Label Design Tool: Tips to Follow for Designing Great Labels

Labels are proved to be very much useful for specific projects such as organizing files. But these are extremely crucial whenever it comes to branding products. Depending on your label, a particular customer decides whether he or she is going to buy your product or not. So, a label design could influence the purchase decision of a customer. 

This is the main reason, why you should be very careful while designing a product label. In case, you have skills in creating products but not in designing their labels, then don’t worry as you will find the easy availability of many different online programs that can help you to generate as well as print professional-looking labels. 

You will find that the label design software, available in the market can range from free to pricey ones. Many printing service providers are involved in making your custom labels design work easy with the help of their label design and printing software.

Labels are an excellent way to customize brands. These are regarded as versatile as well as cost-effective, and one can easily find these on anything that is used in day-to-day life which includes travel bags, phone covers, refrigerators, laptops, etc. 

As the demand for customized labels isn’t limited to B2B, online printing firms should think about including labels in their offerings for a B2C targeted audience too. While guaranteeing that your prospective customers can easily customize and order labels, you’ll need to source label materials along with color prints. A label printing software can handle it all.

You can enable your website visitors to customize ready-to-print labels that come in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes, as well as ensure that your vendors can handle and track orders easily from the backend, with the proper solution.

From the convenience of their mobile devices, they can design a range of customized labels online on your shopfront, which includes but is not limited to barcode labels, photo labels, product labels, mailing labels, packaging labels, as well as asset labels. 

It means that by having a web to print solution, you would be able to make your online selling much easier. Now that, you have a clear idea about the label design, we will discuss some of the most important tips that will aid in designing a professional-looking label. So, let’s begin with our discussion to understand this well. 

Different Types Of Labels And Which Type Is Perfect For Your Business?

In some of the cases, you will see that the quality of a product label will not be sufficient for selling that particular product. The mix of eye-catching design, as well as relevant information on a label, is often enticing to a particular customer. To put it another way, a product’s label may function as its kind of advertising. 

It is something which speaks to your product, business as well as high quality of both. Thus, it is critical to take the time to choose the appropriate type of label as well as put extreme care and thought into its design. 

In case, you are running a small-sized business and you do not have the budget to hire a designer or you are looking forward to saving your money; in all of these cases, you can focus on designing as well as ordering your labels. Now, the main question that arises is that how can you create and design a label that will result in a fantastic finished sticker or label?

In this regard, first of all, you should determine the kind of label you need for your business. Then, to make it look professional, you need to focus on some of the simple design tips that will make your work easy. 

Don’t worry, we will do a brief talk about these essential tips, but before that, let’s have a look at the different types of labels and what specific options to choose among those. 

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Various Types Of Labels To Choose From 

  • Address Labels

It becomes simpler to send out company-related correspondence by designing your address labels for your brand. Incorporate your logo on the label so that it is immediately branded for a professional appearance whenever you consider sticking it on a package or envelope. 

  • Call-to-Action Labels 

Call-to-action labels are considered to be simple stickers that you can put on a product to entice customers to take action. These can be elaborate or simple but will always include an action phrase.

For instance, the call-to-action labels which say, “Look closer!”, “Smell me!” or “Touch me!” invite your customer to try out your product as well as experience the outstanding benefits provided by it. 

  • Product Labels

Product labels are generally the most prevalent form of label among the others available in the market. Almost every product you can purchase has these labels, which explain the product, its advantages, or its ingredients, as well as feature branding.

The right product labeling can aid in demystifying a product to convey its advantages to the customer, as well as make it look attractive or enticing. 

  • Packaging Stickers

You can make use of the packaging stickers for envelopes while you are shipping your products. The best part is that using these stickers on envelopes as well as boxes can effectively improve the customer experience. Consider adding a sticker with your logo on to a box or use one as an envelope seal, and the whole package is suddenly elevated with its help. 

  • Name Labels 

Customizing name labels is another wonderful means to create a good impression as well as keep on-brand, whether your team is attending an event, or you just need name tags for your front-facing employees. 

Important Tips to Follow for Designing a Professional-Looking Label

It’s a difficult yet very important task to design labels for product packaging. The label tends to have a direct impact on how people perceive your product. Again, it is something that will effectively influence the buying decisions of the customers. 

However, in this aspect, you will find out that being overly critical while attempting to find out how to design a label is not at all a very good idea. 

Instead, you need to stick to these simple tips and have some fun with them, and you’ll figure out the best ways to design professional-looking labels. So, now let’s begin with our discussion. 

  • Utilizing The Best Available Tools

You’ll need the proper tools for accomplishing this particular task before you can design a great online label or logo. Fortunately, there are many of the different options that will contribute to providing you with top-notch outcomes whether you are working in a small business setting or specifically out of your home office. 

Consider utilizing one of the following design tools to make your work easy: 

  • Adobe Suite: This particular software consists of several design programs which include InDesign, Illustrator as well as Photoshop. These programs enable you to create and edit complicated graphic design items, such as product labels. 
  • Microsoft Word: This program has label formatting templates that allow designers to easily configure as well as print several labels, all on a single page.
  • Canva: This online program provides a large number of free templates that you can use as well as edit to create the perfect label for your requirements, making it an excellent choice for entry-level designers who do not have much expertise with designing. 


  • Including The Most Crucial Information

At the time of designing your label, you must ensure that vital information is incorporated on your label without overwhelming it with text. 

Your label will look confusing as well as cluttered if there is too much text on it. This is why you should just provide what you need to assist the buyer to understand the product well and why they should opt for it. Anything more or less than that is not preferable at all. 

For example, on the coffee label, the designer can focus on incorporating key purchasing information which includes the origins of the coffee bean along with the type of roast while still leaving a lot of space on the label. This contributes to providing a chance for the brand name as well as the logo to stand out. 

All in all, the main purpose of your product label should be to only highlight the brand name and logo and ultimately make it appealing for prospective customers. People should remember your logo and brand name which effectively increases the chances of repeat purchase. 

  • Considering Both The Product Containers And Packaging While Designing The Label

Your label design will be influenced by the shape, size, and also the kind of container or packaging that you use for your products. 

For example, a little spice jar requires a considerably smaller label. It must look outstanding as well as stand out in that little area, but it cannot have too much information included in it otherwise, it will be difficult to read.

Each product possesses its distinct packaging. It means that a particular type of packaging may work for a particular product but not for others. 

Like, a jar of ketchup will need a very distinct label when compared to a pair of headphones or a package of cookies). As a result, it’s crucial to keep the packaging of the product in mind while you are focusing to design its product label.

You will also accept that if the label is too small or too big for the container, then it will fail the catch the attention of the customer. 

So, before you start working on any other design aspects or elements, you should always think about the product’s size and shape, along with the positioning of the label specifically on the packaging. 

This will provide you with a very clear idea about how to proceed with your design work. Based on that, you will be able to determine the image as well as font sizes that you are required to make use of. 

  • Making Use Of A Brand Logo That Is Consistent

You should never forget to include your branding or logo while you are focusing to design your label. 

Your product label must fulfill two primary functions: it must inform your customer about what is present inside the packaging, and it must promote your business. Achieving the former objective is straightforward (simply put clear and effective copy specifically on your label, while the latter requires a high level of consistency in terms of branding. 

How can you ensure that your label reflects your brand? Well, the answer to this is pretty simple. You would be able to achieve this thing by including your brand logo. Your logo should be present on each of your company printables, and your product labels are no exception to this. In this regard, you should also ensure that your logo is properly positioned in your design.

  • Making It Easy To Understand And Readable

Even the most attractive label in the world will be useless and ineffective if your customers fail to read it. From name tags and product labels to company banners and flyers, readability is undoubtedly the most critical aspect of any graphic design project. 

It’s acceptable if certain components or aspects of your label (for example, fine print) can only be readable up close, but your business name, as well as product name, must be visible from across the room. Throughout the design procedure, it is very important to remember to take a few steps back and see how your label looks from far away.

In case, you want your product to stand out from the others present on the shelf, then this particular tip is crucial to follow. Customers will be drawn in by an attractive label that is easily readable from a far distance. 

Final Verdict

I hope, after reading this guide, you have got a very good idea about the best label design tools as well as the best approaches to adopt while designing a label. 

To produce a great product label, you don’t require a team of experienced designers. Even novice designers can produce labels that are just as fantastic as the experts with the proper tools, a few graphic design principles, and a lot of creativity and personality. 

If you’re ready to get started, you can have a look at the best label templates and tools provided by a web to print shop. So, what are you waiting for? Contact a printing service provider today. 

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