How to Launch & Grow a Profitable Web-to-Print eCommerce Website

How to Launch & Grow a Profitable Web-to-Print eCommerce Website

The world of commerce has changed drastically, especially after we have witnessed the expansion of the online world. People are changing their purchase behavior and as a business, it is hard to cope. There are millions of businesses that have ventured their business online, be it strictly online or as an extension to their physical retail stores. Having said that, the competition in the ecommerce domain is huge and you have to come up with a way to beat it.

Introducing web to print

Ecommerce in general has made it possible for people to purchase products online. They don’t have to leave their homes and they can continue to shop and get things delivered right at their doorsteps. Ecommerce has changed how the world sees shopping. But it still fails to provide customers the ease of product customization. Web to print solutions is a new concept where you offer products to customers but also allow them to change the print design on the products. This combines two of the biggest trends of the technology world, i.e., ecommerce and product personalization.

A web to print store thus has all the capabilities of an ecommerce store with added functionalities and tools for customers to make changes in the print design. It includes modifying available templates, uploading designs, or even designing on the site itself. In this blog, we would be introducing you to the web to print ecommerce.

Web to print commerce is a new concept in the market. It is certainly an update from the ecommerce business that is popular since the 1990s. If you are a print business, you must definitely check out the innovations in the field of commerce and how you can take a step ahead in the business. Here is the detailed information on the web to print commerce and how you can launch it.

Web to print commerce: Features and Functionalities in Detail

Before taking a leap directly to launching your web to print store, let’s begin by knowing what are the necessary features and functionalities of a web to print storefront. It is very necessary to understand the concept as leaving any important feature would put you back in the competition.

  1. Web to print software

Web to print software is an advanced solution for print ecommerce stores that allows print shops to create their online storefronts where customers can select products and services, make customizations as per their needs, and place an order.

The storefront also comes with features that are useful for various customer types. A web to print software can have various features depending on individual and commercial usage. Furthermore, it assists the web to print storefronts to process the order better. Features such as library management, print workflow management, print approvals, emails, and more are an integral part of the web to print software.

  1. Web to print editor

Not only are the business management needs of a web to print store met perfectly, but also the editing needs. Some of the most basic requirements of a web to print storefront include:

a. An unlimited library with various templates

Not always is the customer going to come to your store with their own design. There should be a dedicated library that offers thousands of designs for customers to choose from. Going ahead, you should be able to add your own designs. An unlimited library means you can add any no. of design concepts in the tool as per the changes in print trends. Having a limited library would make your work more cumbersome as you would be limited by the number of uploads you can make. Hence, always go for a web to print editor that gives you an unlimited library.

b. Unlimited Design Options

Depending on your business and product offering, you might be required to make customizations of the web to print editor. The software should be able to give unlimited design options it should serve your customers with the best design possible. From uploading their own designs to editing the text or the existing design template. The personalization of the products should be easeful and the designs should be print ready.

c. Multiple Colours and Sizes

There would be products that are available in different colors and sizes. For the same reason when people are making customizations to the product, allow them to check how their designs would look after the product customization. They can choose various colors and sizes and make suitable products and make every design as good as the customer wanted.

d. Set custom pricing

Printing products using various types of printing types can vary the cost of the delivered products. To ensure complete transparency in the process you must set pricing margin depending on the product base cost, the cost of printing depending on the type, and also the cost that you would incur due to online transactions. This strategy would ensure the right pricing of the custom products and make the process much easier.

e. Managing Print Methods

If you are into various printing methodologies, it is important that each method is configured in the software. It allows you to manage various printings depending on the products. Some methods are only used for certain products and thus customers should only be able to see those methods based on the product. Offset, lithography, flexography, digital printing, large format printing, screen printing, 3D printing and LED UV, etc. should be included in the software.

f. Multiple Languages

The web to print editor should come with added functionality and must support various languages. This helps you up to your game in user experience. Multiple languages allow you to expand your business in the global market. This helps you ease the process of editing and for customers editing becomes easy and language is no longer a barrier.

g. Unlimited fonts and clip arts

If you want to take your business to next level it is important that editing becomes easy and also fast on your platform. Editing products should not become cumbersome for the users. Depending on the various types of customers using your software it is important that the fonts and clip arts are unlimited on your platform. Especially, when you are offering products on which texts are very popular. Interactive designs on t-shirts, stickers, and more are very popular nowadays.

h. Easy installation

A web to print editor is added to the existing ecommerce sites. It is not a full-fledged ecommerce solution and thus it is important you go for a solution that is compatible with the ecommerce technology in use. Consider our web to print editor which is an amazing solution for the WordPress web to print store.

i. Easy and fast approval

It is mandatory that you have a design to print workflow that makes things easier for you. For some of the products especially when there are bulk orders it is important that your software should be able to save some time for the customers and you should be able to deliver the products faster. You can ask for instant approvals or send out print copies to the customers. It will cut the time spent chasing customers for approvals. You can upload the file and send it to the customers instantly.

These are some important features in a web to print editor but the final list of the features depends on the products and services offered and who would be using the product be it for individual needs or commercial needs. Contact our customer service executives and share your project details with them to get a free consultation and product demo.

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Launching & Growing a Profitable Web-to-Print Commerce Website

Web to print storefront is a great concept. It is a rapidly changing technology and over time you would be required to keep on working on the software product to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the software. The focus should be on staying abreast with the new developments in the industry, depending on the products and services offered by your brand.

To launch and grow your web to print ecommerce website here is a step-by-step process:

Step#1: Intent behind launching a web to print store

Before investing your resources in buying the software product you should be clear on the purpose of your web to print store. This includes important decisions such as products that should be offered, print methodology, and personalization of the product. Once you have your business aim, it is easy for you to select the right solution provider and make the experience much better. For the same purpose, you must do in-depth research on your competitors.

Step#2: Setting up the store – Domain, hosting, and custom email domains

The next step is to buy the domain name and hosting, and launch your web to print storefront. The domain name is by which your brand is searched online. It should include your business name necessarily, there is a possibility that some domains are not available as they are already taken. It is recommended that your business should have a unique name this would improve your chances of getting the domain name of your choice and also increase searchability on the internet.

Once you have bought the domain and hosting, provide access to the development team to start the website development process. Once developed you are all set you can start the integration process of the web to print software.

Step#3: Web to print software

The key to finding the best web to print software is to understand the technical structure of your ecommerce store. Communicate with your developers and know the technical requirements and relay the development needs. Also, discuss your requirements with the developers. This discussion will ensure that you make no mistakes related to the compatibility of the software.

Step#4: Printing methodology

Determine what printers you would be using. Based on your products and services decide your solutions. You need to choose a printing solution that meets your business needs. If you are using sophisticated printers the web to print software should accommodate those needs. Major advancements in printing technology and increased demands for various product printing would require software products to support print technologies and improved print capabilities.

Step#5: Plugins that improve software capabilities

Technologies such as WordPress do not come with solutions for print ecommerce and hence you would be required to talk to your developer and tell them about your needs. Using the same information they would incorporate plugins that can provide more scalability to the solution and increase the utility of the WordPress ecommerce store to be web to print business ready. Consider WooCommerce web2print, which is an ecommerce solution for WordPress and perfect for the web to print industry.

Step#6: User-friendly, dynamic, and scalable solution

Focus on developing a user-friendly solution for your customers as well as your employees. Web to print should not hinder your processes, rather it should be easy for people to understand how to operate your store to get the desired product print. At the same time, print approval workflow, order management, logistics, inventory management, and more should be made easy with the technical intervention.

Also, think about the long run. Use technologies that are much easy to scale concerning adding features and functionalities in the future. Talk with the development team in-depth, and make sure they understand the web to print industry and have some prior experience in building solutions for the same.

Step#7: Think smart, earn smart

Having multiple revenue streams is a good solution. Other than the web to print solutions, you can choose to sell products too on regular basis. You can look for on-demand marketing and personalized product fulfillment, personalized gifting, and more can be a good solution for your business to expand your revenue generation.

Step#8: Personalization is the key

Personalization tools are very necessary for your web to print business. It would help you set apart in the market. Choose the web to print editor that fits your product requirements. Your customers must have access to the tools and popular products that are necessary to make your position stronger in the market.

Step#9: Marketing

Once you are all set with your ecommerce store with web to print capabilities, and web to print editor it is time for launch and marketing. Digital marketing is one of the best avenues for lead generation. You can also hire a digital marketing agency that targets the right customer segment for various products and solutions you offer. Social media ads, search ads, display ads, video ads, remarketing ads, etc. Not only paid marketing but also go for organic marketing which works great for a long-term strategy. If you have a local business include local keywords and target a local audience for better campaign optimization.

On a final note

Web to print solutions can help you expand your physical retail store and make it more profitable for your business. Personalization is a good way to attract an audience. It is one of the top trends in the industry and thus you should definitely think about the web to print store. For more information about technology and industry connect with our customer service executives.

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