How to Start a Magazine Printing Business?

How to Start a Magazine Printing Business-WTPBiz

Magazines are widely loved by people, and there are more than  110,000 magazines currently in the world. They provide crisp and engaging content. They are informational, and they are interest-based. In short, if you start a magazine printing business, it would be profitable given the popularity of the product in the market. There are various companies that would love to take solutions from you. But, are you ready for it? 

Tips to Start Magazine Printing Business

Starting a business should not be an impulsive decision. There are so many things you have to sort out before you jump into any stream. So, here is a blog that is very much likely to answer all your questions on starting a magazine printing business. So, let’s get started on the web to print magazine business. 


Research on the traditional method of magazine printing to get a clear understanding of the industry basics. Every industry uses a certain type of general rule. Which includes the type of equipment they use, the type of paper they use, etc. 

The next thing you need to sort out is to choose the niche. You must know the distribution of the company to know if you can actually deliver that number of copies to your users. If not, you must start working on increasing your capabilities. It would allow you to meet the needs of the market easily, and you would know what order capabilities you can fulfill.

Making solutions cost-effective 

In your research, you would come across various types of magazines, and we are not just talking about the various industries. More than that, there are house organ magazines and in-house magazines too. Schools and organizations too publish their own magazines. It allows them to inform their organization members of the happenings. 

Clearly, they don’t have needs very similar to the magazines that we are usually used to. They have less publication, they have a niche audience, and although regular (or sometimes irregular), you have to provide cost-effective solutions to all people. 

Supported files and tools 

Usually, a web to print software would include the usual formats. But magazines are built on various types of software tools, and they use more elements than a graphic for a mug or t-shirt. You understand the file size; you are way bigger than a few KBs. The images would be more high-definition, and you might have to include some unconventional file formats. You must make it super easy for your users to upload large format files on the platform, see the preview, and once satisfied, order from you.

Online payments 

People would be ordering within large quantities. That means you would need online payment methods and multiple of them so that people can pay upfront. It is important to ensure the safety of data on the platform. Also, you must include all the modern methods to pay online and not just credit cards and debit cards. You have to offer them e-wallets, netbanking, UPI solutions, and so much more. This is a good way to improve the experience of your users on your site. 

Technical knowledge of printing a magazine

Your printer would be printing the magazine pages, but compilation has to be done manually. Having some technical knowledge of magazine design and printing is going to help you so much. It allows you to avoid any mistakes that might upset your users. It is going to be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it would only take a few minutes to get things sorted. We highly recommend you to know the page placement in software for printing a magazine. 

Using templates 

Having some technical knowledge is great but, you can also try to use some pre-built templates. You can use a professional service or a freelancer to design the templates that can be integrated with the web to print software. The professional would design the template using PageMaker, Microsoft Publisher, InDesign, and more. 

Improving the experience 

Customer experience on the site should be at par. It is important for you to succeed; it would allow you to retain users throughout the business lifecycle. Some of the most important things in a magazine, such as a header, copyright information, cutout subscription coupon, and more, should be included in the design template. These small details would allow you to make your magazine printing business successful. 

Reduce the repetitive tasks 

The layout of the magazine is of utmost importance. It is necessary as there would be numerous graphic elements included in the magazine. Give people the right solutions to decide the size of the magazine, orientation, and more to make sure they have what they want. 

Cover design 

Covers are very important for magazines; they are made from different materials and are printed using different techniques and printers. You must research the right printer type that you can use to get the cover design ready. Also, you must allow your users to adjust the visual elements on the cover to make it visually appealing. 


The material is not only going to be different for the magazine cover but also for the inside pages. There are various materials available that are a perfect solution for high-definition printing. Premium quality material to regular magazine printing should be available on your platform for users to choose them wisely. 

Tools integration 

Running a printing business is going to be exhaustive. It is going to take a lot of effort. But fortunately, with the advent of technology, you can today convert this challenge into an advantage. Web to print store allows you to integrate 3rd Party APIs for improved efficiency. It allows you to improve your software capabilities and meet the needs of the time. They are efficient, cost-effective, and allow you to improve your external and internal operations to ten folds. 

Marketing your site 

The Magazine printing business is one of the best web to print ideas. But to succeed, you have to be very clear in your communication. It is necessary for you to know some methods of digital marketing. Google Advertisements, Social Media Advertising, SEO, and so much more options for improved brand visibility and lead generation. 

Wrapping Up 

Hope we have addressed the most important things in the online magazine printing business. Most of all, you have to find the best print software provider company for a superior experience, improved functioning, and modern solutions.

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