Handle Texts

Handle Texts

Most of the web to print applications available in the market does not support the print-grade texts and fonts. As a result, such applications only support basic web fonts. Keeping this in mind while developing our designer tool, we made sure that it supports all types of fonts and advanced text formatting. Our solution is packed with a pre-loaded gallery of an array of fonts.

Advanced text formatting

Our web to print solution is not just loaded with a gallery of advanced print-grade fonts but it also gives the user control over many typographic features. They can beautify their design with detailed text options like tracking, alignment, justification, leading, indents, sparse tracking, line spacing, paragraph margins, and more.

Custom fonts

However, our web to print solution has a pre-loaded gallery of fonts but our customers are not limited to it. They can enrich the designer tool by uploading any number of new custom fonts they wish to offer to their users. Our tool supports all types of fonts, whether it is TrueType, OpenType, or others.

Multi-column text

Regardless of the kind of text used by your users, there are many other ways to make it easier and appealing to read. Wtpbiz’s designer tool gives its user the power to load and render multi-column text blocks in a specific text area. It further provides them the ability to define the number of columns in a text layer and make changes in it while automatically maintaining the number of columns.

Text effects

Wtpbiz’s designer tools support a number of text effects to change the look of the text, encouraging the users to get creative with their product designs.

Other Important Features

The text wrapping effect enables users to wrap text around other layers or etch it inside a shape

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