Grow Your Brand With Our All-In-One WTP Editor

WTP editor is easy to use and has a powerful feature that turns the end-users into creative designers. With its premium built, design, and easy to use features, it lets your end-users to create professional-looking print designs and products. Our WTP editor is an All-In-One responsive editor that lets your customers work even from their mobile on the go.

Top Features

Impress your audience with a live preview of the design and give them the option to choose, fine-tune, and add to cart the customize design. The editor also allows you to change text, font size, font color, font style with the move text option. You can also upload photos and images from your personal devices and edit them as per your needs.

Simultaneous Multi-Device Support

WTP editor is developed keeping in mind the ability to seamlessly switch between devices. It presents users with the option of multi-device support without compromising the security factor. WTP editor was built using HTML5 and JavaScript that allows it to run smoothly on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices equally.

Flexible user interface

WTP editor has a highly flexible and adjustable user interface that is easy to use and understand for the customers. While designing their print product with WTP editor, your customers experience the next level of designing and enjoy the consistent level of ease and simplicity throughout the process.

Freehand or template-based design

The freehand or template-based design editor is the absolute solution for your customers to test their creativity. WTP editor offers your customers a tool that supports various editing modes as required. They can either work with a pre-designed template or sketch their own beautiful static design right from the scratch.

Controlled Design Process

With WTP editor you don’t need to worry about unwanted design outcomes. You can allow and disallow the permissions of each element of the editor for your end-users. Thereby controlling the degree of editing freedom they have over their designs.

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