The future of online greeting card printing industry

Greeting cards are sheets of paper or cardboard with images, drawings, and a verse of joy, greeting, celebration, condolence, or other message printed or engraved on them. Greeting cards are designed with a variety of graphics and feature statements to appeal to a wide range of audiences, as well as sentiments and occasions to remember. 

Greeting cards can be readily made at home with pen and paper or online greeting card printing available from greeting cards and other firms. Recently, virtual cards including photos and verses can be given to someone via the Internet via e-mail and printed out on paper by the recipient. Despite the fact that these cards are available electronically, the greeting card industry continues to sell a large number of cards in physical stores.

In the past few years, the once-thriving greeting card industry has experienced a significant decrease. Sales have dropped, and merchants are cutting back on shelf space. Previously well-known retailers, such as Hallmark, were compelled to close many store locations in recent years. Traditional paper cards appear to be a thing of the past, given the development of social media and texting.

However, there is a modern answer for individuals who still cherish sentimental messages: e-cards. These digital greetings have advanced well beyond the rudimentary GIFs of yesteryear. They now provide customization choices, embeddable movies, digital gift cards, along with artificial intelligence to help you construct the ideal message.

In 2022, the traditional greeting card sector accounted for the greatest market share. Several communities and customs have a long history of exchanging and receiving cards, and many people still value the sense of community and connection that traditional cards can provide. These variables will help the traditional cards category continue its dominance over the predicted period.

Offline distribution channels dominated the market share in 2022. One of the key advantages of selling greeting cards in physical stores is the capacity to provide customers a hands-on purchasing experience. Customers can peruse and hold real cards at retail stores, which can increase sales and create a sense of connection to the products. Furthermore, retail establishments frequently maintain contacts with card producers and sellers, which can help to assure a consistent supply of high-quality items.

The future trends of the industry 

As we approach 2024, the printing business continues to grow, fueled by technology advancements and shifting customer demands. From environmentally friendly supplies to digital integration, the trends that will shape the future of greeting printing are both exciting and innovative. 

Personalized greeting cards work miracles

The trouble about store-bought greeting cards is the fact that they are store-bought. Purchasing this from a stationery store requires no effort. This often indicates that you do not care enough to devote time and effort to creating your own. How does this relate to your customer? Bland. Generic. So much for gratitude. This is why you need custom greeting cards

Forget about purchasing inexpensive greeting cards in bulk. Instead, design your own company greeting cards. Make sure they’re compatible with your brand identity. Include your own branding elements, particularly your logo. Include graphics that are acceptable for your greeting card’s theme and accurately depict your company culture.

On-Demand Printing

The rise of on-demand print reflects the growing demand for speed and flexibility. This approach focuses on printing what you require, when you need it, and in the precise amount required. It lowers waste, saves room for storage, and enables quick customisation and updates to printed items. This also helps to create customized greeting card designs that can be created instantly. 

Usage of AI and Automation 

AI and automation are becoming increasingly important in the printing business. These technologies help to streamline processes ranging from design and prepress processes to production and finishing. The end result is improved efficiency, precision, and shorter production times. Also online greeting card printing plays an important role where there are new websites and applications providing greeting cards. 

Customers like a short yet sincere personal message

This is where greeting cards outperform all other forms of marketing: they are more personal. However, in a business setting, there are certain adjustments to make.

It may be cost-effective to print the identical message on all of your greeting cards. However, ensure that you compose a brief and straightforward message to your consumer by hand. This is especially beneficial for small businesses with regular consumers. After all, you’re going above and beyond to create personalized greeting cards. Go the extra mile and put down a few phrases to express your appreciation.

Sustainability Takes Centre Stage

One of the most major shifts in the printing business is the move towards sustainability. In 2024, there will be a greater emphasis on environmentally friendly methods, such as the use of recycled materials and soy-based inks. Companies are more devoted than ever to lowering their carbon footprint, with an emphasis on sustainable packaging and waste reduction methods.

Customers may interpret your statements differently

Greeting cards are, undoubtedly, designed for holidays. You typically send them out to people you know firsthand. However, when it comes to greeting card marketing, the recipient is a consumer or a business partner. Companies that participate in a greeting card promotion on religious and national holidays may accidentally send out inappropriate sentiments.

Your company greeting cards should be customized enough to demonstrate appreciation while remaining generic enough to avoid offending anyone. Avoid making religious cards. Choose religion-neutral, politically acceptable statements. You may want to avoid strange cards. 

Discounts and freebies 

Finally, dedicate the holiday by giving the receiver a present. It could take the shape of a coupon to receive a discount or a present that they can redeem when they visit your store. It might be a gift card from one of your company partners, as long as it is relevant to the demographic you are targeting. If you run a web to print e-commerce firm, utilize a call-to-action message to direct them to a custom landing page created to correspond with your greeting card promotion.


The printing industry in 2024 will be a dynamic blend of innovation, sustainability, and customer-centric solutions. These changes represent not only technology progress, but also a better awareness of customer wants and environmental responsibility. As the year progresses, it is apparent that the printing industry will continue to grow, creating new chances for print consumers.

The greeting card market is always developing and updating. To remain competitive in the market, firms continually adopt new initiatives like web to print software. Major firms are focusing on new regions and demographics to boost sales of goods, either by stepping into the new market by themselves or by cooperating with local brands and merchants around the world.


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