Best and Attractive birthday card ideas in 2023

Best and Attractive birthday card ideas in 2022

Birthdays are one of the happiest occasions. They come once a year, last for 24 hours, and don’t we all just want to celebrate every waking moment of that day. Deep down we all want our birthdays to be very special. It is the time when you wish someone to shower all their love upon us. And presents? How can we miss out on that surprising feeling when we are opening up a card or a present?

Well, it is all about the warm and sweet feelings. And no matter what, nothing can replace the hearty reaction over a DIY card. As we grow up, we start to seek meaning in the things that matter. Something which shows the length of efforts someone has gone to see the sweet smile on our face. Hence presents are replaced by cards. But you don’t get a custom-made card over the counter. If you want your card to make an impact on your loved ones, you should continue reading this blog where we share amazing birthday card ideas for 2023.

Birthday Card Ideas for 2023

1.     DIY Letterboard

It is amazing how a few words of love and kindness light up the world for someone. DIY Letterboard cards are vintage. People used the letter boards for marketing, for education, and soon that inspired the idea of using them for birthday cards. The adaption of the letterboard works amazingly well for the cards for birthday ideas. You can build any type of card as per the liking of the person who you are building it for. It is a simple, bright, and super-personalized way to celebrate a birthday. Plus, they are very easy to build.

So, the first step in making your DIY letter board card is to find the colors that get up well. You must opt for pastel colors, they look good and since it is a letter board card, you must choose the font that makes the text looks good.

Next, you need to choose the font of your choice. It is should not be very formal as you would want your card to look fun and amazing. Also, going about the font, make sure there is equally kerning between each letter as it would give a very authentic feel to the card. If you want to put real effort into the card, go crafty. You can add more elements to the card like draw some balloons, a cake, or confetti to make it look celebratory. Also, don’t forget about the fine lines like there are on a traditional letter board.

All of this can be done very easily on greeting card design software. There is free premium software available online that you can use to build a custom birthday card.

2.     Wordplay

If the person you are making the custom card loves jokes, there is your birthday card type. You can use puns on your happy birthday card ideas. They are fun to read and if you use them right they would be very personalized and way more attractive than just saying “Happy Birthday”. Also, it is so thoughtful, people adding more years to their lives and you gift them a start full of laughs.

So, how do you decide on the puns? The best way to do this is by finding what your friend loves. It can be food, pets, work, or there any habit. Once you have figured that out, you can just go online and take a few inspirations from the internet as it is flooding with different types of jokes that you can use for the birthday card. Once you have decided on that, you just need to go to the web to print the store, design the card and get it delivered to your home.

3.  Calligraphy

Calligraphy is one of the oldest art. And they are classy, sophisticated, and beautiful to look at. For some friend that checks right for class all the time, you can use this easy trick for DIY birthday cards. Rather than using a scribbly font, you can try out calligraphy that is going to be must more noticeable, and with the greeting card design software, it is also not going to take much of an effort. There are various fonts available on the software that would do the job. Calligraphy cards are timeless and they go well with vintage themes. You can use a floral illustration and use pastel colors that would look more timeless.

4.  Use photographs in your card

Taking about customized and what better way to do it than to use some photographs. Photographs freeze the moment. They are something that you go back to remember and that is surely something that is going to put a simple on people’s faces.

You can use photographs for your cute birthday card ideas. It would help you celebrate your journey so far. Don’t forget to make them a central element, as it is their day. When choosing an image make sure you use the ones that blend well together, they should not be chosen carefully to make sure it provides them a warm and fuzzy feeling when looking at it. Also, in case you want to edit the photographs, it becomes very easy to use the greeting card design software. Add hue using the color palette, edit the photographs as per your liking and make the images pop.

5.     Keep it simple

If you have someone that loves simplicity and minimalism, this is the card that would be a perfect treat for them on their birthday. As the name suggests, it is quite simple and easy to make. It doesn’t take much effort but it sure leaves a great impression. Simple and sweet, you can try out various ideas to make a card. You can use some stickers available in the designing software. Add some text and get it printed from the web to the print store. You can also add some real elements to the card such as a candle or a bracelet or anything you want to add.  Just keep it simple.

6.  Watercolors

If you would love to get more artistic with your card try something more classic. Add designs and patterns in the card inspired by watercolor paintings. The elegant and soft texture of the paintings can give an amazing feel to the whole card. It makes it look timeless and classic. In case you cannot find a next-to watercolor pattern for your card, the software allows you to add an image of your choice.

7.     Add 3D elements

If you are looking for a good DIY birthday card idea for her or him that are a little unconventional here is your thing. You can add patterns and designs that look 3D. On the internet, you can easily find patterns that are fit to be used in a birthday card, and later when it comes to you after print you can decorate the card with various decorative items like pom-poms, glitters, a good sticker, or anything that you think would bring more life to your 3D card design.

8.  Illustrations

Talk about birthday card ideas and how can you forget about illustrations. Illustrations look playful and the best part is they give a lot of personality to the card. You can use illustrations that depict closely the attitude and nature of the person you are making the card for. Plus, the illustrations don’t have to be perfect. You can make it like a personal joke, play along with sentiments and be funny as hell. Since they would be related to a personal event of a person it is surely going to be a good personal touch to your gift to the personal.

While making an illustration birthday card you just need to keep it simple. Play with your creativity but keep it simple.

9.  Collage

A picture collage is probably the most simple and yet very personalized way to build a birthday card. If you have a lot of memories with the person you are making the card for then you can use various photos of you two and build an amazing collage birthday card. This way you can relive the moments with the person and also bring a smile to their face.

While making a photo collage on the birthday card make sure you are using the space between photos strategically. The birthday card should not look cluttered. Plus, you must give attention to the details. Such as adding stickers and elements to the photographs to highlight them without overcrowding the card. Make sure to leave a lot of breathing space to avoid clutter.

10. Classic Cards

If you are making a card for someone that is an old soul you can try to make a classic card. It would be something with the classic calligraphy, a good old message, and white space with some elements that make the design more authentic with old charm.

How to make a happy birthday card using online tools?

To build a birthday card you can go with the online tools. There are many web to print store that come with inbuilt designer options that offer a plethora of design solutions. To bring any of the above suggested birthday card ideas to life you can use any of the available solutions. Here is how you can do it:

Creating a birthday card

Choose any of the available software. Then discover the available free templates or go for a premium subscription in case you like a paid template. Add elements, complete the card as per your plan and explore the features that would help in adding more fun to the card. Add stock photos, images, illustrations, stickers, and other graphics in the software library to keep things handy. Once you are satisfied with your card, you can view it in preview and share it or print it.

Try premium

The premium version helps you in accessing more elements. It opens up more photographs, images, and illustrations for you. Also, the premium version doesn’t cost anything. Use as many images are you want for making it more personalized for the person.

Frequently Asked Questions

a.  What are the best fonts to use for a birthday card?

Online software tools provide you with many options for a birthday card. You can try clear and simple fonts or make them more illustrious with some fun fonts. Also, there are many stickers that you can use which would allow you to skip the typing part. The most commonly used fonts for cards are Myra, Cylburn, Windsong, Brusher, Chunkfive, and Advent. Lavender Script, Duffy Script, and more.

b. What to include in your birthday card?

Keep the intent of making a birthday card intact. Like adding a message, images, illustrations, and cheers. Also, don’t forget to add things that are absolutely loved by the person like if you are printing a birthday card you can add physical objects to the birthday card.

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