How Does Prestashop Product Customizer Work?

How Does Prestashop Product Customizer Work

Prestashop product customizer is known to be an extension module that lets your customers create product designs in your online store that is built in Prestashop. 

Customers not only focus on customized items, but the Prestashop web to print module also does the effective calculation of the dynamic prices that are dependent on their print as well as design preferences. 

The Prestashop web to print product customization module is a dynamic way to charge high if you wish to sell e-commerce merchandise tailored to each customer’s interests as well as preferences.

Your customers can have total control over any of the product areas. Not only that, but they can focus on adding custom text, clipart, templates, shapes, or upload product images or designs from their system for the customization of the product. 

The product designer tool isn’t confined to just specific categories. While it is true that no product is left untouched having a printable surface where customization is not possible with Prestashop for personalization of the product module. 

Almost everything is possible, from printing text on a cup to engraving letters on a metallic plate to embroidery hats. 

What Are The Reasons Why Your Brand Should Concentrate On Customized Products? 

The number of customers planning to buy eight or more personalized items surged by 233 percent from the previous year, as per the 2020 consumer insights report. 

So, it is evident from this research study that people desire these products. But, one of the most important questions that arise, in this regard, is why should you provide personalized items to your customers? Well, there are several advantages associated with this. 

There are a lot of reasons why providing product customization as well as personalization can prove to be advantageous to your company.

Many of the research studies also show that providing bespoke items tends to effectively boost sales by as much as 30%. These sorts of products also: 

  • Enhance Brand Loyalty: Exposure triggers attachment, which has been scientifically proven. This is true whether it’s a person or a product configurator that is easy and exciting to work with. 
  • Increase Revenue: Customizable items increase revenue in a wide variety of ways, from boosting total sales to effectively augmenting the average order value. Another research study suggests that 90% of the customers will pay more amount for a personalized item. 
  • Satisfy Customers’ Intangible Demands: Customizable items tend to satisfy users’ need for self-expression as well as uniqueness, which are otherwise difficult to achieve in a world full of mass-produced commodities.
  • Increase The Sense Of Value: Personalized items can take the advantage of the Endowment Effect. It is considered to be a psychological bias that leads people to value things more simply as they create as well as own them. 

One of the easiest ways to provide product customization is via product bundling. It entails curating product collections depending on the preferences of the customer or shopping history.

It’s also a terrific approach to cross-sell related items while creating a smooth buying experience based on the preferences of the customer or shopping history. 

How Does It Work? 

Consider installing the Prestashop product software in your eCommerce store. However, the overall procedure, from installation to development, shall be done by the specific development team of the product’s service provider. 

Finally, you’ll have the finished product, where there are two sides to the product design module. One includes the front-end whereas the other is the backend. 

The design area or studio where the actual product design takes place is included in the front-end. Your customers are the ones who do it. Whenever a customer selects a particular product, they are sent to the product details page or Prestashop customize product page

They will get to see the “Customize” option next to the “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” option. Whenever a customer focuses on taping on to the “Customize” option, the designer studio appears, where they get the option to customize the chosen product in any manner they want to do. 

The add-to-cart as well as a checkout for the subsequent processes after completing the design process.

The backend admin panel is considered to be another component of the product designer tool. It’s the control panel where you would be able to effectively regulate the extent of the Prestashop product customization your customers can do. 

For instance, you can allow customization of particular products only, rather than all, and set the number of text as well as design fields. 

Hiding products, text, wallpapers, images, fonts, as well as font colors, limit design options, set print method, set language and currency, and a lot more; all of these can all be effectively managed from the control panel.

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Advantages Of Integrating Prestashop Product Configurator 

  • Sell Something Special And Charge A Higher Price

Providing product customization over conventional products comes at an additional expense. This is specifically because you spend more on buying a product designer’s tool as well as setting up a printing infrastructure with ink and maintenance costs. 

But the truth is that you charge higher than what you spend personalizing per product. 

As per a recent study by Deloitte, one out of every five customers is willing to pay 20% extra for a customized or special product. Not only among the younger age group, but the people above 55 years are most likely to go for a customized item similar to those aged between 16 to 24.

When compared to the conventional pre-designed products, personalization contributes to providing a unique product to every age group and allows you to appeal to a large base of customers. Ultimately, you would be able to earn more profits.

  • Word-Of-Mouth Marketing 

Whenever people have something special to show, they are most likely to spread information specifically via., word-of-mouth. Indeed, the fashion, as well as tailoring sector, is dominant in word-of-mouth advertising.

In other words, people like to showcase their styles, terming them distinct as well as distinguishing them from others.

For instance, you purchase a handbag or luggage with your name embroidered or printed on it. People would display it to everyone as they have something unique. They also reveal “how” as well as “from where” they managed to customize an item in the same manner. 

So, your customers benefit you directly or indirectly by bringing in additional customers to purchase from you.

  • Happy And Satisfied Customers

Customers do not want the same pre-designed items again and over again. Customer satisfaction is effectively enhanced by the specific opportunity to personalize or tailor their product or experience. 

Whenever they get their product in the mail, etched or hand-stitched with their names and in their preferred size and color, they get a sense of control over the product, which may lead to increased feelings of brand loyalty.

  • Brand Recognition

Personalized items for brand awareness will tend to have a huge impact. Today, online recognition, as well as awareness, are critical for the success of a business, and having a product that everyone talks about will give a lot of advertising for your firm. 

Of course, you want to stop commercials in which everyone complains about your bad design.

Instead, you want to make a big deal out of how unique your items are. You don’t have to go far with personalization to get the audience going. 

Your product will stand out from the crowd if it is well-designed. This increases your company’s professional look, resulting in immediate brand recognition. Such awareness, as well as exposure, are critical in today’s competitive market. 

  • Competitive Advantage

The fact that your items aren’t very unique but are still highly sought by buyers will provide you with a significant competitive advantage on the market. 

Aside from being able to buy more goods from more buyers, the prices can also be much higher. Everything is considered as more significant, as previously said, even with a bit of personal touch.

Customers now can pay up to 25% more for items that are customized or tailored. The personalization of your product improves not only your company’s profitability as well as financial outcomes but also helps you get more market share for your items. 

Your competitors will have to keep fighting to catch you up on the market if you’ve established yourself as a distinct product brand.

  • Customer Loyalty 

Another benefit of bringing custom goods on the market is the retention of the customers as well as their loyalty. To ensure the sustainability of your company, it’s no longer enough to merely acquire new customers. 

Repeat as well as loyal customers are the lifeblood of almost every firm that wants to stay in the market. However, attracting a new customer is 6 to 7 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.

By adding customization to the items, you can easily ensure that customers can buy from you as well as become loyal customers. 

Loyalty is a reward in and of itself, not merely in terms of revenue. Loyal customers are more likely to further promote your business through word-of-mouth recommendations as well as referrals to family and friends. 

  • Improved Visibility Of The Brand

Growing earnings, as well as revenue, aren’t the only factors that determine the success of a company. There are times when it comes to impacting the industry itself. 

By luring customers with individualized as well as personalized items, you would be able to improve your online visibility and presence. You can again have positive and long-term relationships with your customers as well as increase the market influence of your business. 

Moreover, standing out like this contributes to attracting not just buyers, but all types of attention as well. In this regard, you are expected to receive more advertising, more visibility to a wider audience, as well as organic traffic on your website.

Furthermore, the brand can again effectively determine the patterns that should be observed on the market. 

What Factors Should You Consider While Selecting A Prestashop Product Customizer?

  • Design Area 

Consider selecting a product customizer that gives you the maximum design area on the product’s blank surface.

In the design studio, the designs should not seem too little since they are supposed to be printed on a much larger surface. 

  • Outstanding Training And Support

The design features of the web to print software may be appealing, but if the customer care services, as well as training, are poor, then you may find yourself in many difficulties.

It often happens that after purchasing the software, it may or may not operate for a variety of reasons. And until it’s resolved, you squandered your money for crap. They are not going to give you a refund. You’ll be at a total loss. 

Request a free demo or training at your convenience before buying a product design solution.

  • Payment Method

A lot of the web to print service providers charge you every month, excluding the extra cost for installation, maintenance, as well as add-ons. While seeing a little amount on monthly payments may be appealing, but you may end up paying more in the long run. 

It is recommended that you should go for a one-time payment as well as a lifetime license structure. 

That may seem to be more expensive at first, but you get it yours for a lifetime. Additionally, you get free software updates to go on par with another web to print technologies.

  • Create Print-Ready Files

Ready-to-print files specifically contain data, which is interpreted by the printing machine computers, which then print the design on the substrate.

The Prestashop product designer tool would be able to create print-ready files with the highest resolution possible so that the final print is clear and crisp. 

Print files of poor quality will result in poor prints. As a consequence, you’ll never be able to produce sellable items. 

Final Thoughts

In the present crowded market, businesses must survive and for this, they should focus on adopting the best tactics. Some of them consider making use of terrific advertisements, while others are more focused on their consumer. 

Custom items will rapidly get you popularity among the crowds. This may be the boost you’ve been looking for to reach greater heights.

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