Custom canvas designer

Wtpbiz’s Canvas Designer Tool

Wtpbiz’s designer tool is software with diverse features, a huge library of images, texts, clipart, and templates. The tool has everything that you can desire from an online web to print software. A specially designed API helps you to streamline your pre-print authorization process. The online tool empowers your customers to create and validate their artwork through an automation process.

Simultaneous Multi-Device Support

Our tool has a responsive UI that offers your customers the ease to create designs from any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop device. The tool widens its functionality in several aspects so that it can support the design on multiple devices simultaneously.

Product Customization

Wtpbiz’s designer tool offers a user-friendly experience to the customers. It provides them with the clearly marked area and margins that allow the users to create their product designs with more clarity. The tool also gives support masking and overlay option to hide non-printable areas and control artwork look and feel.

Wtpbiz’s Designer Tool Features

Before launching our web-to-print designer tool in the market, our experts did and extensive market research to incorporate the tool with the features that users demand. Each feature is tested at lengths for user acceptance. Some of the features include mange clip-art and fonts, theme manager, product personalization option, color management, and global product and print settings.

Increased Productivity

Integrating our designer tool API with your website will increase its overall productivity and customer satisfaction. The tool uses automation to detect slip-ups in the uploaded design that can affect the design quality of the final product. The tool also reduces the order processing time by allowing the users to fix their design issues before submitting the order.

Product integration and configuration

The tool can be easily integrated with your eCommerce platform or MIS system. The tool automates the pre-design validation process throughout the product catalog. Background color, images, border style, and color can be configured for printing products as required.

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