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Book Print-on-Demand: To Become Self Publisher, Save Money and Time

We all know that writing a book is a difficult task. If you have done the difficult job of writing, then publish it in a lot easier way with book print on demand technology. Self-publishers who want to publish and sell the books by themselves use this book print-on-demand technology nowadays very often. This technology offers quality books with various printing options. It is said to be the most convenient way to sell books in a cost-effective way.

 If you are an author and looking forward to selling your book affordably, then you might know about book print-on-demand which has revolutionized this online book printing concept. So, below the blog, you will encounter some of the benefits of using this technology to sell your books anytime and anywhere. If you have any doubts regarding this technology, then you would be able to resolve them with the help of the below pointers. 

Advantages of Book Print on Demand for Self Publishers

In the past, self-publishers faced many issues such as upfront costs and inventory management. But, book print on demand offers maximum exposure with minimal expenses. It saves costs and gives you control of publishing copies. Below we have listed the advantages of using book print on demand technologies to publish your next book.

 No Need for Inventory: Inventory management can be difficult. Sometimes you keep the books ready and don’t receive the orders and sometimes you receive the orders but you go out of stock. In both scenarios, you might lose money. So, book print on demand is the better option where you don’t need to maintain the inventory.  

 Easy Set-up: It is easy to set up print-on-demand software to publish your books. You can easily manage printing, publishing, review process, and listing on various sites worldwide. It will save lots of time and money to bring the best book to the market. 

 Quality and Durability: If you will be solely responsible for the book publication, then you would know the quality and durability. This gives you the freedom to maintain the quality and impress your readers. It will help you to reduce cost without compromising on quality. 

Binding and Paper Options: Jacketed or not; glossy, textured, or matte; you can get a plethora of options for your book. 

 Perfect Bound – Pages and paperback cover glued together at the spine.

Case Laminate – Pages glued to hardcover at ends

 Jacketed Case Laminate – Pages glued to hardcover at ends with the option to design what prints on the cover beneath the jacket.

 The above options are usually available from which you can pick for your book. 

Never Out of Stock: This is another advantage of print-on-demand technology. Many authors suffer from out-of-stock issues when they maintain inventory. Publishing a number of books and getting out of stock issues would make you lose the business. So, never lose on leads by print on demand. 

Reach out to a larger Audience:

Print of demand software offers you better visibility and reach to your audience. You can list your books on the big e-commerce platforms to get the reader’s attention. After all, Due to the global pandemic, people look for online options to buy books. So, list the book and deliver it on demand. It is an economical way of not investing much but getting high savings. 

Color Printing or Black and White Printing: Print-on-demand software has an option of colors. Whether you want to keep your book colorful or black and white, it allows you to set the colours.  

Black and White Printing – Most economical Standard

Color Printing – Standard color quality Premium

Color Printing – Highest color quality with more vivid color

Steps of Online Book Printing using Book Print on Demand

These are 3 simple steps that you need to follow in order to complete an online book printing. 

Publish: You can publish, edit and design your book with the help of print-on-demand software. 

Print: You can print as many numbers of copies as you want.  

Distribute: You can sell and distribute to various sellers. Also, list your book on e-commerce platforms.

Print on Demand is a popular option for self-publishers. It offers many advantages such as wide printing options, quality, and durability, no need for inventory, always ready-to-sell book all over the world and affordability, etc. You can follow above mention steps to publish and sell the book written by you. Finding the right print-on-demand partner can make the task easy, so carefully choose. 

It also promotes sell first and print later action. With the increasing trend of online book printing, authors are getting empowered and finding new ways to print and sell their books. With quality control, you can manage your finances spend on printing. Print on demand gives an innovative way to become a pro-self-publisher. 

In the nutshell, we can say if you are an aspiring publisher then we understand that you have many tasks to complete such as writing, printing, publishing, and selling. You can become efficient in all these tasks by using the book print on demand option. So, leverage the power of your writing and sell your book in every corner of the world. 

You can write to us if you have any doubts or need any relevant information regarding book print on demand.  

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