Photo Collage Maker Software – What you need to know?

Photo Collage Maker software

Smartphone apps called photo collage makers to enable users to mix photos in several layouts and styles. The Photo collage maker software makes it convenient and easy to share your work on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. However, the best way to design photo collages is still on the desktop or more precisely, on web-to-print websites residing on cloud.

 Benefits of using Photo collage maker software

Some of the benefits of using photo collage maker software are:

  1. Photo collage software can easily create picture montages with a wide range of photos. A wide variety of extras, such as stickers, clip art, shapes, text, music, and even video, can be incorporated.
  2. The top software will also provide you with a wide variety of pre-set layouts for your collages and various background styles.
  3. If you want to give your photo collages a personal touch, you can usually add text (to give it more meaning), stickers, frames, and so on to most apps.
  4. This software is the most powerful and flexible available for creating photo montages.
  5. The free collage makers make it easy and inexpensive to turn your images into a unique works of art.

How to choose the best picture collage maker?

Each collage-making software will have different advantages and disadvantages depending on your intended use. You may not require the masking and layering features of a full photo editing software, for instance, if your goal is to make an image collage with a simple grid pattern. However, if you want to customize your collage with filters and effects, you’ll likely need a more advanced tool. To make photo collage remember to look out for the below-mentioned features while choosing software:

  • Reliable Customer Service: The best customer service is there when you need it, yet even the most intuitive software might glitch occasionally. There could be a flaw in the program, or you could encounter some other difficulty. Having reliable customer service is crucial for any software, especially when dealing with personal images and artwork.
  • User-Interface: Whether you are looking for a mobile app or a piece of desktop editing software, it’s essential to find one with a straightforward user interface. If the interface is too complicated or you have to keep looking up how to complete it, you wouldn’t enjoy the process.
  • Cost: Think about how often you’ll be using the app or the software, how much you’re willing to spend, and whether the app’s premium features are worth it. Knowing the money to spend on the software is best before going from web to print.
  • Features: If you want to layer pictures or a seamless work of art, you need to look out for the features. Think about your alternatives in terms of the features, tools, and effects that come with them. If not, you might have to resort to using another app or software.

 Top-rated Photo Collage Maker Software


Canva is a web-based design software that provides users with access to numerous pre-made collage layouts and a wide variety of graphical components, such as icons and images. Among the numerous templates available, users can select the ideal one by browsing thematic catalogues or using the search box. In addition, Canva’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to customize a pre-made design with your own images by letting you easily upload and import your own and selecting from millions of high-quality stock photos.


  1. Photos are editable, and you can even add captions.
  2. Choose high-quality stock images from our collection or upload your own.
  3. Your design can be instantly shared via WhatsApp or Instagram or saved locally on your device.
  4. Your design can be made shortly.
  5. You can collaborate effectively using this app.


  1. 500000 pre-made layouts
  2. 200+ decorative text fonts
  3. massive library of free images
  4. Allows for multi-page documents


  1. Fewer possibilities for personalization
  2. The absence of a built-in printing module


When it comes to collage maker online, Fotor is your best choice. For the utilization of this application, no prior knowledge is required. You may easily upload photos by dragging and dropping them. Fotor allows for sophisticated adjustments to photos, in addition to a variety of design elements and the ability to make collages. Fotor stands out due to its availability in an offline Windows edition compared to other similar web-based photo editing tools. To create a collage, you can use the standard features offered by this platform, such as design templates, background patterns and textures, frames, themed stickers, and caption fonts. Moreover, new users may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of available options.


  1. Footer supports JPEG and PNG file types.
  2. You can beautify your face.
  3. You can use it to upload modified photos to platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Provides a simple method for framing your photos.
  5. Features an extensive effect selection.
  6. Images can be customized with a variety of stickers.


  1. 1000+ pre-made collage layouts
  2. Preparing photos for a collage includes editing
  3. 100% compatible with any device or operating system


  1. Muddled user interface
  2. No printing options are available
  3. Watermark on the free version.


Moldiv is a swanky picture editing, beauty camera filter, and collage maker app for the iPhone and Android. It’s free, but you’ll have to pay for the more elaborate layouts and add-ons. Moldiv’s magazine-style layouts are the app’s defining feature; users may pick a layout and use their photographs to make a custom magazine cover. It’s widely regarded as among the finest iPad photo-collage programs.


  1. There are words, designs, stickers, and even a background.
  2. You may fit up to 9 photos into one of our custom frames.
  3. Use MOLDIV to create poster and magazine-style photo montages.
  4. The collage’s aspect ratio is completely flexible.


  1. Built-in photo editor
  2. Instagram-compatible magazine-style layouts in a square format
  3. Many different types of fonts, labels, designs, etc.


  1. several in-app purchases
  2. Narrow target audience

Photo Collage Maker:

The Photo Collage Maker software is a convenient way to combine multiple images into one. This user-friendly software provides a wide range of choices for personalizing your collage. There are more than a hundred different templates available in the app. Making stunning collages, unique greeting cards, stunning photo montages, multi-page scrapbooks, and picture albums is easy with this application. Wedding, birthday, travel, and family collage themes are just a few of the many available options for designs.


  1. Photographs can be cropped to display only the relevant part.
  2. It has over 55 different fonts and over 100 different stickers.
  3. The software has a friendly and straightforward user interface.
  4. It supports downloading high-definition images to your phone’s storage.
  5. Images can be selected from the web, the camera, or from your social media accounts.
  6. You may show off your creations to loved ones with the help of Photo Collage Maker.
  7. You can edit the photo grid after you’ve already saved it.


  1. 450+ Elegant Layouts
  2. Allows for the creation of multi-page documents
  3. Caption customization with over 40 different fonts
  4. Over 200 enticing masks and photo-frames
  5. You can find appropriate clipart for any event here.
  6. Helpful overlay image tools Smart print layouts
  7. license for life-long


  1. applicable just for Windows
  2. Not allowed for online revisions


PicCollage is a free mobile and desktop program with tons of pre-made themes, stickers, backgrounds, and other objects to choose from. PicCollage has a large user base since so many people utilize it and contribute their original works of art to the site’s media library, which anyone can purchase. However, your finished products will be marked with a glaring watermark on the app and erasing it will set you back some cash. If you’re looking for an Android app to create photo collages, go no further than PicCollage, a free app with pre-made templates. For those who like to start from scratch while making a collage, this program provides a white background to work with.


  1. Stickers are an easy way to add a personal touch to your digital creations.
  2. Make personalized image captions.
  3. Make a collage and then sketch it.
  4. Collect and arrange images with minimal effort.
  5. Modifying the dimensions and effects of your collage is easy.
  6. You can publish your creation on many social networking platforms straight from this app.
  7. It’s a great collage builder app with pre-made templates for easily arranging photos.


  1. 500+ collage templates
  2. Make a profit from the artwork
  3. Assorted embellishments
  4. Making a collage automatically


  1. Image quality has drastically decreased.
  2. All free versions have watermarks.


The piZap picture collage tool allows you to combine multiple images into one easily. The software’s filters add a splash of colour and personality to your photos. This program facilitates the development of one’s creative potential by enhancing photo collage art. You may save a lot of time using PiZap, an online tool designed for creating humorous collages and memes. Unlike many of its rivals, it offers a free version that lets you save and share your work, albeit at a reduced resolution.


  1. The package includes over 1.6 million stock photos and 367 different fonts.
  2. Collage templates like hearts and irregular shapes are available in this program.
  3. This program allows you to decorate your images with various fun stickers.


  1. Filters, clipart, and templates clipart are available.
  2. Stickers can be made out of picture cutouts.
  3. Upload from services like Dropbox and Facebook.
  4. Easy integration with other social networks


  1. Not suitable for complicated projects
  2. Printing modules not available

 How to make your collage stand out?

With your acquired knowledge of possible collage-making software in hand, we can go on to discuss methods for improving the quality of your collages and developing stunningly finished digital photo projects.

  1. Pick a colour scheme: Use photographs that showcase the same hues to make sure your collage looks nice and flows together. If you’re feeling creative, you can switch things up by combining different photos and themes, as long as you keep the colour scheme uniform.

You can use the same technique to create a branded collage for professional use. For instance, if your company’s colours are royal blue and gold, you could use photos with those hues to represent your business. Another option is to apply a filter that makes the colour palette of all your photos the same.

  1. Create Textured Patterns: To add depth to your collage, track down some pattern-filled photographs. You might use these pictures to frame the photos you want to highlight in a collage designed in a grid format.

Using complementary and contrasting fabric, wallpaper, or digital patterns, you can add depth and texture to an image without making it look cluttered. In addition, by arranging the photographs this way, you may direct the focus of the viewer’s attention to the focal points of your collage.

2. Search mobile collage apps: It’s only sometimes convenient to use a desktop or laptop computer to build a collage when you only want to make a quick social media post or arrange a few photographs from your phone. Examine the many mobile collage creators available, and In addition, for a little price, you may use several advanced capabilities that will greatly improve the quality of your collages.

3. Use a Photo editor: You can create a more original and artistic collage by using a photo editor to take out specific details from multiple images and then splice them together. Making a collage allows you to express yourself creatively while using visuals to convey meaning. You can tweak the colours and saturation on individual layers or apply a filter to help the photographs blend better with one another once you’ve assembled everything.


While every software has its advantages and disadvantages, you need to weigh your options and look for your requirements before making a final decision.

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