of creating?

The options are virtually infinite, but here are a few of the most popular kinds of stickers that you can buy for yourself or effectively sell online.

Water Bottle Stickers

Sustainability isn’t only a wonderful concept; it’s also a popular topic at the moment. Reusable water bottles are the best method to stay hydrated throughout the hot summer months as more people want to minimize hazardous waste.

Because you’ll be carrying this around with you at all times, much like your phone, people love to customize water bottles with personalized stickers.

These vinyl stickers should be long-lasting as well as waterproof. They are typically reduced in size so that you can see the whole image without having to flip the bottle around.

There are no restrictions when it comes to themes. Tropical pictures, as well as adorable animals, have long been a popular design inspiration, and they are always a wonderful option.

Stickers for Phone Case and Laptop

Kiss-cut stickers, which are comparable to die-cut stickers, are excellent for this purpose. In this case, stickers are cut to an exact shape instead of being on a certain background.

These stickers specifically possess a lighter touch and so, these are simpler to peel off. It contributes to make them ideal for phone covers as well as laptops. You can’t exactly wipe away sticky residue after you’ve decided to remove them.

Custom stickers are a popular way for people to customize their integral technology. Pop culture, particularly emojis as well as large corporate logos, is a popular design inspiration for this kind of sticker collection.

With laptops, you can be even more creative as well as create large laptop decals to give them a dramatic and unique appearance. The Batman laptop sticker is one of the best examples of this for diehard Batman fans. Of course, a big sticker like this requires a high-resolution image.

Car Stickers

Bumper as well as car stickers have been popular for a long time and show no signs of going out of style. Activist or political messages, humorous quotes as well as one-liners, or even baby-on-board signage are often seen on them.

Because they are typically text-heavy, you may want to explore unique or custom fonts to make your message stand out.

Also, make sure, you make use of a legible punchline. If you want to convey a certain message, sticking to solid colors is usually best, since intricate shading may not be apparent in direct sunlight.

Whether you want to go for a traditional biker aesthetic or something extremely frilly as well as feminine to match your new Vespa, durable vinyl stickers are the best option.

This type of sticker comes with a strong adhesive which makes it excellent to put on bikes as well as helmets. You would be able to make this type of sticker with the help of sticker design software.

Alternatively, something amusing and bold, such as this example, which moms would not approve of.

Wall Stickers

Not only do wall delays look great, but they’re also a simple as well as a cheap way to dress up any space. Pop culture is a fantastic place to go whenever it comes to design, and it’s especially popular in children’s as well as teen rooms.

Another popular sticker is signage; simply remember that “live, laugh, love” has many variations. Use a typeface that is appropriate for the space—cursive and frilly fonts might be appropriate for your child’s room, but not so much for a professional real estate company.

Ultimately, wall stickers are an excellent way to distinguish your home design. There are lots of great original designs available online.

So, if you want something a bit more personalized, reach out to your preferred independent artists on social media to see if they’d be interested in making something just for you.

Stickers for Small Businesses

It should now have a clear idea that people are fond of stickers. You can take advantage of this as a company owner by utilizing personalized stickers to raise brand recognition.

T-shirts, as well as caps, are expensive to produce but printing sticker pages in bulk quantity is inexpensive. It also contributes to providing a fantastic gift to surprise your customers, maybe at a trade fair booth.

Use your logo design, particularly if your company has got a fun mascot that people can associate with.

High-quality stickers can also aid in the production of low-cost merchandise. Use them to create a beautiful message for your customers on blank shopping bags or business cards. If you want, you can even give them as a gift to purchase.

To improve brand awareness, personalize stickers with your logo as well as colors.

Integral Factors to Consider in Sticker Design

While you come up with sticker ideas to sell, it’s not enough to follow the latest trends as well as create attractive patterns.

It is very important to do an effective examination of several variables to guarantee that the design create meets the requirements. Also, the design should serve the intended purpose.


When making a sticker, one of the first things to think about is the material. What kind of material will be used to print the design? Aside from paper, your printer’s list may also include the following items:

  • Polypropylene: It’s a sturdy film that comes in clear or white and utilized in a variety of sticker printing applications.
  • Static Cling Vinyl: Vinyl is often used for decals because it adheres to non-porous surfaces like glass or plastic. Also, rather than adhesives, this material relies on static cling.
  • Polyester: As this material is much robust, and so, it is mostly utilized for outdoor as well as industrial applications.

Important Tip to Keep in Mind: These are just three examples of the many materials accessible today. To avoid information overload, inquire about the materials available from your printing company.

However, you can also inquire about any design limitations that may apply to certain materials, like color restrictions.


When it comes to sticker printing, there are no set sizes. In reality, many sellers clip the patterns off the sticker paper anyhow, thus the size of the sticker doesn’t matter in the printing process.

However, the size of the sticker will influence how you create the design. Creating an overly complex design for a one-inch design sticker, for example, is impractical since the viewer won’t be able to notice the intricacies anyhow.


Your stickers design is mostly determined by how you want to utilize them.

  • Stationery: If you’re going to use your stickers for journaling, crafting, or writing letters, they need to have an emotional appeal. For example, the design must be able to capture a moment or evoke nostalgia in the future.
  • Gadgets: A lot of people use stickers on their gadgets to increase their energy as well as productivity at work. However, there is a lot of room for creativity in this category, which includes anything from funny pictures to quotable phrases.
  • Vehicles: Designing stickers for bikes, cars, and helmets is not the same as creating designs for stationery. For one, these vehicle designs should cater to the needs of the users. Because the material would also have to be water-resistant, the design constraints could be distinct.
  • Packaging Design: Stickers are an excellent method to transform a plain box into a package that represents your brand’s personality. These are low-cost yet efficient methods to enhance branding, from mailer box designs to bottle labels.

Final Verdict

So, you need to try out all of these simple sticker ideas to make your sticker stand from the crowd.

An efficient web to print software or sticker printing machine helps you to design an appealing sticker. If you want to make a business sticker, then it is very important to opt for the best business sticker ideas.

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