Custom Web Technology

Custom Web Technology

We combine simplicity and powerful features to enable end-users with no graphic software experience to create professional-looking printed materials. The web-to-print editor has a number of components that make this possible without compromising on user experience or the final outcome.

Works on any device

Developed using pure HTML5 and JavaScript, the editor runs just as well on mobile devices as it does on desktop computers.

Flexible user interface

The user interface is highly adjustable and provides a user-friendly experience from start to finish. Your clients can enjoy a consistent level of simplicity while designing print products of virtually any complexity.

Freehand or template-based design

Our editor provides your customers with an adaptable web-to-print design tool that supports different modes of editing depending on the situation. End-users can work with pre-designed templates or design products completely from scratch.
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Paper & physical products

Customer’s Canvas allows users to create single‑ or multi‑page designs as well as personalized physical non‑paper products. Whether your customers need to edit a product with just a few elements or create a complex design with advanced features, Customer’s Canvas is the right web-to-print design tool for the project.

Layer by layer editing

The web-to-print editor supports text, raster, and vector layers, as well as QR and barcodes. End-users can manipulate objects in the editor by using either a mouse or a touchscreen.

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