Best T Shirt Printing Machines for 2023 – Reviewed & Updated

Best T-Shirt Printing Machine for 2021-Reviewed & Updated

Today, the key to a successful print company is product personalization. Customized t-shirts are one such personalized product that is now in high demand. 

A customized t-shirt is always useful for promoting a business, showing affection for your preferred TV program, or raising environmental concerns. Due to this particular reason, the t-shirt printing business is in high demand currently. 

Personalization of t-shirts may be a fantastic option if you’re seeking to start a new printing company or expand an existing one. We’ve put together the best guide to starting your own t-shirt printing company. 

Selecting a t-shirt printing machine and a web to print software is a difficult task. The wide range of choices available on the market may create a lot of confusion. 

So, to assist you in finding the appropriate printing machine, we’ve compiled a list of the best clothes printing machine available.

T Shirt Printing Machines We Recommend at Most

  • ePhotonic Swing Away Sublimation Transfer Heat Press Machine

Due to the heat platen’s size of 9″ x 12″, this heat press machine is ideal for big projects. It features a nonstick Teflon heating platen that is completely safe to use with clothing. 

The most up-to-date digital timer as well as temperature controller aid in accurate programming for reliable outcomes.

When the timer reaches 0 seconds, an alert sounds to prevent the substrate from overheating. The swing-away function makes it simple to move the hot element out of the way, keeping people safe.

For your consideration, below are some specifications for the web to print machine.

  • Power: 1200 W, operating voltage: 110 V
  • The small size makes it suitable for both industrial as well as residential use.
  • Top-mounted pressure knobs for simple pressure adjustment based on the thickness of cloth
  • Straight out of the box, fully built and ready to use
  • Relatively lightweight and easy to carry if needed
  • High-timer range of 0 to 999 seconds and temperature range from normal room temperature to 500°F
  • Cut out for transferring prints to a number of surfaces other than T-shirts, such as pottery, jigsaw puzzles, mousepads, plates, and so on.
  • Fancierstudio Swing Away 9″ x 12″ Heat Press 

It’s a printer that prints digitally. So, it is proved to be very helpful if you are focusing to design a T-shirt

The top heating platen can be rotated 360 degrees due to its swing-away function. This allows the hot element to be moved to the side, avoiding any inadvertent contact. As a result, it is risk-free for users. 

Here are some of the machine’s standout features:

  • Power: 1100 W, Operating Voltage: 1100 V
  • The temperature range of 0 – 500°F, as well as the time range of 0 – 999 seconds, may be adjusted for best results.
  • Longevity and durability because of the presence of an extra coating or baseplate
  • Silicone gel baseboard for a soft surface on which to put the substrate
  • For thicker clothes, it’s simple to use.
  • For printing on large surfaces, even and level pressure is preferable.
  • It is possible to select in between Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. 
  • Fancierstudio DG Heat Press Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press

This machine is cost-effective for your company and may be used for both commercial and home printing. This clamshell model features a 15″ by 15″ heating surface area. This machine is also useful for printing on license plates, wood, ceramics, and other surfaces. 

Because of the upward entrance, it may be used in a smaller area. It warms up evenly and makes printing work smooth. Below are some specifications of this machine that you should focus on considering: 

  • Power: 1200 W, operating voltage: 110 V
  • Temperature ranges from 0 to 500°F, with a heating time of 0 to 999 seconds.
  • Extra protection and smooth operation thanks to a silicone gel baseboard as well as Teflon coating.
  • Pressure knobs that can be adjusted for variable pressures on a variety of things
  • Temperature and timing controls on a digital display
  • Within 5-10 minutes of turning on the power source, the product begins to heat up quickly.
  • Due to its capacity to achieve and maintain high temperatures and pressures, it is a viable and superior alternative for irons.
  • Fewer moving components mean less maintenance.
  • Mophron Heat Press 5 in 1 Multifunction Sublimation Combo Heat Press Machine 

This is a heat press that swings away. You may safely move the heating element aside. It may be used for garments of various thicknesses due to the adjustable pressure. It also features a rubber-coated long arm grip that is approximately 5 inches long. 

This makes it convenient to use for extended periods of time. It can print on a variety of surfaces, including porcelain, polymer, mugs, hats, coasters, mousepads, jigsaw puzzles, and more.

For your consideration, below are some specifications for this machine.

  • Power: 900 W, operating voltage: 110 V
  • Temperature range: 32 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • A display (LCD) that shows the temperature as well as timing settings. Settings may be controlled digitally.
  • Strong and durable, making it suitable for printing in large batches on a regular basis.
  • Versatile, with the capacity to transfer prints on a variety of substrates
  • With a heat platen size of 12” x 15”, it can also handle larger prints.
  • The heating platen has an additional non-stick coating to guarantee safe print transfer.
  • PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press

This clamshell print machine has a 15 by 15-inch printing area. This makes working on large-sized projects very easy. It’s one of the best heat presses for professional and semi-professional printing jobs.

It’s ideal for artwork on a variety of flat surfaces other than t-shirts, thanks to its high-temperature range of 500°F and uniform heat dispersion. It is also cost-effective and simple to use. 

You may simply get it up and running in a short time by following a few simple steps. Its modest size makes it ideal for small offices and for transporting to various offices or industries.

Below are some specifications of this machine that you should consider:

  • Power: 1400 W, operating voltage: 110 V
  • Pressure knobs that may be adjusted to suit the thickness and nature of the substrate
  • Longevity and durability thanks to the high-quality, strong steel body
  • An LCD control board that allows for complete digital control of heat transfer time (0-999 seconds) as well as temperature (32-500 degrees Fahrenheit), which is useful for virtually all print needs. 
  • Easy-to-clean Teflon heating platen that is also safe for clothing
  • An extra layer of silicone gel on the heat platen’s surface to help the operation go more smoothly.
  • A timer to keep track of how much heat the fabric is exposed to.
  • A large work area allows you to easily transfer your artwork on a variety of surfaces.
  • Overheating and shock protection with a replaceable fuse
  • Fewer moving components mean less maintenance.


So, the above-mentioned ones are some of the top t shirt printing machine for small business that you should consider buying in 2023 for your t-shirt printing business. Moreover, if you’re looking for establishing an online store for your t-shirt business, drop an email to and book a personalized demo of our t-shirt design software or web-to-print solution. 

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