Reduce Your Printing Business Operational Cost with W2P Software

Reduce Your Printing Business Operational Cost with W2P Software

Did you know you can decrease your operational cost by 10-30% by reducing your expenditure on printing? According to Keypoint Intelligence, about 90% of companies fail at tracking their printing expenditure. Hence, they end up going overboard their operational budget and also not able to meet their environmental goals. 

How do you calculate your printing cost?

To start, there is a need is to understand the overall print cost for each copier. The easiest way to do so is by working with a print provider and installing the software on your network to track the prints in real-time. The method will allow you to get accurate printing costs. The alternative option is to manually gather the information needed, but it is time-intensive. 

Additional factors that impact the printing cost

On calculating your printing cost, if you find a significant hike in the operational cost. It might be time to consider online printing services. Web to print storefront would help you get all the needed printed material at a low cost, and you would not require to get any equipment. They are like an online e-commerce store, with all the necessary tools to design your letterheads, business cards, and other branding material. Some of the factors they completely eliminate from your operational cost are: 


Different print equipment is required to print different types of materials. This equipment is costly, and thus cost of acquisition might be a significant factor in increasing the cost per print for your organization. 


Supplies being a constant need for your business, it is required that you procure toner, developer, paper, and other print media and material to get the things done. But you buy them in bulk, without even knowing if they would come in use or not. 

Services and Maintenance 

Monthly service agreements and one-time maintenance costs of the equipment are not less. In fact, you need to regularly maintain your equipment, and sometimes they might even need replacement of some parts, etc. 

Burden Rate 

The time spend for employees to fix equipment, order supplies, schedule management, maintenance, and equipment downtime affects your operational cost and productivity. 

Investment in new technology

With time you need to replace your current equipment and move on to newer technology. It might also cost you some time to gather the information and consult the service providers to find the right product that meets your business needs. 

How do printing storefront solutions help you? 

Web to print software efficient web tools that allow you to build your own designs online and get them print on the designed material. They even allow you to upload any ready designs and choose the right size of the material to get it printed. Here are some of the ways you can bring down your operational cost from the web to print

Order only how much your need

If you have a ledger of your monthly requirements, you can just order that much rather than stocking it. The entire order would be delivered to your address within days. This would allow you to not stock up everything like inks, developers, printers, and papers. Rather you can just simply order. 

You can manage your order easily. 

Online print order management is fairly easy. You can simply log in to the web application and check your order. You can manage it on the go and also see how much you have been ordering on the dedicated dashboard. You can increase or decrease your order as per your usage and reduce your overhead expenses. 


The tools make it very easy for you to design your personalized merchandise. A lot of companies hold events that require many merchandise to stand out. A web to print software would allow you to use many tools to design your merchandise. It helps you come out as a brand rather than stay just a business. 

Order only what you want 

Not only a business has to stock up the material to print the regular items such as A4 size sheets, but also banners and posters. However, these are not very regularly used. It means a lot of material and supplies get wasted sitting in your inventory. A printing storefront solutions provider would allow you to choose whatever size and material you want to get things printed and get them delivered on time. 

Ever-changing costs of supplies 

A lot of businesses face problems in coping with the ever-increasing and decreasing cost of the material. For this reason, they stock up when the prices are lower without considering their consumption. Going with online printing services, you would not have to worry about the supplies at all, and the web to print costs are fairly less than what it would cost to set up the entire thing at your office. 

Refunds and Payments 

Web to print storefront has a dedicated channel where you can approach their customer care team and get your problems resolved. In case you want to return your order, that too is possible, and you can get the refunds with a valid reason. So, in case something goes wrong, your money doesn’t get wasted.

Wrapping Up 

These were some effective ways to bring down your operational cost with a web to print service. Printing costs make up a huge part of your operational costs. By efficiently managing it, you can bring down your overhead expenses efficiently. Web to print solutions allows you to manage your printing costs well. They work on the various factors that increase your operational costs and thus benefit you.

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