Step-By-Step Guide to Make Custom All-Over-Print Shirts

All-Over-Printing is an exciting as well as a relatively new trend in the printing world of customized T-shirts and garments. This technique is very much similar to conventional printing. The only difference, in this case, is that it is not restricted to only one localized area of the t-shirt. It means that in all-over printing, the designers enjoy the privilege to explore the hems, seams as well as zips in ways that were never possible before. 

Almost everyone currently is aware of and prefers screen, DTG, and transfer printing. And, we can imagine the stamp of the machine concentrated on one specific region, suspending the design in negative space, on those occasions. However, in this instance, the print extends to the garment’s edges thereby filling the overall space. 

Don’t worry if this is all new to you; in this guide, we’ll walk you through this all-over-printing and the step-by-step process in which, you can create custom all-over-print t-shirts. So, let’s get started with our detailed discussion. 

Is All-Over-Printing Suitable For You?

Are you arranging an event and require a large quantity of full printed shirts that will stand out from afar? Are you searching for a way to impress your clients with a completely new printing technique? 

Are you an internet sensation trying to monetize your fame? Are you searching for ideas for a revamped uniform, workwear, or promotional clothing for an upcoming event? In all of these instances, all-over-printing may be the best option for you to look for. 

All-Over Print: What Exactly Is It? 

It is a specific term that is used to denote a particular technique of garment printing that specifically covers every inch of the garment. 

One of the few ways to identify whether the fabric was all-over printed or not involves looking at the hem, the seams as well as other elements such as the zippers. By doing so, you would be able to know whether the particular piece of fabric is all over printed or not. You will get to see certain distinctions in this case that would not be present in regular as well as most recognized types of garment printing techniques. 

This type of print is specifically achieved by layering the t-shirt on a level surface and then printing mainly on top of it. So, it makes sure that any element which is not exposed to the ink, such as the hems, are unaffected.

In case, a hem or the interior portion of the garment is printed, then it can be assumed that the fabric was printed before it was sewed; this is the more conventional as well as effective means of all-over printing. But don’t make the mistake of confusing this printing technique with an oversized print. It is generally achieved by large screens and is intended to go beyond the constraints of standard printing techniques. 

Now, we will focus on shifting our discussion towards the best ways in which you can create custom all-over-print shirts. So, let’s get started with this. 

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Best Ways to Create Custom All-Over Prints Shirts

Consider all-over-print shirts in case, you’ve ever created a design that’s too great to be limited by standard print t shirt design size. The unrestricted printing area, in this case, plays a very crucial role in taking any artwork to the next level. This printing technique is becoming increasingly popular these days. 

All-over prints are not simply considered to be fashion statements, but presently, these are regarded as a proven means by which you can focus on expanding merchant portfolios. The best part about this all-over print is that it tends to open up a lot of design possibilities for larger or unbroken scenes, landscapes, patterns, and a lot more. 

Have a Close Look at the All-Over Print Shirts by the Numbers

Now, let’s have a close look at the numbers. In this regard, you need to analyze the merchandise store of the top 30 YouTubers. By doing so, you would be able to know that about 20% of them are involved in selling these all-over print shirts. Again, in many of the cases, you will get to see that it was their top product. 

So, after looking at the numbers, you now have got a clear idea about the importance of these all-over print shirts. Not only that, but another thing that you will get to know by this analysis is that the most recognized element was a printed message, catchphrase, or quote. While the usage of text is considered to be perfect whenever it comes to direct-to-garment printing, all-over-print shirts provide you the chance to make a broader impact. 

With All-Over-Print Shirts, You Can Let Your Imagination Flow

Now, you have got some idea about what the all over print shirts provide you. You might be thinking about ordering a bespoke all-over-print shirt because you want to utilize the whole shirt in your design. 

Trust me, you are going to be extremely happy with the outcomes as well as the sales, if you use the canvas of design for expanding your ideas. An all-over-print shirt design enables you to become more creative. With this creativity, you would be able to achieve great success in your business. These appealing, as well as eye-catching designs, can set your store apart from your competitors. 

Your designs should convey some kind of continuity, such as a vast expanse of ocean, desert, outer space, etc. In your cut t shirt designs, you can bring these types of ideas to life. By doing so, you will see that your all-over print effectively pops out of the canvas into the minds of those individuals who see those. 

From maps to masterpieces, all-over-print enables the wearer to wear a different style of shirt and they get a different type of reaction from people who see them. In this regard, it is recommended to go for bold as well as big. 

With all-over-print, you would be able to create eye-catching designs that attract the attention of a lot of people. So, in turn, it aids in driving sales to your business. All that you need is to increase the size of the artwork or use a wrap-around framework to take advantage of the larger printing area of all-over-print shirts. In this case, you are open to doing a lot of experimentation with logos, quotes, and other elements to make the most out of this uninterrupted canvas. 

Collect Ideas for All-Over Prints Shirts 

Inspiration is very important if you are involved in designing. So, while you are focusing on making custom all-over print shirts, you should take inspiration. In case, you are finding it difficult to come up with ideas for your all-over print shirts, then don’t worry as in this guide, we will talk about where you should look for inspiration to get outstanding results. 

Stock Images Libraries 

Adobe Stock Photos, Shutterstock, and iStock are known to be some of the popular stock image libraries that you can consider, to look for unique ideas. Simply browsing these websites can enlighten your imagination. By making use of these websites, you would be able to get an extra edge over your competitors. 

Among these websites, Shutterstock has millions of appealing and high-quality illustrations, photographs, and a lot more, which you can make use of for creating eye-catching tshirt design. Depending on your requirements, you can choose the particular stock image website that you find suitable. 


When you run out of ideas or inspiration, the first social media site that springs to one’s mind is Pinterest. On this website, you will find the availability of a plethora of amazing options which effectively suits almost every style preference. 

Fashion Trends 

It’s been said that history tends to repeat itself, and this is certainly true in the realm of fashion. Currently, you will find that many of the vintage prints are making a strong comeback. 

Amazon, Etsy, eBay, And Other Online Marketplaces

You can have a close look at the marketplaces to see what’s currently popular and what people want to wear; there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Simply search in “all-over-print shirts” and the results will provide you with plenty of inspiration for your designs. 

Opt For the Assistance of a Designer

You can always hire a designer to perform all the creative work, in case, you already have some creative ideas bursting in your head, but you are not sure how to bring those to reality. Whenever you have discovered what you’re searching for and decided on a theme, keep in mind that all-over-print shirts have no limitations. Just you need to keep your design flowing specifically across the entirety of the garment. 

Making Custom All-Over-Print Shirts: Step-By-Step Approaches To Follow

It’s never been easier to make all-over-print shirts. Your unique design will be added to your online store on any of the world’s biggest eCommerce marketplaces and you need to just follow a few easy steps to do this. A web to print service provider possesses all the required tools to assist you at every stage of the process and help you to get smooth and effective results. 

Decide On A Product

The first and the most important step is to choose your product. In this regard, you need to browse specifically through the different shirt options and select the one that best suits your business as well as your interests. 

Consider Adding A Design

In this regard, you can make use of your design or choose a free image from a stock picture website. On these websites, you will find the availability of many free image options that you can focus on considering for your design. If you want, you can even make use of free online editors to edit your design. 

So, you can easily do customization as well as adjustment in the design based on your preferences. If you are thinking about how to put a picture on a shirt, then a print service provider can help you in this aspect. 

Preview Your Product

Once you’ve decided on a design, you need to preview the product, to have an idea about how it is going to look. Many of the digital print software or tools provide you with such options so that you can preview your product in high-quality 3D photos. So, you would be able to see your product from every angle.

Order Samples

Thinking about, “how to print a picture on a shirt?” Well, you would be able to do so by selecting your preferred print service provider and placing an order for product samples. Before you provide it to your customers, double-check the final product, design, as well as quality. To identify the perfect fit for your brand, you need to test several designs and products on yourself, family members, and friends. 

Make Necessary Changes

Make modifications to the product you’ve selected depending on your order samples. Change the shirt’s color, design, or style to meet your expectations. Examine all of the possible options as well as make decisions based on your preferences, research, and taste. All in all, your main goal is to provide high-quality items to your customers.

Make A Decision On Where To Sell

Create your all-over-print shirts and decide whether to sell those on your website or other eCommerce marketplaces, such as BigCommerce, Etsy, Shopify, Wix, and others. 

Set The Price

One of the most crucial aspects of operating a business is pricing. Before you adjust the pricing of your items, you need to do effective research on the current market prices as well as the prices that are set by your competitors. To make an entry into the all-over-print industry and attract customers to your business, you need to choose compatible pricing. 

Promote Your All-Over-Print T-Shirts

Now, it is time to attract customers once you are done with all of the above steps. Marketing is a great way to spread the word about your business. In this regard, you can also make use of social media. These are often the cheapest as well as most successful strategies to begin drawing attention to your business. Ultimately, you would be able to get the order amount you desire. 

Sit Back And Relax

Your work is completed once your product is designed and listed. Now, let the customers find your merchandise, and a professional web to print store will take care of the orders and everything else. These service providers will focus on shipping to your buyers directly.  

Final Verdict

We hope, after reading this guide, you have got a very clear idea about all-over printing and the best ways in which you would be able to make custom all over print shirts from start to finish. 

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