Handle Photos

Handle Photos

Wtpbiz’s designer tool comes equipped with a progressed image- manoeuvring attribute that facilitates the users to create designs with any level of complexity. With our web to print solution, you are empowering your customers with an online print design software that is powerful enough to cater to all of their design needs.

Edit your uploads online

Our online web to print editor has an in-built image editor that allows the user to adjust photos within their design.

Personal Image Uploads from any source

Customers can upload images from various sources like Facebook, Instagram, or external DAM systems to give a personal touch to their design.

Control image quality

Our image editor has a built-in feature that addresses poor image quality and low-resolution issues. You can set a resolution warning for your users to notify them about the maximum allowed image size. While uploading images onto the products a warning will appear if the image size is larger than the resolution of the image allows.

Use your own placeholders

An eccentric framing of your image can boost your design template. Personalize your placeholders to fit your images. Either create a simple rectangular shaped placeholder with vector masks or give it a complex artistic touch.

Third-party library integration

Our online photo editor can be easily integrated with third-party image libraries to access a vast photo library and vector images without getting off your website. We support image libraries such as Pixabay, Depositphotos, etc.

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