Postcard Sizes: A Guide to the Dimensions


Are you thinking about the best size postcard for your marketing message?

In this blog post, we will try to cover all you need to know about standard postcard size as well as oversized or larger postcards. All of these will effectively help to build print to business online.

 Before we begin, there are some major things that you should essentially keep in mind as you go through and choose your postcard format and size:

  • The cost of printing is determined by the postcard dimensions.
  • The cost of mailing varies depending on the postcard size prints.
  • Each postcard size serves a completely different purpose.
  • The design must be scaled to fit with the postcard size.
  • Each of the postcard sizes possesses its own set of advantages.

4×6 Postcards – Standard Size

Costs of Printing and Mailing

The price of printing 4×6 postcards is the lowest when compared to the other sizes provided by your printer, and it could be $0.14, $0.04, or even $0.60 per postcard, depending on how many you order.

The lower the price each piece will be, the more postcards you have printed. Additionally, if you opt to apply a coating, the cost of printing your postcards will be affected.

If you’re mailing 500 or more postcards, 4×6 postcards qualify for the First-Class “Postcard” rate. Because postage costs are roughly 40 cents for each piece, printing as well as mailing your 4×6 postcards might cost around 50 cents for each postcard.

You may be eligible for First Class Non-Presort mailing if you mail fewer than 500, 4×6 postcards.

Key Purpose Served By 4×6 Postcards

The room for content on 4×6 postcards is restricted due to their modest size or small dimensions.

As a result, many marketers only utilize 4×6 postcards if their resources are very limited, or if they want to send out updates or thank you notes rather than promotional messages.

Design Ideas For 4×6 Postcards

As the space available for design on 4×6 postcards is so limited, and so, it is advised to keep the amount of copy as well as design elements to a minimum.

To guarantee that your small postcard stands out, you may focus on incorporating Variable Data Printing, which allows you to tailor the copy for each of your recipients.

If your design starts to seem overcrowded but you still need to limit your budget, go with a 4.25×6 postcard to give your postcards a little more breathing space.

4×6 Postcards Possess A Lot Of Advantages:

  • While you are mailing 500 or more postcards, they qualify for the First-Class Postcard rate.
  • 4×6 postcard printing prices are considered to be the cheapest.

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5×7 Postcards – Standard Size

Costs of Mailing and Printing

The cost of printing 5×7 postcards is considered to be the 3rd cheapest, next to 4×6 as well as 4.25×6 postcards. In comparison to the price per piece of 4×6 postcards, the cost per postcard is just roughly $0.02-$0.10 extra depending on how many you have printed.

As per the USPS guidelines, 5×7 postcards are considered letters as well as qualify for First-Class Letter mail, which costs roughly $0.58 for postage.

If you’re mailing 200 or more postcards, you’ll be eligible for Standard Presort, and if you’re mailing 500 or more, you’ll be eligible for First-Class Presort rates.

Key Purpose Served By 5×7 Postcards

When compared to a 4×6 or 4.25×6 postcard, 5×7 postcards contribute to providing somewhat more area for design components while not costing much extra.

As a result, they’re ideal for marketers who want to add a bit of extra information to their postcard while still staying within a certain budget.

This postcard size is also taller when compared to the most conventional envelope sizes, making it stand out more in your audience’s mailboxes rather than a 4×6 postcard.

They’re the ideal postcard dimension for informational cards, holiday cards, that direct reader to your website, or a promotional card with a quick message.

5×7 Postcard Design Tips

5×7 postcards are still somewhat small but larger than 4×6 as well as 4.25×6 postcards.

As a result, avoid cramming too much of the information into your postcard. To guarantee that your postcard campaign generates results, keep it basic as well as engaging, with an eye-catching image along with a call to action.

5×7 Postcards Possess A Lot Of Advantages:

  • Postcards measuring 5×7 are taller when compared to the everyday mailbox items.
  • Because of their size, your postcard design will have a bit more extra breathing space.
  • Costs just a few cents more than the 4×6 postcards, but it tends to have a much bigger impact.

5.5×8.5 Postcards – Oversized

Costs of Mailing and Printing

5.5×8.5 postcards printing costs specifically range from $0.08 to $0.62 per postcard, depending on how many you order or if you opt to make use of a UV coating for extra protection.

5.5×8.5 postcards sizes are also eligible for Standard Mail or First-Class Letter.

In reality, all postcard measurements specifically in between 5”x3.5” as well as 11.5”x6.125” are considered letters, and there is no separate price for any postcard dimension for Marketing Mail or Standard Mail as long as you mail at least 200 postcards.

Key Purpose Served By 5.5×8.5 Postcards

5.5×8.5 postcards are the size of a letter-sized paper folded in half i.e. of 8.5”x11”, giving you plenty of space to advertise your company’s message while keeping your postcard on the smaller side.

These postcards are the ideal size for promoting a sale or introducing someone to your web to print business.

Design Ideas for 5.5×8.5 Postcard

You’ll want to add an image or design elements while keeping the content to a minimum when designing a 5.5×8.5 postcard.

To draw your reader’s attention to your call-to-action, consider making use of type as well as design elements.

5.5×8.5 Postcards Tends To Have The Following Advantages:

  • 5.5×8.5 postcards allow for showcasing more details as well as design elements.
  • Because of their size, your postcard design will have a bit more breathing space.
  • They tend to have a much bigger effect when compared to the 5×7 postcards while still being less expensive.

6×9 Postcards – Oversized

Costs of Mailing and Printing

Depending on how many you have printed, 6×9 postcard printing might cost anywhere between $0.09 and $0.70 per postcard.

In comparison to other letter-sized postcards, 6×9 postcard dimensions are a bit more unusual.

6×9 postcards are still eligible for First-Class Letter Mail, but they are also eligible for Postcard Commingling, which means there is no limit on the number you can mail and you can still take advantage of bulk mailing discounts with Standard Mail postage.

Main Purpose Served By 6×9 Postcards

A lot of the marketers like 6×9 postcards. They contribute to providing enough space for displaying imagery as well as that is detailed enough to pique readers’ attention.

As a result, they’re often employed in marketing strategies which include Mailbox Retargeting, Direct Mail Integration, Proximity Mailing, and other techniques.

Loyalty marketing, birthday marketing, company introductions, promotional campaigns, holiday marketing, retargeting campaigns, as well as other postcard campaigns are all common uses for 6×9 postcards.

So, the businesses mainly focus on making use of this for capturing the interest of their readers. These will also help to improve print business sales.

Design Ideas For 6×9 Postcards

With its larger postcard dimensions, a 6×9 postcard will immediately stand out. However, you must ensure that your design is as eye-catching as the size.

To send a customized message, consider utilizing Variable Data Printing.

On the front side, include attractive imagery, as well as some details, design elements, along with an enticing call-to-action on the reverse side.

6×9 Postcards Have A Lot Of Advantages:

  • 6×9 postcards particularly qualify for Postcard Commingling, making it affordable to send low quantities.
  • These particular postcards are considered to be large enough to incorporate enough information as well as imagery without overcrowding.
  • They’re ideal for any postcard campaign since they’re likely to be noticed.

6.25×9.25 Postcards – Oversized And EDDM Eligible

Costs of Mailing and Printing

As 6.25×9 postcards are just 0.25” larger when compared to a 6×9 postcard, the cost of printing them is approximately $0.01 to $0.04 higher per postcard.

6.25×9 postcards are the smallest size that is particularly available for EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail. It allows you to simply pick a ZIP code or mailing route and contact every household on that particular route.

In this case, the size is considered to be a Flat EDDM Mailer, and due to the low bulk mailing rates offered by EDDM, postage and delivery costs for this postcard dimension vary from $0.54 to $0.26 per postcard.

Key Purpose Served By 6.25×9 Postcards

6.25×9 postcards are only used for EDDM. For this direct mail marketing strategy, they are considered to be the smallest as well as cheapest size available.

In this case, the main purpose is to present your brand to a large audience who may not have heard of it before.

These postcards are of a good size for highlighting certain products or services while still leaving room to give your audience an offer. Also, it provides them with a reason to order, sign up or visit your business’s website or location.

Design Ideas For 6.25×9 Postcards

 As this postcard size is specifically used for EDDM, your postcard message will contribute to reaching a large number of people who are unfamiliar with your web to print shop.

As a result, you’ll want to incorporate design elements as well as a copy that provides your readers with enough information to get a sense of who your firm is and what you have to offer.

The best part is that you do not have to provide too much of the information so they’re curious to learn more.

6.25×9 Postcards Have the Following Advantages

  • 6.25×9 postcards are known to be incredibly cost-effective as well as EDDM-eligible.
  • They’re large enough to create an impact as well as to introduce your web to print business.

6×11 Postcards – Oversized And EDDM Eligible

Costs Of Mailing And Printing

You can make use of 6×11 postcards for Standard Mail, First-Class Mail as well as EDDM as these are regarded as Flat EDDM Mailers as well.

EDDM charges $0.27-$0.60 per postcard for postage as well as delivery, depending on how many addresses you want to reach.

Key Purpose Of 6×11 Postcards

6×11 postcards are often utilized for campaigns with a somewhat higher budget as well as where you want your message to stand out.

They’re ideal for placing your brand on a pedestal in the mailboxes of your target audience. Also, they are often the largest material in their mailbox and dimensions allow you to not only emphasize the services or goods you provide but also showcase many of the images.

6×11 postcards are known to be the ideal postcard size to make a big statement whether you have a large sale coming up or are wanting to grow your web to print business.

Design Ideas For 6×11 Postcards

You can either divide the design to include separate details or include one large stunning picture while you are designing a 6×11 postcard.

Many of these postcards are designed in a landscape style, but you may attempt a portrait design instead to make your postcard stand out even more.

6×11 Postcards Have A Lot Of Advantages:

  • The largest postcards that qualify for letter-sized postage are 6×11 postcards.
  • They’re EDDM-eligible, allowing you to reach a larger audience at a low cost.
  • Large enough to fit a lot of design elements while leaving a great impact.

Best Practises For Postcard Design

Straightforward Design

In your postcard, don’t incorporate too many elements or things. As, you want that your audience can get an understanding of the postcard context quickly and so, stay away from the distracting elements and make the design as minimal as possible.

Right Size

It’s critical to select the proper postcard dimensions. If you’re sending it internationally, restrict the dimensions to 148 x 105 mm.

The front and rear sides should be well-coordinated.

Different individuals categorize their e-mails in diverse ways. As a result, you must ensure that the front, as well as the backsides of your postcard, complement each other.


If you’re targeting certain clients based on age groups, demographics, or income, you should consider customizing your postcards. A personalized postcard, as opposed to a generic one, provides your recipients a more customized look as well as feel.

Strong CTA

Postcards don’t have to be subtle or silent; use a bold and big typeface instead. Attract the recipient’s attention with carefully crafted messages that encourage them to take action.

Make contact address, phone number, or website URL easily visible as well as scannable. A unique QR code or a custom-tailored map can inform them about who you are and the services you provide.

Final Verdict

Every postcard size serves a completely different function as well as has benefits and drawbacks when compared to other sizes. So, it’s critical to choose the ideal one for your marketing message.

Each will decide the printing as well as mailing costs, and each one is considered to be better suited to your objectives, budget, and preferred design.

Now that you’ve learned about each postcard dimension, you’re ready to select which size is appropriate for your marketing objectives and budget.

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