Top Online Printing Companies In USA

Top Online Printing Companies In USA

Online printing is a highly accessible service that offers low-cost print solutions for businesses and individuals. This online printing services is needed to have any printable done quickly and effectively. 

Nowadays, printers are creating sites to provide their personalized print services all over the world as well as for a wide variety of products. It includes personalized jerseys, shoes, t-shirts, brochures, flyers, business cards, and something else related to printing as well as designing. 

With decreasing margins and rising printing prices, a lot of print service providers are adopting the web to print shops. This helps to effectively reduce internal costs as well as boost profit. 

Here are 6 successful instances of printers that chose to move their web to print company online. We will also talk about how they were competent to harness the power of the internet as well as changing consumer behavior. 

Top Printing Company Names

  • NextDayFlyers

NextDay Flyers is one of the best online printing companies, that provides high-quality printed marketing materials in fast turnaround times. 

They provide same-day as well as next-day printing. Not only that but they are also inclined towards providing 2 to 4-day services, completely free design templates, and online ordering. 

The best part is that all of these services are customizable as per your needs. Their full-color printing services include bespoke business cards, greeting cards, brochures, and postcards, and specialty die cuts as well as other marketing materials. 

NextDay Flyers can be the best option to choose if you’re on a tight schedule or need to get the best services as soon as possible.

In 1998, David Handmaker established the cutting-edge printing firm in a new 36,000 sq. ft. facility present near Los Angeles International Airport. In New Jersey, he opened a 30,000 square-foot printing facility in 2012.

The USP Of NextDayFlyers Is Their Total Money-Back Assurance

The company is inclined towards creating things that ensure maximum satisfaction of the customers. So if you are not pleased, they are not happy, which is why they provide a money-back guarantee on each purchase!

  • 48HourPrint

Another company that is involved in providing the best printing services is 48HourPrint. 48HourPrint was established in the year 2001. At that time, the company was known to be Advanced Media Corporation. Till now, the parent company is known by this name. 

The company was publishing 411, a nightlife magazine for the City of Boston. The three founders, who had backgrounds in software development, business, as well as website development, saw that the online printing industry was growing. 

They also thought it might be a good means to make money. The company was established in the year 2003 and since then, they have been exclusively concentrating on online printing. 

In the current days, the business employs 90 people as well as produces about $21 million in terms of sales. In this case, the per-employee sales are $233,333, compared to a commercial print sector standard of around $150,000 – $175,000.

Pinard, who entered the firm in 2006 and now co-owns it with other founders of the company, has concentrated on expanding the enterprise in a variety of ways. It includes raising the number of product offerings from 20 to 40. 

They focus on offering only 20 products in the year 2016. Pinard has expanded his consumer base to include 25 distinct market segments, ranging from service sectors to non-profits, manufacturing, as well as political groups. 

The organization also focuses on receiving offset work specifically from several small digital printers. 

They’ve been focused on adhering to the goal of delivering high-end services to consumers for the last several years. This includes constant enhancements to their website’s functionality as well as its automatic online proofing engine. 

Going Mobile With 48HourPrint USP

They have also created a mobile application, with versions for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone. All of these are easily accessible in the android marketplace of Amazon as well as android apps. 

Customers may get immediate pricing, monitor print orders, as well as contact Customer Service directly via. the app. It includes a single tap “Call Us” option along with an email option.

This app’s 2nd version focuses on dealing with existing orders and reprints. It is mostly because of the limitations of mobile devices when it comes to downloading large graphics typically associated with print files.

  • Zazzle

Zazzle is among the top 5 printing companies. Talking about this company, it is an American online marketplace that enables designers as well as customers to collaborate with independent manufacturers to develop their products (posters, clothing, etc). 

The company has collaborated with several businesses to gather a digital picture library from companies such as Hallmark and Disney. On their website, they claim to have over 300 million distinct items.

Bobby Beaver, Robert Beaver, and Jeffrey Beaver founded Zazzle from their garage in 2005 as an eCommerce service provider that utilized tiny color printers to create its design. In July 2005, Google investors Ram Shriram and John Doerr invested US$16 million in the business. 

It was followed by a $US30 million investment in October 2007. In its inaugural annual “Crunchies” awards, TechCrunch named the site as 2007’s “best business model.” Industry experts including B. Joseph Pine have praised it for its user-friendly technology. 

Lead411 named Zazzle as one of the “Hottest Silicon Valley Companies” in 2010. Its headquarters are in Redwood City, California.

On their retail clothing products, provides digital printing and embroidered embellishment, and other customization methods. The future of the company seems bright because the team makes use of their innovation to make the most out of the customers.  

Exciting new apps for home décor as well as other purposes are now in the planning stage. The firm anticipates sustained double-digit growth along with a close relationship with HP.

  • UPrinting

They are known to be a prominent socially responsible printing company that has been online since 2000. The company makes use of the best printing technique to satisfy unique customer needs. 

They have established themselves as a significant participant in the market. Using top-notch quality press printing as well as a comprehensive but convenient online ordering system, they serve thousands of on-demand commercial printing. 

Also, they handle a lot of graphic printing orders online every day. It helps them to provide the best printing services and dependable color printing at a low cost. 

The company has gained client loyalty by providing more customized digital printing. Also, they provide offset printing, as well as big format printing choices than other online printers, its trademark easy-to-use internet interface. 

The business is well-known for its Free File Review, which is a no upfront payment service. 

To assist small and medium-sized businesses in their growth, also provides easy marketing assistance like print design services, bespoke online printing estimates, along direct mailing.

USP Of Uprinting Is Its Environmentally Friendly Printing

The company is dedicated to social responsibility as well as ecologically friendly printing activities. It assists non-profit organizations and environmental sustainability and has made efforts to provide a genuinely green printing service. 

All leftover paper scraps, ink waste, and printing plates are recycled. By minimizing hazardous gases as well as VOC emissions, their inks (vegetable-based) provide a safer working environment for their staff. 

They are pleased to utilize inks (vegetable-based), that have lower VOC levels when compared to the petroleum inks. This lowers the emissions of dangerous carbon while also making the workplace safer.

  • Vistaprint

Robert Keane could never have imagined when he founded Vistaprint in 1995 that it would become the largest supplier of printing services to small companies in the world. What exactly do such printing services entail? 

For many people, companies like Vistaprint, have become associated with low-cost business cards. But there’s a lot more to it than that. 

Later on, the firm added branded clothing to its wide range of services for small companies. The company operates with the best printing machine which helps them to offer unmatched services. 

Vista Print is headquartered in Venlo, Netherlands, and employs approximately 5,100 people in its offices as well as printing facilities throughout the world. 

The company’s headquarters in the United States are in Waltham, Massachusetts, whereas its European headquarters are located in Barcelona, Spain. 

To service all of their customers, they now have production in three sites across the globe (totaling about 800,000 sq ft): the Netherlands, Canada, as well as Australia.

In 2007, the business was ranked as the 40th largest in terms of revenue and fourth fastest-growing printing facilities in North America. 

They’ve gotten bigger, but they’ve never lost sight of who their core customers are. There are about 50 million companies with less than 10 employees in North America as well as Europe combined. Around 90% of them have less than 2 workers, and 80% are one-person businesses. In reality, there is the availability of around 40 million single-person or home-based businesses in the United States. 

It is found that their requirements vary from those of a 10- or 20-person company. Self-service as well as keeping a professional image are common requirements, especially when working with a limited budget. And, the company effectively fits in this aspect. 

Vistaprint USP (Unique Selling Proposition) – Patented Technology

Cimpress collects huge quantities of customized orders from every brand as well as prints them in automatic facilities of production in Europe and North America using its production technology. 

Vistaprint Jamaica Ltd. focuses on maintaining a customer service call center, which is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Since its inception in November 2003, it has been staffed entirely by corporate personnel.

  • Overnight Prints 

This company was founded by Brett Heap in the year 2003, has grown from a 20-employee business to one of the most sophisticated printing companies in the world.

The website of this company generates all of the company’s revenue. The home page is updated regularly with a range of deals. 

The client may choose urgent delivery (overnight), regular delivery, quick delivery, or economy delivery from a table on the order page; costs appear as the user goes through each choice. 

The client can place an overnight order as long as the clock on the home page still indicates the time left. 

Rush orders paid by credit card must be received by 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The sole exclusion is printed full-bleed envelopes, that now take 3 days for delivery but may be reduced to overnight depending on your needs. 

Overnight Prints has a high proportion of devoted repeat customers, which is a testimony to the company’s quality as well as service. The customer can submit a design in several file formats when purchasing business cards. 

A personalized business card made from an online library graphic template. 

Again, a card can be created interactively with a variety of backgrounds along with a simple interface for inserting personalized text as well as uploading a business logo.

Technology Is The USP Of Overnight Printing 

Everything is managed via a modern system which originates in the company’s IT department rather than a conventional prepress department. Their “in and out the door” procedure is optimized for superior quality, maximum output, along with pinpoint accuracy. 

A ticking deadline clock indicates when an order must be made to get overnight delivery. The company’s name is “Overnight Prints,” and they truly mean it.

The formula for their accomplishment is straightforward, they focus on combining high-quality goods with environmentally responsible methods. Also, they make sure everything arrives on time, even if it is the next day. 

Final Verdict 

All of the businesses listed above have shaped out a niche for themselves as customers’ most preferred printing service providers. There are many more instances of printing companies that have benefited from this advanced web-to-print technology. 

The crux is that those mentioned here did it correctly at the appropriate time and are still practicing it as a significant revenue source!

The printing industry seems to be profitable; it appears that you can earn a fortune by responding to market needs. innovation as well as technology. They focus on expanding their system to provide the best printing solutions to your corporate and retail clients. 

Customer experience and convenience are paramount in today’s business environment, and printing is no different. The need is there, but all you have to do now is comprehend it and devise a plan to meet it effectively. 

Many businesses are jumping on the printing bandwagon, but a lot of them fail to owe to a shortage of proper company plans or industry expertise. 

However, the sector has a lot to provide, and with the appropriate web to print solution, you can start your own online printing company, taking advantage of all the possibilities the print industry has to offer as well as changing the expectations of the customer. 

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