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Wtpbiz’s design library offers you the largest and most diverse range of templates available for all kinds of web to print services. Our design library is created by our uniquely combined creative and marketing talent and consists of a selection of designs for industries and businesses having great demand in the print industry. Using our design library will significantly reduce your graphic design cost and the time involved to implement a successful web to print solution. It will also help you to retain customers on your site and helps your customers to order products with a professional look.

Build your own unlimited stock template version

Whether your store already has standards designed or needs a new design library, Wtpbiz has all the essential tools required to be up for any such task. Our web to print solution gives you the freedom to display the templates on your storefront, as well as to create new templates from stock layouts design library. You can do so by using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, or do it directly using our designer tool. Mix and match graphics elements to create your own unique designs and offers your users multiple version from selected designs.

Working with IDML and PSD files

Our designer tool supports Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Quark Express, and Photoshop. This presents an opportunity for your users to work in an environment that they are familiar with and thus increases their productivity. The tool also allows you to upload designs created in these formats and build your exclusive design library which can be then imported on your storefront. All layout files and graphics designs have high resolution and are suitable for commercial printing.

Multilayer templates support

Create a sophisticated template design using our design tool. Our tool lets you organized each template layer by layer in the required order and combine it with different blend modes. Get dynamic control over your design elements and manage how they show up in your design
Rearrange your template layers and display visual aids for your users to guide them throughout their product personalization process.

Set up permissions for each layer

To ensure an attractive end print product it is necessary to take some precautionary measures to prevent your customers from ruining vital design elements by mistake. Wtpbiz allows you to control the level of freedom your user has over each design layer. You can either lock the template design complete, allow them to make few changes in it, or give them full freedom to make changes in the entire template design.

Color Palettes

Create several unique color variants for each template design using Wtpbiz designer tool. Our tool gives you the option to toggle through multiple color options and adjust the several design elements with your preferred color theme with just a few clicks. Browse through thousands of color combinations and create your own perfect combination of color to compliment your product design.

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