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    Print On Demand Books: To Offer Perfect Combination best Quality and Affordable Book Printing

    Self publishing print on demand has become a revolutionary change in the book
    printing industry. Therefore, we bring on demand book printing solutions for self
    publishers and booklet printers, etc. It helps authors and publishers to sell their
    books around the world. High quality print on demand solution helps them to sell
    books without worrying about storing, shipping, or having enough books in stock.
    You can Leverage the benefits of book printing on demand to grow your business
    and provide the best customer experience in online book printing.

    Our print-on-demand books solution helps your customers to publish books that
    are durable and of cutting edge quality. With the reliable and cheapest print-ondemand solution, we help publishers, book print owners, and authors to sell and
    print booklets in a successful manner. This solution also helps them to achieve
    high-quality book printing, huge growth potential, and enhanced customer

    Offer the combination of quality, quantity, and variety in your books at affordable prices with the help of our POD print on demand. Let’s get started!
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    3 Modules of our High Quality Print on Demand Solution

    With the help of different modules of print on demand books solution, you can
    provide the best book printing quality at reasonable prices. Whether it is about
    cost calculation or managing book print catalogues, our POD print on demand
    solution has covered it all.
    Book Magus

    Through this module, print on demand for printshop owners let the customers
    calculate book print cost based on various options before placing an order. It
    makes it easy for customers to compare the prices before self publishing the

    Book Printer

    Know the margins and stay profitable by even publishing only one book. POD print
    on demand allows you to become a book publisher in a simpler way.

    Book Drive

    The Book Drive module of book printing on demand gives users the liberty to
    manage their print catalogue and book print on demand orders.

    Features of Self Publishing Print on Demand Solution

    We offer wide book printing options with the cheapest print on demand solution. It
    improves productivity, saves time, and automates order processing. It has proven
    to be a great support for self publishers. So, experience the flawless features of
    on demand book printing solution here.

    Automate the Order Process

    Wtpbiz offers you high quality print on
    demand solution that is not affordable but
    also helps you to automate order
    processing. We have integrated it with an
    automated order management feature that
    optimizes productivity and reduces up to
    90% of the labor required to process your
    orders. You will be able to manage orders
    without any hassle with the help of our POD
    print on demand solution.

    Rule-Based Pricing Calculator

    Here, at Wtpbiz, we have on demand book
    printing solution that has a highly advanced
    rule-based pricing calculator which
    automatically calculates the accurate cost
    for all sorts of customization made by the
    user. Here, the dynamic pricing rules can be
    defined separately based on customer
    groups or printing methods

    Advance Royalty Calculator

    Here, with the help of an advanced royalty
    calculator, your customers can get
    benefitted in an easy way. In self-publishing
    print on demand, book royalty is the
    percentage rate of the revenue an author
    receives per book sold. Our advanced
    royalty calculator helps your customers to
    compare and get an idea about their
    earnings over time with each publishing
    method. Reach out to us to know more!

    Book Cover Design Option

    Our self publishing print on demand solution
    allows your customers to design their book
    cover and make their Title stand out. You
    can get creative and customize according to
    your ideas. Here, the cover page design can
    be customized using cover paper stock
    images. Customers can also choose the
    binding style, dust cover jackets, and cover
    lamination options.

    Large File Upload

    Wtpbiz’s print-on-demand books solution
    fulfills the needs of a custom book print
    tool. Unlike other tools available in the
    market, our solution supports the upload of
    large files to ensure that your published
    book can be displayed in its full glory. It
    helps you to publish the book in a clear and
    appealing manner. You can easily upload
    and edit large files in this tool. It will save
    you time.

    Endless Third-Party Integration

    Wtpbiz offers on demand book printing
    solution that supports API integration with
    third-party applications and tools allowing
    your eCommerce site complete control. It is
    highly compatible and flexible with thirdparty integrations. We are here for you to
    support and integrate. Whether you have an
    existing web to print solution or you need a
    brand new book printing online store, you
    will be able to build and integrate high-
    On Demand Book Printing Solution 5
    quality print on demand with any of them.
    Let us know your needs, we have your back.

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    With lots of high-end features, our on demand book printing solution is a fully
    packed book printing tool of premium built and flow. Subscribe to our service
    plans today and get access to the finest printing tool. It will help you in the fast
    shipping of your book all over the world without stressing about the inventory.
    Print on demand for printshop owners can be the way to stand ahead your
    competitors. It helps authors and book print owners to become excellent self
    publishers without taking a risk.
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    Interested in License Plan for Book Printing On Demand?

    We also offer a license plan for self publishing print on demand solution. It is
    designed to provide you the maximum amount of flexibility and add-on features.
    With the purchase of the license plan, the high-quality print on demand module
    would be deployed on your preferred server. Get in touch with us to know more
    about our licensing opportunities.

    1. Do you charge any transaction fee?

    No, we don’t charge any transaction fee. Whatever your customers pay to you, it directly goes to your account using your preferred payment gateway.

    2. Difference between subscription plans and license plan?

    In subscription plan, we take care of the hosting, maintenance and regular backups. Your site is hosted on a shared server. We use AWS for the same. Whereas, you host everything on your preferred server in license plan.

    Though, we provide an option where you can always upgrade from subscription plan to license plan.

    3. Is my data safe and secure?

    Yes, we have an in-house team of network security experts which makes sure that your data is completely safe and secured with us. They perform regular backups to make sure you never lose anything. Moreover, you have all security features which Amazon AWS provides.

    4. What if we need additional development?

    You can always contact our team of experts for custom requirements. They will analyze your requirements, guide you with the process and perform the additional development in most fitted way.

    5. How does support work?

    Each and every customer of ours has a dedicated account manager assigned who is responsible to guide you and make sure you use the platform in your business benefit. Support is available round the clock to help you with your queries. You can email, call, use live chat or submit a support ticket.

    6. How to get in touch?

    To get in touch with us, call us directly to +91-782-192-3115 or write an email to info@wtpbiz.com


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