Web to Print Trends in 2023

web to print trends in 2023

Keeping up with all the burgeoning trends in the print industry is a bit difficult. It is one of the most dynamic industries and very new when it comes to tech adoption. Various ways are being explored in the print domain to draw in new customers. Companies use technology to improve customer experience on their websites and applications, as well as improving processes to ensure things run smoothly and efficiently.

When each year new trends are knocking on your door, you have to be choosy too. Not everything is right for you and your business and that is where you have to know your long-term and short-term goals to come to a decision.

Additionally, you’ll need a great strategy that manages the costs, ensures a quicker return on investment, and ensures the implementation of these trends is seamless and profitable. In this blog, we would be revealing the top web-to-print future trends and how you can implement them to ensure the process is seamless.

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  • Print automation

Print automation is one of the most important trends of the year. You might have already heard about it being in the print industry and might be wondering how you can use it to bring more ease into your workflow.

There are multiple things you can do with print automation such as save time and effort as well as handle shipments, quality checks, delivery updates, etc. The wonderful part of print automation is that today it is extremely accessible. As technology advances, so do service providers. Business workflow management is now easier and more economical thanks to technology-based advanced solutions.

Print automation is mandatory because with it, one is able to automate most of the work and get some time to think about the things that truly matter to expand your business. Honestly, most of the businesses that approach web to print solutions have one common problem, they are stuck up in the work that is repetitive and also time-consuming but doesn’t fall into the core business operations. Hence, print automation. Print industry solutions are available with the technology, eliminating the need to micro-manage repetitive tasks like everyday chores, giving businesses more time and energy to focus on their printing tasks and increase productivity. These technologies offer a variety of solutions tailored to the print industry. It also helps you save labor charges.

For beginners, automating the production line is an extremely beneficial idea considering the fact that everyone wants their product to be nothing short of perfect and they want it almost immediately. Automation can work wonders if you do it right. One of the best ways to use print automation is in the artwork proofing. One of the most hated job in the print industry is the fact that employees have to engage in constant back and forth for clients and the multiple changes they wish to implement on their designs. And the replies are usually not pronto. Hence, to save time and effort you can let automation take over and handle that task.  you can Connect with WTPBiz web to print  consultants to understand how the artwork proofing tool works and also other automation tools that you can try and incorporate into your web-to-print solutions to increase efficiency and quality outcome.

In order to further improve automation levels, firms even incorporate it into the ERP software and automate processes like order management, inventory management, print job, etc. With the same, companies have testified that they saved a lot of time and were able to further improve the overall workings of their firm. 

  • 3D trend

Talk of the new things that are taking the world by storm and 3D printing tops the list. 3D printing is not something new, but initially, the technology was costly and people didn’t really know what to do about it. But today, everyone is using it. 3D printing has created its presence in every major field and not just digital printing, people from various industry domains are using them to manufacture parts and products, especially when it comes to building prototypes.

3D printing is fast, innovative, and technology-driven. It is an ongoing trend which is only bound to grow. Firms that incorporate 3d printing services are able to break into multiple markets, therefore increasing their overall value as well as ensuring their sustainability over the long term.

3D printing allows you to create three-dimensional objects that have a predesigned digital model. The modern printers can create layers on each other and makes it easy to manufacture the products to finish the final product. It comes very handy when you are prototyping or making customizations to an existing product.

Creating each part of the product separately is not an extremely difficult task and above all its not time consuming. Rather it saves a lot of time as all the things can be built digitally on high-end software and then people can send you the design and you can print them on a 3D printer and deliver it to them. Your customers can go extra creative and precise while designing these products.

When we talk about materials other than mainstream applications, people can use it for printing 3D designs on their t-shirts, printing 3D jewelry, buttons, collars, and so much more things, and thus you can tap the individual customers as well.

  • Product customization

In modern times, the very essence of the print industry revolves around offer personalised services, or simply customisations. Providing generic designs doesn’t work for you. Everyone has unique ideas ideas about products and they want to bring them to life and that is where your firm come into the limelight.

Honestly speaking digitalization has made people more aware about their needs. People are very choosy about the things they want. And the key to their hearts is personalization. If in 2023, you are still stuck in your old ways and are providing them the same old print solutions you are curbing your own growth. It would not take you far and you may end up making a small amount of money on the minimum orders.

web-to-print store that has in-built tools for product personalization is a great start. You can attract more customers and ensure conversions. Let your customers put their ideas and design their own products and you can easily ship these personalized products to their doorsteps. In no time you would start seeing the change it brings along in your sales and customer retention.

Offering a web-to-print editor would help you in providing product customization services to your B2B and B2C business owners and you can implement the online product design tools to customize products easily.

To understand how a web-to-print editor works and how you can implement it in your web-to-print store, contact WTP Biz technology experts. In general, a web-to-print editor comes with a range of design tools, nothing too complicated, and people with no design knowledge too can use it to design their own artwork to be printed. It comes with clip-arts, pre-built editable templates, various fonts, pre-built artworks, color palletes, and much more. You can also choose to go for more advanced customization tools as per the market you want to tap.

  • Fourth revolution

Technology 4.0 has all the wonders of a sci-fi movie to offer. You have IoT, AI, ML, cloud computing, and o much more. Technology is the best thing that can happen to businesses today. It is revolutionizing almost every industry and is changing how manufacturing industry works and distribution and customer engagement can be seamless. The print industry is getting benefitted from these technologies too.

To start with, the printing devices can be connected to the internet and you can control the manufacturing from literally anywhere in the world. You can transmit data to the print device an it would automatically be analyzed on the cloud technologies. Furthermore, there are predictive tools that make maintenance easy, you can go ahead and combine 3D printing with IoT devices and create custom-made products through the connected devices.

  • Product Packaging

Product packaging is no longer ignored. The marketing mavens have cracked the code for attracting people to buy their products and that is to create attractive product packaging. If you are in the print industry, and you have yet not started to think about including product packaging into your core services you are missing out on a big market opportunity.

A product packaging plays a huge role in not only its sales but also in how a company is perceived by consumers. Even before a consumer tries a product, they create a notion of it in their mind based off of the packaging of the product. Consumers are bound to opt for products that look more appealing, as in which are more vivid in terms of color and have a better overall appearance over those which look dull and boring.


Predictions of How Print Industry Trends Will Impact Print Centers

Return on investment is a crucial thing to consider while implementing any of these trends. It gives you a sense of justification and ensures that you don’t go overboard with your budget and are analyzing revenue growth precisely while choosing between all the options that you have. Below mentioned are some of the latest recommendations that business owners are provided with to maximise their return on investment based on latest predictions for the year 2023.

  • Find the problem areas

The first thing you need to do is find out where in the whole business you are lacking and how technology can help you get past these challenges.

  • Ask the right questions

Involve your core team and analyze how the digital initiatives can help you in effectively overcome your business challenges. You must take into account various factors such as effectiveness of the technology, adoption level, digital literacy of your staff, your users, and how it can positively and most importantly negatively impact your business and you must also Gather quantifiable data to reach a decision.

  • Find the right partner

Find an A-team that can bring your dreams to life. Most importantly, they should partner with you long-term and be technically sound. Also, they should have a good customer support team and a great maintenance plan.

  • Avoid using an in-house development team

In all fairness, a print company may not have the technical knowledge to guide a full-fledged tech team. Also, it takes up a lot of resources to hire an in-house tech team. It can be very expensive given you have to provide them with employee benefits and manage their salaries. When you focus on taking the work off your shoulders, you might end up getting more involved in the design and development of your products and become less able to give them the attention and care they deserve


Hope you liked all the suggestions we have mentioned in the blog. These trends are some of the most important trends in the print industry in 2023 and beyond. They can help you grow your revenue while ensuring customer retention and satisfaction if they are implemented correctly with a good and strong strategy.

To know more about web-to-print solutions, contact our team. We are always happy to help you. we ensure you are choosing the right solutions while keeping your audience in mind and also enhancing the outcome of these trends. For more interesting reads for the print industry and our take on new print industry trends, stay tuned.

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