Handle Clip-arts and logos

Handle Clip-arts and logos

At Wtpbiz, we understand that logos are a very imperative part of any design. It creates a perception in the mind of the people. Therefore, our web to print solution comes bundled with many features that allow the users to place images within their design. They can also manipulate these logos or images leveraging our designer tool.

Supports all formats

Our designer tool allows your customers the freedom to upload or edit logos and artworks in all the formats such as vector (SVG, PDF, PSD) or raster (PNG, JPEG, TIFF). Users can upload their own clipart and categorize them as per their convenience. It also allows them to change the colors of the clipart to make it more eye-catching.

Manage your own gallery

One of the most important features of any design is vector graphics support. It makes the design look good in spite of its size. Wtpbiz’s custom designer solution not only just allows the users to upload their own vector images to the clipart library it also allows them to change the vector layers by choosing the outline style and fill color for it.

Wide clipart library

Our designer tool is preloaded with a vast clipart library of more 2000 SVG graphics. All these SVG graphics are packaged in a single design file to allow the users to choose from them. It gives users multiple choices to select for specific image layers. Users can simply select an option from the menu that suits their liking. After completing the design, they can also preview it to see how the graphics look on their product.

Multi-color clip-arts support

Wtpbiz’s designer tool gives you SVG support that allows the user to amend the colors of the SVG images. Users can change images or the background colors as per their design without having to reload it to the designer tool. They can also create galleries for background based on color, theme, etc.

Linked placeholders

Leveraging our designer tool, users can link different image blocks together while personalizing a design with multiple image blocks displaying the same logo. It allows the user to make changes in the image block by simply making changes in one of them.

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