Amazing Book Cover Ideas That Will Inspire You

Amazing Book Cover Ideas That Will Inspire You

It might be a difficult job to come up with book cover ideas that are ideally suited to a book. Graphic designers need to go beyond the box to create a cover that readers will like.

In this blog post, we will focus on talking about some of the amazing creative books covers design ideas that you can consider for your new project.

This collection includes everything from simple and elegant book covers to elaborate as well as lavish ones.

Each of these covers was selected for the value they provide to the books they feature on. The cover design of your book should be much more than its pages. Again, thoughtfully crafted design contributes to telling something about the story.

Covers Which Span A Wide Variety Of Genres

These ideas originate from titles in a variety of genres, that includes thrillers, drama, crime, art, romance, science, and a lot more. All of the cover designs, mentioned in this list are as varied as these genres.

The best part is that all of these designs will provide you with a lot of inspiration that you can use for your project.


Exile and the Kingdom by Albert Camus

Asymmetry is used on the cover of this particular book to create a powerful visual impression. To generate a disjointed look, the cover designer plays well with white as well as black rectangles.

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The pattern’s contrasting colors are a good metaphor for the book’s protagonists, who are always in conflict with the world they live in.

They feel isolated as well as lonely from society, and the cover’s uneven look is a fair illustration of the unpredictable nature of their lives.

A Cultural Dictionary of Punk: 1974-1982 by Nicholas Rombes

The hand-scrawled typography, as well as the plain background, are considered to be appropriate choices specifically for a book about the punk movement.

The drawing of a man with vinyl over his face is engaging as well as exceptional. It’s an alternative illustration that works nicely with the book’s subject matter.

The term ‘punk’ is underlined to highlight the book’s theme as well as bring the reader’s attention to the text.

All We Saw: Poems by Anne Michaels

On the cover of All We Saw: Poems, a starry night sky slowly creeps up the hand. It’s a striking abstract design that’s both minimalist as well as expansive.

It encapsulates the book’s imagination as well as optimism which explores what love enables us to do and what love hinders us from doing.

The text is kept to a minimum and confined to the bottom of the cover, enabling viewers to concentrate on the design’s image.

Boring Formless Nonsense: Experimental Music And The Aesthetics Of Failure By Eldritch Priest

The 3D cover of this book is anything but boring. The book specifically discusses experimental as well as avant-garde music, and the cover is an excellent depiction of its off-kilter style.

We observe a music sheet, but it is tilted upwards, allowing us to perceive it from an entirely different perspective.

The simple typeface is easy to read as well as complements the rest of the cover. The most important section of the title is emphasized by making use of larger text.

Brown Poems by Kevin Young

The cover of this particular book makes use of an 80s-style texture as well as a collage technique for a highly creative aesthetic.

In a book that shares with us a reminiscence of a black Kansas boyhood, there are also some Dada vibes at play.

Brown Poems might be an excellent source of inspiration if you’re looking to come up with distinctive book cover ideas that employ odd design styles.

Dog Ear by Jim Johnstone

Dog Ear stands out from the crowd right away because of its unique font. The paper clipping technique is eye-catching as well as piques interest in the book’s contents.

The black background of the cover, allows the text to jump out. So, the readers can easily notice it.

The title refers to the folds that are made on a page for marking where we are in a book.

Similarly, we leave our imprints on a world that is always changing.

How to See: Looking, Talking, and Thinking About Art by David Salle

The text that is present on the cover of this particular book is written in a basic typeface, yet it is very much striking. Not just because of the vibrant color scheme, but also because of the ordering of words.

Instead of putting the word ‘How’ at the top of the cover, the designer sandwiched it between the words ‘To’ as well as ‘See.’ This prompts the reader to take a minute to examine everything more closely.

This layout selection is ideal for a book that asks us to consider how we should approach art as well as examine the impact it has on us.

RMIT University – Little Spines

The cover for Little Spines, designed by Vibeke Illevold, is one-of-a-kind as well as intriguing design. To produce the illusion of a tree with one-half full of leaves as well as the other half without them, a partial cover is utilized.

The earthy backdrop emphasizes the green leaves even more, while the leafless side’s stark white background emphasizes its bareness.

The cover of Little Spines, an anthology of creative writing by RMIT University students, was an appropriate choice for such a book.

Skulduggery By Asa Boxer

Skulduggery’s cover features an unusual pattern that is effectively created by multiple different hand gestures.

The design stands out because of the white as well as black color scheme, and it’s tempting to go through the cover to scrutinize each hand gesture closely.

Skulduggery is a collection of poems that urges the reader not to trust anything. This warning is well shown by the various sleights of the hands-on exhibit.

Memoirs Or Biographies

Liar By Rob Roberge

The book Liar, written by novelist Robert Roberge, is a narrative about mental illness as well as memory.

The hole that is burnt in the cover has been strategically put above the head of Roberge. It’s a metaphor particularly for his memory, which has been collapsing slowly.

The man on the cover is being used as the ‘I’ in ‘Liar’ which is an example of typography that is interacting with real-world objects. Also, it is a prevalent trend right now.

Walter Isaacson By Steve Jobs

On Walter Isaacson’s eponymous biography, the famous black, as well as a white image of Steve Jobs, appears.

Photographer Albert Watson is recognized for his iconic portraits of prominent people, and in this image, he successfully captured Jobs’ personality.

Even though the whole shoot session took barely 20 minutes, Jobs said that it was the finest photograph of him ever shot.

There Will Be No Miracles Here: A Memoir by Casey Gerald

The thin black, as well as white lines on the cover of this particular book, appear almost as if they are the rays of the sun that is about to reveal themselves.

The horizon is represented by the black colored strip at the bottom of the cover, which also serves to display the author’s name.

An Ethics of Interrogation by Michael Skerker

The cover of this particular book is lit by a low-hanging lightbulb. The lack of light is fitting for such a murky as well as dark subject.

Interrogation is unpleasant and bleak, therefore it’s only fitting that the imagery on the book cover art is subdued.

The book delves into every facet of such a difficult topic, moving beyond the conventional cinematic depiction of torture.

Trust Me, PR Is Dead By Robert Phillips

Red brush strokes are employed to partly hide the text of this cover to emphasize the title’s message.

In this case, red is a wonderful option for redacting the text since it grabs attention. The plain background helps to emphasize the strength of the red.

It is a wonderful example to follow if you’re seeking book cover ideas for text-based designs.


How the Dead Live By Derek Raymond

A broken plate on the cover of this particular book gives hint at the violence a reader can expect to encounter within.

A picture of a skull is shown on the plates using negative space, and an orange backdrop helps to emphasize it.

The text in the design particularly allows for the image to take center stage. It’s clear as well as easily legible as it makes use of a simple font that does not cause distraction.

Shield of Straw by Kazuhiro Kiuchi

The uselessness of a straw shield is shown on the cover of Kazuhiro Kiuchi’s books. Even though the text is covered by straws, it is still visible.

Book covers similar to this are known to be simple as well as effective. The cover effectively coveys the title’s message.

The white straws stand out against the dark green background as well as stylized black typography.

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All Our Names by Dinaw Mengestu

The cover of this particular book references the initial setting of this story. It appears as if it was a blackboard.

Two young guys are dragged away from their college campus and into a revolution that changes their lives forever.

The fact that the text on the cover is crossed out might indicate that the two men’s previous lives have been crossed out as well as irreparably altered.

At Night We Walk In Circles by Daniel Alarcón

Choosing the proper colors while coming up with cover ideas will help your design stand out. At Night We Walk in Circles is an excellent illustration of this.

The twisted purple, as well as white design, is remarkable, and it serves as a visual metaphor for the main character’s descent into a chaotic life.

The uppercase typography is discreet to the reader despite it being repeated four times.

Book of Numbers by Joshua Cohen

The cover of this particular book perfectly reflects its mystery. A man’s face is revealed partially, prompting us to wonder who he is as well as what role he plays in the novel.

The cover features binary code as well as computer circuits, alluding to the story’s extensive use of technology.

The backdrop colors for each text section are yellow, red, as well as blue, which helps it stand out against the black background.

Conviction By Kelly Loy Gilbert

A bird’s eye view is used in this illustration to depict a car that is moving through the night.

The font is streaky as well as thin, and the title is organized randomly. In a homage to some of the religious themes in the book, the ‘t’s in conviction is rendered as a cross.

Hamlet By William Shakespeare

The minimalist cover of this book makes use of negative space for displaying the poisoned sword. It plays an important part in its plot.

The letter ‘H’ can also be seen in the design, which fills up the remainder of the book’s cover area.

Book covers that display plot devices by making use of a unique, as well as a new perspective, can work very well.

Here I Am By Jonathan Safran Foer

To create a colorful backdrop, lines of text are mainly used. Over an orange canvas, blue as well as red words are scribbled arbitrarily.

The incoherent ramblings are intended to be difficult to read, as well as their primary purpose is to create the unique aesthetic of the cover.

The transparent white titles effectively stand out above everything. It’s written in a large, all-caps typeface and is easily noticeable.

Infidelities by Kirsty Gunn

The irregular lettering of Infidelities stands out against a floor plan background that depicts the book’s setting. Highlighting each letter ‘I’ in red contributes to adding a sense of urgency as well as danger to the cover. It also provides structure to the title.

Infidelities is a collection of short tales about lust, deception, as well as regret. The cover does a job of hinting at the claustrophobic and tense atmosphere.


Now that you’ve seen all of the cover or book printing ideas on our list, it’s time to start coming up with your cover ideas. These designs make use of a range of eye-catching design methods that you can include in your work.

You can begin developing your designs after you’ve picked your source of inspiration. In this regard, you can take the help of a web to print solution. They will help you create the best outcome.

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