Build Your Aesthetic With Stickers

Build Your Aesthetic With Sticker Maker

Stickers are a piece of paper, plastic, or other material that is covered with an adhesive solution. They are used widely as decorative things and they are usually added with fun designs that are trending to give out text or visual messages. They are fun and very popular amongst people of various age groups. Not only are they used for individual uses, but they also have a great industrial purpose as well. They are used to add warning signs or put some message that is important for the public.

Specifically, to decorate and bring more life into aesthetics there are various ways to do it with the stickers. But, there are also many choices you would be making to make sure the product that you customize is absolutely in line with your imagination.

There is various web to print solution providers. These online vendors provide you with an online tool to DIY your stickers or edit the existing templates. Usually, these online tools are very easy to use and simple, you don’t have to have any design experience to customize or build your sticker. If you are looking forward to designing your aesthetic sticker, here is a complete guide.

What are stickers usually used for?

Before you start decorating your place with stickers, let us understand the usability of the stickers. They are used for a variety of reasons. People love to use them for decorative purposes. You would often see people using stickers to design their notebooks, phone backs, or other items. The dilemma is to find the right sticker, hence custom designing your own stickers.

Furthermore, businesses serve as advertising tools. They use it to attract people to their stores, improve the in-store experience for their customers, improve the working environment for their employees and so much more. They can be used for social, commercial, or political purposes. Also, businesses distribute stickers, and a lot of electronic companies, banks, etc. have started to distribute the stickers with the products in hopes to see their customers using them. This helps them expand their brand and reach new customers.

They are also used in decorating the spaces. Be it an individual or a business, you can design stickers of any size and get them delivered to your doorsteps to decorate the space.

What is the difference between a sticker and a label?

Stickers and labels are often used synonymously. But it is not the case. Stickers are a sub-category of labels. They are a specific type of label that is used for decorations and advertising. While labels are more information-driven. They are placed on products to give information to the users, or in commercial places to relay important information.

But the line between labels and stickers is blurring fast. People are not getting more and more creative in building quirky labels and they are including various elements to the labels which are just seen in the stickers. As a result, we might soon start interchangeably using labels and stickers.

DIY Aesthetic Stickers

Wanting to create an aesthetic sticker? Here is a complete guide.

Designing an aesthetic sticker requires some hard work. If you want to decorate your articles with cute aesthetic stickers you need to first think about the theme. A theme helps you in determining what type of stickers you are going to print on the paper. All should be weaved perfectly well to each other. You cannot put a car sticker on a cartoon sticker, it is completely off and out of the theme. So, think like a designer. If you don’t have any idea about what you want to design you can always download the design from online sources.

Next, find the right printer. If you want to print it at home, you need a laser printer or an inkjet printer. Then you need to order the right paper, get the print, and then cut them. A professional web to print provider would have all the equipment and tool to print, a die-cut sticker on the right sticker print paper. That makes your process rather hassle-free.

Also, the web to print service providers has a convenient design tool. There you can use their pre-built templates or you can upload your design on the software and order the design at your doorsteps. Also, you can build an entirely new design using the free tools and order it from there.

Once you are done designing, you can choose between removable and non-removable sticker papers. They come in various finish such as matte, glossy, semi-glossy, etc.

Consider the environmental conditions the sticker has to endure such as water, heat, UV, chemical, etc. considering these all factors you can choose the right paper.

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How to select the right sticker paper?

Depending on your needs, you need to decide on the right type of sticker paper. There is a variety of paper qualities available in the market. But for a beginner, it can be very confusing. To come to the right decision, long-lasting stickers, and efficiently serve the process, you need to select the right kind of sticker paper. Here are some tips to choose the right type of sticker paper.

1. Compatibility

When it comes to DIYing the stickers you must have a printer. You need to make sure the paper is compatible with the printer. Ask yourself if you can use the sticker with the printer. How is the quality of paper. Also, what is the size of paper that your printer can print? If it is an inkjet printer or a laser printer. Are there any other factors that you should consider when it comes to the printer you use?


Understand what paper is used for what purpose. A lot of industry-grade papers are very resistant and durable but they are expensive also. When it comes to quality you have to factor in exactly what conditions the sticker or the label would have to endure. Do you need a thin sheet or do you need a thick sheet? Where you are going to put the sticker, and what product. What conditions does the product undergo, like water, sunlight, chemicals, etc. based on this you must decide on the most affordable and durable option.

3. Cutting

There would be a backing material to the sticker, and the sticker would be stuck on the backing paper. While you are deciding on the paper make sure cutting the sticker outline is easy on that material. It is important that the sticker is cleanly cut, and has a neatly cut-out sharp edge. This saves time and energy, and that will go into cutting the printed sticker through scissors.

4. Tear resistance

If you want a sticker that is easy to peel off from the backing material you need to have the right paper material. The Vinyl sticker paper is the best. It is not very easy to tear which protects the ticker and the sticker comes out of the sheet pretty easily without creating any mess. Vinyl sticker paper comes with a plastic coat and this makes it tear-resistant. You can also go for other paper-based stickers that can be used, it all depends on what is the usage of the sticker.

5. Adhesiveness

The product on which you are going to stick the label or the sticker is to be considered. Some of the materials are very difficult to stick on smooth surfaces. If you intend to put it on a particularly difficult surface and position you have to consider the paper as per that. Moreover, the sticker should be easy to peel off and apply.

6. Water resistance

The sticker may have to endure a number of environmental conditions. Most commonly water. If you want a water-resistant or water-proof sticker it is important to use vinyl-based sticker paper. Depending on the usage of the sticker you can assume all the possible environmental factors and decide on the right paper material.

Various things you might come across printing aesthetic stickers

Regular printer for sticker paper

A regular printer can be used for printing designs on sticker paper. It should not be a problem. But you need to plan extra. You can use a regular inkjet printer, but make sure the ink or the sticker paper does not get wasted. A vinyl sticker paper can absorb the ink in five minutes and hence it is good to work on all the available inkjet printers.

Inkjet printer or the laser printer for sticker paper

Laser printers are more expensive than inkjet printers. Laser printers can print 5000 sheets at once in a full can of ink, but the inkjet printers are less expensive but print slowly and also needs faster refills. So, the situation is a bit of a tie. But since most of the available sticker papers are compatible with all the inkjet printers, they become more of a practical choice.

Effect of the heat and pressure

Sometimes when adequate pressure is not applied to the paper during the printing process, the ink may rub off from the sticker paper.

If you use a good printer you can manage this situation through the settings. You need to select the correct media type, and weight, and change the setting to label or heavy paper for printing perfectly. These settings may cause some problems during the printing process as more heat and pressure would be applied while printing on the sticker paper.

Sticker paper jammed into the printer

The printer needs to be clean on the inside. If you use the printer regularly or over a period the excess ink or toner might get collected in the printer and there are various other contributing factors that can cause the jamming of the paper in the printer. Like dust, grime, or anything else. This can hinder the smoother functioning of the printer. You can an alcohol-based cleaner for cleaning the printer regularly. Also, you should clean it when you are replacing the toner or the cartridge.

Waterproof stickers on the inkjet printers

No, you cannot use an inkjet printer for waterproof stickers. The inkjet printer uses water-based ink, which can smudge easily when comes in contact with water. But you can print them on a laser printer as the toner is a dry powder and it gets bounded to the paper through heat and pressure.

Glossy or matte sticker paper

Glossy and matte sticker papers are used for different purposes. So, you need to find out what is the purpose of the sticker. If it is a less complex design that is just decorative, go for glossy as the reflective finish makes it difficult for people to read. Matte paper works well when it comes to adding instructions. For a full discussion on glossy vs matte sticker paper, read our latest blog here.

When it comes to choosing the right paper, it all comes down to your personal preference. People usually prefer glossy for advertising stickers but mattee for the things which are important with respect to instructions. Glossy paper may cost you more than matte paper, so make the decision wisely.

Quality of white sticker papers

White sticker papers are very popular and a lot of people think they are all the same. But they are not. The quality differs a lot. Some papers are off-white, some are cream and there are a lot of other colors and shades. So, you cannot find the exact shade.

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