5 Tips to Get You Started in Vehicle Wrap Print industry

5 Tips to Get You Started in Vehicle Wrap Design for printing industry

Vehicle wraps have gained immense popularity in the recent few years. With the rise of entrepreneurship and businesses having a knack for marketing using various avenues, small and medium-sized businesses are fast-moving on to the unconventional marketing methods, including Vehicle wraps. As a service provider, if you are looking forward to adding vehicle wrap printing to your service set, it is essential to know some important things about that business. It would allow you to manage your vehicle wrap business better and ensure your business investment was worthwhile. Here is everything that you must know about the vehicle wrap web to print service and how you can achieve your business goals. So, let’s get started.

Future of vehicle wrap business 

The first thing any business must do before investing their money in something is validating their business idea. The printing business idea of vehicle wraps holds great potential. It is a great advertising tool, and it comes cheap. Most importantly, it is mobile, and people see it much more efficiently than the billboards, where your market reach is subjective to the location. 

Apart from the potential of the idea, efficiencies required for making these large, printed vinyl stickers are going to take some real effort. Here, you have to consider the technologies that would help you in designing personalized wraps. It requires a web to print store that makes it easy for people to place an order, add a designing tool with media upload capabilities, etc. 

How to Start Vehicle Wrap Business?

Here is detailed information on how you want to start your vehicle wrap business. 

  • Gathering Information About Vehicle Wrap Business

Before investing in the printing business idea, you need to have an accurate template to start your business. It is crucial for you to create a design that has an accurate template file. It would include the right scale, design tools, media upload tools to create the design that makes printing easy.   Vehicle wrap files can be large and complex, and some vehicle wrap printers would charge you based on the fixes. 

The vehicle wrap business works by clients providing you the template files of the car’s blueprint, and if not, they can purchase them at some cost that is available on different sites. But it is not always exact, and since each vehicle is different and there are some irregularities on the surface. 

Next, find out what are the companies that are widely used by people in the business. Each vehicle wrap printing company would use a different printing process. File requirements are different, and service offerings are different. You must find this information to devise your own strategy to start your business. 

Lastly, makes sure the web to print solution has the media uploading tool that makes it easy for you to upload high-quality photos to allow personalized wraps printing. Improve their experience by adding more inputs, such as any irregularities on the vehicle that can hinder the printing quality. 

  • Build Business With Unique Idea 

Now that you have all the technical information ready with you, it is time to start thinking about how you want to change the idea of your client vehicle wrap dream into a functional vehicle wrap. Things such as logos, messages, advertising copy, etc., should be provided by the client to design personalized wraps. 

While it is not recommended, there would be clients that would add photos to the vehicle wrap design. If they want it, it should have a high-resolution image and would be required to obtain and purchase from the image marketplaces. Include a gallery of images for them to pay up and purchase the stock photos. 

It is a good idea to keep a vehicle wrap design simple yet stunning, which makes the ad design much better. It is important as you must make sure that the advertising message is relayed effectively to people even at high speed. You will need to make sure the brand message reaches people within a few seconds. 

  • Creating a design 

Creating a design is going to take some real effort. Now that you have obtained the client’s details, you can quickly design a sketch, or you can use the available design template for designing one. You can also create the design using tools such as Photoshop for advanced design. 

Most importantly, the end product would not exactly be as you design. Like where the corners meet. But try to make the design as accurate as possible to ensure client satisfaction. 

Also, you must make sure the mockup you create can easily be used to recreate and apply to the template files before you show it to your clients. Mockups are great for showing your client what the design would be like. Getting approval would become easy, and you would fasten the process too. It is important to manage customer expectations easily. Implementation of design should be easy. 

  • Apply the design to the template 

Vehicle wrap print files can be created with tools such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. You can give an option to your clients to offer the preferred designing tool for developing personalized wraps. Since some vehicle wrap printers only accept vector files for printing, that changes a lot of things. 

Many vehicle printers accept both PSD and AI files; try out WTP Biz software which has advanced tools to allow easy designing of car wraps. Here are some important things that you must consider when choosing the right tool for the car wrapping business:

  • Choice of color mode 
  • The scale used in designing 
  • The pixel size of the image 
  • Using high-resolution photos for designing the car wrap 
  • Conversion of all the fonts 
  • Labeling and organization the separate layers and making sure each graphic has its own sublayer. 
  • Adding 5 to 10 bleed areas to the piece of the template. The design will have to wrap around objects like the edge of the doors and adding extra bleed to easily allow the car wrap to stick to the car.
  • Deliver the files 

Provide the clients with the final file that is either a .ai or .psd file. In addition, you can also provide them a .tiff file for your vehicle wrap. Make sure that they know the name or own license to all fonts used in your design. 

If any photo or image you used in a design, you must provide the raw photo file as well for people to use it they want to add any new adjustments in your file. For a more detailed example, you must add the specifications for the wrap printing company to use the information for printing the wrap easily. 


Running a vehicle wrap business would require you to become technologically advanced. As it highly depends on your user experience with your firm to design the product and get them printed. You can make the experience more rewarding for them by using some software solutions such as WTPBiz, which gives you the complete solution right from setting up the store to adding tools that make the design journey easy for users and finally, some extra add-ons that make business management easy. For more information contact our customer support team

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