Types of Print Management Software Every Business Needs

Print Management Software

One could experience a lot of issues at the workplace when it comes to printing tasks. It could be as simple as wastage of paper or a bit more complex like security or compatibility. Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate these problems once and for all? That is where printing management software comes into play.

A lot of different features like print output monitoring, printing analytics, printing cost optimization, sensitive data security, computing device tracking, and printing machine tracking can be taken care of by printing management software. All of these features are being developed into single pieces of software for the ease of customers and businesses by software developers.

Why Do You Need Printing Management Software?

  1. A print management system can help work-from-home employees remotely access the printing process in the office. The physical copy can further be collected in the office itself.
  2. Data safety is essential for businesses. Most private files need to be shredded after the work is done, and you cannot let employees print these as per their wish. Print management software helps you control this.
  3. Some employees may like to print unnecessarily, which increases the overall cost of paper, toner refill, etc., and these print management software can too prevent this.
  4. As already mentioned, paper wastage is another thing that this software prevents. It makes things more environmentally friendly that way.

Best Print Management Software


Papercut is undoubtedly one of the most famous printer management software out there. It has cloud-based services that reduce wastage. It is excellent for providing data security for confidential files. Auto-deploying print software makes it easier for employees to print from a BYOD or mobile device. This helps a ton because IT system admins might need help to ensure that all drivers are effortlessly printing on multiple devices.

Digital data leakage is a significant issue in today’s world. But people often forget that leaks of confidential files can happen easily by as simple as a sheet of paper left on the printer. PaperCut resolves this with tools for controlling device access, implementing secure print release, and watermarking prints to ensure top-notch security for your private and essential files.

This is how PaperCut uses a three-way printing protection:

  • You can set preferences about who can print, what can be printed, etc., before anyone starts printing to ensure the security of the printing system.
  • 2-factor authentication and card-based secured print copy release can be used during printing.
  • Watermarking, audit trails, digital signatures, and print archiving can be used when the printing is completed, and the copy is out.

PaperCut is full of more useful features, such as the encouragement of duplex printing, the implementation of reasonable usage quotas, and full pay-for-print and print chargeback policies. Some free tools are also available with PaperCut. PaperCut Mobility Print is an alternative tool to Google Cloud Print. QRdoc is another tool that is used for stamping business documents. You also get PaperCut Views, used for print analytics.

Print Manager Plus 9.0

With the best end-user support and technology, Print Manager Plus 9.0 gives more power to businesses in controlling the printing process. Up-to-the-minute printing information can be accessed by the IT department, defined adequately by printer, host, or network. Restrictions can be imposed on user groups and organization units with quotas and budgets. This is good for businesses that have cost limits.

Rules and restrictions can be set on printers or users for greater control over cost and security by the organization. It helps users to print from anywhere with a web-based interface that contains network access. Organizations can better understand material wastage and energy consumed in the printing process.

A transparent and accessible web portal allows users to see the printing jobs held for release by rules and restrictions. Billing against clients, accounts, or codes can be easily done from workstations or the mobile web portal due to its software-based system. Execution of budget needs and flow data becomes easy and precise through Print Manager Plus 9.0.

These are some of the amazing features of this printer management software:

  • It can be used to monitor or track printing from any operating system. Windows is used together with a database to perform this action to restrict users.
  • Reports can be edited over the web, auto-imported, auto-mailed, scheduled, and generated. Not only that, but graph generation is also a feature of the software.
  • It is also a good print shop management software, as it has a release station with ID cards or a payment system that streamlines printing jobs.


It’s one of those situations where you’ve been searching for a document for the past 3 days but have yet to find it. LaserFiche is the ultimate solution, as it helps digitize and automate documents. With intelligent capture, unstructured data can be organized. Document data can be extracted and connected to other applications. Documents can easily be organized, routed, and filed. Machine learning capture profiles can enhance invoice processing.

It’s not just the organization and digitization of documents that LaserFiche does; it also has features to automate processes. With low-code design tools, you can even build processes. Tasks can be auto-routed for follow-up and approval. One can also process analytics and report with ease. Information requests and public-facing services can be made faster.

Here are some other remarkable features of LaserFiche:

  • Files can be easily found and tracked.
  • It has powerful records retention and reporting.
  • It enables simultaneous editing and annotations.
  • Data can be synced with everyday business applications.
  • It also contains bots to connect LaserFiche to other applications.
  • It uses APIs and custom scripting for integrations.


UniFLOW has a flexible system for a secure print and scan environment. It benefits large organizations and printing businesses using advanced printing rigs, whether Canon, Epson, Brother, etc. Both on-site and cloud-based applications are available, and the tools function as a portal for scanning, printing, and managing devices with ease and security.

Individual accounts can be assigned to each employee, and this security feature has some amazing benefits. For example, the printed copy cannot be released without using an ID card or PIN. Moreover, the user must be present in front of the machine to collect the printed copy. Whether you use a mobile phone, a tablet, or a laptop, you can easily send print commands to a printer connected to the network. The application supports various devices and printers thanks to the Universal driver.

UniFLOW also provides analysis for an environmental printing structure. It can keep confidential documents secure by allowing access only to authorized devices. It has a built-in reporting system that allows tracking printing, scanning, faxing, and copying usage.


PrinterLogic is a cloud-based and centralized printing management system that can be used to monitor and control all printing devices. End-users can go and install any printer within the network. A file structure is in place that is often organized by department, office, or printer type. You can choose any printer anywhere on the network from there. It supports printing commands from mobile devices as well.

Printing is safe and secured via PIN or card swipe. Print reports and analysis are features that help the organization get an overview of the whole printing process within the company. Due to its easy interface, there will be significantly fewer calls to the IT Department. It gives the end-users power for efficiency; hence, productivity is enhanced. Operational costs are reduced considerably with the help of PrinterLogic. There has been a considerable reduction in print servers after using this software, and users have gained the ability to manage their entire printer fleet from a single device. PrinterLogic also improves the printer’s uptime.


PrinterAdmin lets you monitor all about the printing process, like printing machines, workstations, users, and chargebacks. Regardless of whether you are a big business or a small startup, PrinterAdmin provides simple and easy-to-use software for printer management.

It consists of mainly three essential features:

  • A print job manager that helps in the automation and simplification of printing administration. It allows you to monitor, track, count, audit, quota, and restrict printing sent from Windows/Linux/Unix/Mac OS clients.
  • Print watermark/header/footer allows you to add username, computer name, day, time, and page count to the footer and header area of each printed document from any application. It can also add overlays and watermarks over each sheet of paper.
  • A printer metre reading and toner monitor can scan the printers’ network and collect valuable data such as printer counters, ink/toner levels, IP address, model, serial number, and MAC address. The monitoring can be scheduled, and the results can be mailed to you daily, weekly, or monthly based on your preference.

Printer Tracker Pro

The most awesome feature of Printer Tracker Pro is that it comes with a one-click install feature. This helps you to get into print management within minutes. It is easily one of the best enterprise print management software since the setup and operation of this tool are so simple. It can communicate with all modern printers and devices with precision. This minimizes the downtime for non-compatibility or installation of drivers. It has a tracking system that helps in monitoring all the toner/ink levels, metre, page count, service alerts, and printer installations. It can also be scheduled and configured to send you all the details on all printers regularly.

UniPrint Infinity Cloud

Through a single PDF-based UPD and management platform, you can optimize your workflow using UniPrint Infinity. It undoubtedly falls under the best print management solutions available today. The single management platform UniPrint Infinity Cloud allows you to solve printing challenges whether deployed in the cloud, VDI, server-based, mobile, serverless, or traditional environments.

It functions in any computing environment with its versatility. It consists of one PDF-based universal printer driver, one centralized web-based management console, and one virtual print queue. It has a flexible consumption model and tool licensing, serverless printing, print analytics, print tracking, touchless printing, and the ability to print from anywhere.

Recent trends in Print Management Software

As we can see, multiple print management or print shop software are available to choose from. These can increase efficiency by miles and helps in monitoring all the printers in your office or home setup. Whether it be the printing of office documents or web-to-print. These print management solutions can ease the pain of cost-cutting, placing rules and restrictions, and tracking the machines one by one. Everything can be done in front of a single computing device, be it a laptop, PC, or even a mobile phone.

New cloud-based solutions are often referred to as serverless solutions because they do not require the deployment of server hardware or VM within an organization. In 2022, these print management solutions are rising in demand and will soon replace the conventional methods in which offices, businesses, or printing shops operate their printing processes. Regarding printing management solutions, the points to look out for are whether you need to control the users’ print volumes and whether queue management is required.

The security of your confidential documents is essential, and one of the salient features of printer management software is that most of them make sure that you need either an ID card swipe or a PIN to access the printed copy. You can also add watermarks and headers/footers to your documents along with stamps which can further increase the level of security of the files when printing has already been done, and the copy is in the office somewhere.

Print management solutions are all you need to decrease your headache of controlling all printers one by one and, instead, get regular updates on all the printers on one device.

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