Custom Canvas Designer Tool: For Intuitive Print Artwork

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    We, at Wtpbiz, provide you with an online design tool for printing that can be used by your customers to order print-ready artwork. If you want to offer customization in print files, then our custom canvas designer tool can do wonders. This tool is easy to use and can be used by any non-designer too, like your customers. This tool gives you an extensive library of images, clip arts, ready to use
    templates to make sure you meet your desired design.

    Our online web to print design tool offers a boost in productivity as it allows your customers to design and proofread their artwork online. It makes your printing process hasslefree and saves you time. Our design tools for canvas are fully responsive; whether your audience wants to browse the artwork from the mobile or laptop or any tablet, they will be able to access the design in no time and from anywhere.

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    Online design tool for Printing: Give What Your Customers Want

    Fulfilling customer's needs can unlock new opportunities for you. Here, our web to print online designer plugin can work as an asset. Whether you or your customers want to design a product, an online web to print design tool can save time and
    energy. With the help of an online design tool for printing, you can design banners, business cards, photo books, and flyers, etc. Our tool can cater to both B2B print businesses and B2C print businesses.
    Use Templates for Inspiration

    We have a predefined library of images, clip arts, and layouts that will give you endless options to design products in your own way. Take inspiration from our Custom Canvas Designer tool to bring your art in the right direction with the utmost appealing design.

    Design Your Idea

    Got inspired by the templates? Bring your ideas into reality. Design your ideas online on an online web to print design tool. Choose from the various color palette, images, clip arts, fonts, and layouts and bring the best all together in your product.

    Upload and Approve the Design

    After completing the design, upload your design and get the approval online from customers. Save meeting time and improve productivity with our simple online design tool for printing. You can also upload external files and customize them with the help of the tool.

    Features of Customer Canvas Designer Tools

    Experience the amazing features of online web to print design tool that are raising the creativity and functionality quotient.
    Custom Canvas designer- Online Designer tool for canvas products

    Mobile First Layout

    Personalizing your canvas products from your smartphone has always been challenging. Not anymore, though! We have followed mobile first approach to make Custom Canvas designer responsive to all screens and device sizes so that your customer can experience an interactive web to print designer tool.

    Simple but Sleek UI

    We understand that most of your users are not professional designers but that shouldn’t be a problem of yours. Our ultra modern layout of custom canvas designer allows your users to create beautiful designs with no professional design skills.

    Sell Every Canvas Products

    Everything that can be printed on paper sheet or has flat canvas can be personalized in custom canvas designer. It’s the only web2print designer tool that allows your users to customize their business cards, flyers and photo-books in same the engaging manner.

    White Label

    Custom canvas designer is a white label web to print designer tool which means your users don’t see our name anywhere. It merges with your own brand and hands over all the praises that you get from your users to you only. Integrate it with your own print-store today and allow your users to unleash the power of their creativity.

    Upload Your Own Fonts

    Custom canvas designer comes with a robust backend admin panel where you have the font manager. You can upload your own fonts as many as you want and allow your customers to use them while personalizing their design templates. Your own fonts makes it a perfect product designer tool that aligns with your own brand and its values.

    Text Templates

    With our interactive canvas designer tool, you can offer a wide range of text templates. Your customer will fall in love using these text templates in their products such as stickers, labels and greeting cards. They can just click on the text template and will be able to change the font, font style, text and its color.

    Advance Text Editing

    Change font, font style, font color, font size and other things from easy to use font panel in custom canvas designer tool. It’s so easy to use that your customers will prefer your designer tool over any other complex product available in the market. The best web to print designer tool in true senses!

    Multiple Font Styles

    We understand that your users will be designing long templates of flyers, brochures and other similar products in this designer tool. We have made adding Heading, Sub-heading, body-text easier with pre-defined text properties. It makes the whole experience of personalization simple.

    Custom Canvas Designer- Canvas Product Designer tool
    Custom canvas designer tool

    Offer Your Own Image Library

    Using image manager in the admin panel of custom canvas designer, you can offer a huge library of your images. Categorize them and make it easy for your users to find the perfect image that compliments their design template.

    Image Upload

    In addition to your image library, your customers are free to upload their own images and brand assets. Images are easily editable, resizable, and cropped in the designer tool itself.

    Image Filters and Effects

    Designer tool is pre-equipped with most popular filters and effects that your customers can use while editing their images in templates. We have given capability to adjust all image properties like brightness, contrast, saturation etc.

    Multiple Templates for Single Product

    There are so many designers tool in the market that allows you to assign one template to one product. And it doesn't work for Canvas Product Industry. Our Custom Canvas Designer allows you to offer multiple templates to your users for a single product. And that too, as many templates as you want. A web to print solution with no limitations!

    Object Grouping and Positioning

    With easy to use tool panel in designer tool, users can group multiple brand assets and edit them together for faster personalization. A must have feature for people who wants to get done their jobs quickly.

    Canvas Area with zoom option

    You get to set your own canvas area as per the product size. In addition to this, zoom in and zoom out option in online designer tool makes way for wide canvas that allows customers to design in hassle-free way.

    Bleed, Cut and Safe line Management

    Set bleed, cut and safe lines from the robust backend of online designer tool product specifically. It gives a sense of design safety to your users. You can choose to have output with bleed, cut and safe line if necessary.

    Print Ready Files

    As soon as order is placed by your user, you receive print ready designs in your order section of admin panel. Custom Canvas Designer provides perfect files in these formats- SVG, PDF and PNG. With both color profiles- RGB & CMYK. Isn't it perfect? It is.

    Easy integration and configuration of the web to print online designer Plugin

    Our online web to print design tool can be easily integrated with your eCommerce platform or MIS system. The tool automates the pre-design validation process throughout the product catalog. Background color, images, border style, and color can be configured for printing products as per the requirement.

    Why to choose us for Custom Canvas Designer Tool?

    We are one of the leading web to print software providers offering web to print online designer tools so that print owners not only excel in the printing market but Custom Canvas Designer 6 also excel in designing and improving business opportunities. Want to experience the same? Then, request us for a demo and experience a glimpse of it. Integrate into your existing website or build a new one, this tool can improve your productivity, save time and resources.
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    1. What's Custom Canvas Designer?

    Custom Canvas Designer is a design studio that allows your customers to personalize their design templates. It also allows you as an admin to create templates in the backend which can be used to be personalized later.

    2. What kind of products can be personalised through Custom Canvas Designer?

    Any product template that is printed on sheet can be personalized through custom canvas designer. Like business cards, flyers, tags, banners, signs etc.

    3. How does custom canvas designer integrate with existing web-store?

    Custom Canvas Designer can be integrated with any platform using API. WTPBiz technical team helps you integrate it seamlessly. All you have to do is provide them your server access and your website admin access for a time being.

    4. Do you charge any transaction fee?

    No, we don’t charge any transaction fee. Whatever your customers pay to you, it directly goes to your account using your preferred payment gateway.

    5. Difference between subscription plans and license plan?

    In subscription plan, we take care of the hosting, maintenance and regular backups. Your site is hosted on a shared server. We use AWS for the same. Whereas, you host everything on your preferred server in license plan.

    Though, we provide an option where you can always upgrade from subscription plan to license plan.

    6. Is my data safe and secure?

    Yes, we have an in-house team of network security experts which makes sure that your data is completely safe and secured with us. They perform regular backups to make sure you never lose anything. Moreover, you have all security features which Amazon AWS provides.

    7. What if we need additional development?

    You can always contact our team of experts for custom requirements. They will analyze your requirements, guide you with the process and perform the additional development in most fitted way.

    8. How does support work?

    Each and every customer of ours has a dedicated account manager assigned who is responsible to guide you and make sure you use the platform in your business benefit. Support is available round the clock to help you with your queries. You can email, call, use live chat or submit a support ticket.

    9. How to get in touch?

    To get in touch with us, call us directly to +91-782-192-3115 or write an email to


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