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Web to print solution for online sticker designer tool- WTPBiz

Stickers are very popular nowadays. A lot of businesses have been seen experimenting with their marketing strategy and they need tools for doing that. Stickers being one of those it allows businesses to market their products, services, and events. They can be used by businesses of any size and type, and they are very cost-effective.

With the advancement of technology, businesses today are able to develop personalized stickers. All they need is a sticker design app that would allow them to make changes to the available products. Once they are satisfied with the design, they can confirm their order in any quantity and get it delivered to their doorstep.

It is a very unique business idea. If you too have been longing to start an online business by yourself, probably this unique idea would spark some interest in you. It is a low resource and low maintenance business idea, which requires no brick-and-mortar facility. You can start this business right at your home.

But, before that, you must know what you are signing up for.

Importance of personalization

Be it any web to print business idea, the key to success is personalization. Almost every industry is thriving to become a personalized experience provider company. It is because we have understood what customers crave? A cookie-cutter solution is not what people seek, they need absolute customization to their products and brands that can achieve quality in the making of these products.

It may have been very difficult to achieve personalization a few years back, but today technology has made it very simple. We have seen some very vest sticker design apps that work on various platforms and provide unparalleled user experience through tools and services, and we have seen sticker design software that is efficient in handling your various business operations.

To compete with these companies there is no other choice but to bring in customization to match the market trend and customer needs. You can get sticker design software that comes with an easy-to-personalized sticker gallery with all the necessary editing tools. Using this person or a company can easily make changes to the predefined editable sticker design templates.

These software products allow users to sticker design free online using colors, fonts, graphics, and styles or upload images, logos, texts in different formats. They can choose the size of the sticker material of choice and place an order with your online store. This process helps you in bringing personalization to the user experience and ensures the success of your business.

Types of services you can offer

There are various types of stickers that can be developed using online software solutions. The advanced software gives you an opportunity to make these products available to your users and widen your service parameter. Here are a few types of ideal sticker solutions that we have been providing for a while on our software:

  • Decals

  • Bumper Stickers

  • Banner Signs

  • Vehicle Graphics

  • Boat Names

  • Full-Color Stickers

  • Void Stickers

  • Dome Stickers

  • One-color stickers

  • Static Cling Stickers

  • Removable Stickers

  • Labels

  • Roll Labels

  • Window Stickers

  • Full-Color Banners

  • Refrigerator Magnets

  • Auto Magnets

  • Boat Registration Numbers and more

You can choose to add more categories to the service offerings too. Each sticker category can be defined as per the unique die-cut sticker printed in any shape and size. The software to create stickers mentioned above would be able to give you complete information of the software and perform other operations such as checking payments, work process, handling customer messages, emails, deliveries, inventory, etc.

What features should Sticker Design Tool Have?

Personalization is a key factor in your success, but there are other operations too which have to be optimized. Efficient software solutions can help you in automating these operations and help you manage your business better.

These solutions help you in managing your sales operations, marketing operations, ERP, and CRM activities. Also, these sticker design software allow you to integrate necessary toolsets to them which makes them even more efficient and tailor-made to meet your unique business needs. Here are some solutions that you must know of.

Software solutions for storefront

First thing first, you are required to set up a store. There are many technologies that allow you to set up a store using simple tools. WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce are some of the most reputed solution providers. They allow you to use millions of themes and templates and make as much customization to the website as you want. Their websites are also responsive which means the website offers a great experience to the users irrespective of what screen size the device has.

Once you have chosen the template, not is time to make the customizations and integrating the sticker design software to it. Our provided solutions also come with multi-language and multi-currency support. They are SEO-friendly and provide data analysis on the go to help you improve the user experience. Furthermore, the software allows you to manage the deals and discounts, manage prices, and divide the customers into groups based on several factors.

Design Studio

This is one of the most necessary features of any sticker design software as this is where the users get to make customization to the predefined sticker templates. The features allow users to make changes to the template and see the results in real-time. The high-performing feature is built using HTML5 and JavaScript which means no compromise on the quality. It has exceptional query handling and can be easily integrated into storefronts built on WordPress, Magento WooCommerce, and other leading e-commerce development technologies.

One of the most exceptional qualities of the feature is that it is lightweight and works on all browsers, devices, and operating systems. It is loaded with toolsets that make it easy for users to develop amazing sticker designs within minutes. It is user-friendly and imparts a great user experience.

Back-office Administration

Back-office administration is the key activity of a business. It is important that the business functions smoothly at all levels and offers a seamless experience to the users. A software solution would definitely make your life much easier, as they are known for bringing automation into the processes. This means you would not have to continuously check-in and manually key in the things to run a business. This software is highly secure and encrypted, you can manage the accessibility within the software, which means some back-office administration tools cannot be accessed by unauthorized people.

The best sticker designer software provides you a centralized dashboard to manage your multiple stores, multi-vendor management, and drop shipment. Production workflow control and role-based access are also available on the software. The ease of operations and user-friendliness make it a superior solution. It comes with a remote accessibility feature which means you can access the data anytime and from anywhere and stay at the top of your challenges.

Management of orders, providing quotations, and customer services are other features that make it complete. The software solutions are highly flexible and scalable. It allows you to add more features to it using 3rd party API integrations. This allows you to add SEO tools, marketing tools, affiliate tools, chatbots, and more as per your business requirement and make the experience more wholesome.

Common Features or Tools necessary in the best software to design stickers

Talking about the designer tools in detail, we have created a list of tools that can take user experience on your store-front to the next level. Here we go:

Standard and Customized Stickers

You can choose to offer standard and customized stickers on your storefront; it would give the users the best of both worlds. They can choose from the amazing collection of standard stickers that you have to offer or build absolutely new one for them.

The feature helps you widen your service offering as it gives you the benefit to serve people that need something general and also something personalized. It would help you improve your sales, conversion rate and reduce the bounce rate.

Unlimited Design

Customization is not going to be easy to achieve as not everyone has the knowledge of design. This makes it necessary for you to keep the customization part very simple yet rewarding. One way to achieve it is by offering unlimited pre-defined sticker designs to the users. These editable templates would make it easy for the users to not worry about the wrong size or something else.

Using the templates to create stunning unique sticker design templates with text, photos, clipart, and uploading their very own sticker can be made easy.

Any Shape and Size

Know what standard sizes of these products that you want to offer on your site. It would help people to directly choose the size they want.

Next also provide an option for them to choose a customized size of the products. You can add a maximum-minimum tab in it which would decrease the chances of you having to inform your users about the cancellation of the order.

Just like size, the shape too is necessary to consider. People may want to change the orientation of the sticker, and you would want to miss out on that feature.

Mobile Quick Edit

Day by day we are getting more and more dependent on our phones. There is a chance that some people would be ordering and designing customized stickers using mobile browsers. Form-based quick template editing to develop custom stickers is going to help you achieve that. If you want to go a step ahead, here is a detailed view of the mobile compatible sticker design tool.

Design tools can be made available on mobile phones. The web browser experience would not be as great as it is very time taking. An intuitive user interface is needed to achieve your goals. You can talk to your software solution provider to know what offerings they have for the mobile-first approach. We offer you:

  • User-friendly mobile UI and easy designing tools.

  • Easy import images from your device or even social media accounts.

  • Zoom feature for detailed designing of the stickers.

  • Preview option helping users make informed choices.


Sticker design software free version can come with free limited design tools. This can be a great engagement point. You can allow your users to download these customized designs built by them and get a print-ready vector output in PDF, RGB, or CMYK format file with impositions and cut marks.

Photo Uploads

Allowing users to upload photos and designs on the software from their desktop, or social media, Google or any other place using a link can help you improve your customer engagement to a great level.

Wrapping Up

In hopes you would find this blog informative; we can tell you the web to print sticker business is one of the most successful online print business ideas. And technology makes it simple for you to achieve your business goals. It makes it easy for you to gain customers, retain them, improve your sales and also optimize your business operations.

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