Factors to Choose Web2print Solutions: SaaS Web to Print v/s Dedicated Web to Print

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When you set up a reliable and cutting edge e-commerce site for printing, you might feel fuzzy about choosing a web to print solution. There are SaaS-based web to print solutions, dedicated web to print solution, and in-house web to print solutions, but to choose best for your business is a daunting task. 

Any new investment in the business should give a reasonable ROI. Therefore, some print companies prefer the in-house web to print or some prefer Software as a Service (SaaS) so that their storefront runs smoothly.  

Whether you are a startup or a leading company, to set up a web to print storefront, you need to make an informed decision. So, we are here to resolve all your dilemmas about SaaS web to print and dedicated web to print. Below the article, we have jotted down some important factors that you should keep in your mind before choosing the web to print solution for your print business. 

Top 3 Factors to Choose Web to Print Solutions

Different organizations have different needs, but if you are about to take a major decision of getting a web to print solution for your organization, then below are the 3 points to consider. 

Cost: Evaluate the Web to Print Solutions 

Cost is one of the most important evaluating factors while searching for the web to print solution. Are there any other fees associated with it? Different web to print solutions have different costs for template building, credit card acceptance, and uploading user data. In SaaS web to print, usually, organizations or printers have to pay monthly subscription fees, whereas if you are investing a heavy amount to avail the solution for a lifetime, you need to check whether it involves any other charges or not. 

Cost increases by additional features such as web-based design tools, image libraries, variable print, personalized URLs (PURLs), and GURLs, etc. So, take a call accordingly. 

Functions: More w2p Features and More Success 

Always look for a web to print solution that has additional features rather than basic features such as an online storefront (the ability to support templates and online ordering), users, groups, approval rules, PDF output, online proofing, reporting, and administration, etc. Functions and features depend on your business, so while picking the web to print model, investigate whether SaaS or dedicated web to print fits you the best. 

Infrastructures: Less Dependency to Untie the 

Going forward for SaaS web to print or traditional web to print entirely depends on your business. But infrastructure plays a crucial role in any web to print storefront. SaaS on the monthly basis doesn’t have hardware or software dependency, but if you go for a dedicated web to print, it requires hardware and software. If there are limitations of software and hardware, then it also limits the ability to customize the user’s expectations and experience. For the in-house w2p, an organization requires graphics skill, customer service, and sales to offer the best customer experience. 

SaaS Web to Print or Dedicated Web to Print- Which is the Best Pick?

Costs and Payments: In SaaS, you have to pay only for active printers. There are no big investment costs whereas in dedicated web to print you need to pay to buy a license. You need to invest in additional modules, support, and upgrades that add to the cost. 

Maintenance Costs: In SaaS web to print, the maintenance cost is included for the printers, whereas in a dedicated module, you need to invest in yearly maintenance as the support costs for updates. 

Implementation Costs: Implementation costs can be saved in SaaS. You don’t require any major set. It is as simple as downloading and installing some software. It doesn’t require any drivers and servers to run. Dedicated w2p requires a set up and connectivity with other systems within the organization. It adds to the cost of software installation, configuration, and testing. 

Hosting Costs: In SaaS, providers offer the hosts and bear the cost and the SaaS solutions are compatible with all the devices, it doesn’t require external hardware. In a dedicated one, you need some installations done by the host to run the system.  

Personnel Costs: In the SaaS model, providers manage and maintain the system, these are included in the monthly subscription fees. In a dedicated web to print solution, IT staff would be needed to maintain the software and hardware. 

Security: Security is one of the important issues while opting for some web to print solution. In SaaS, the data is secured by encrypting it inside and outside the network. But, in-house web to print would need its own data security system. 

Conclusion: Over the years, SaaS web to print has provided benefits to effectively print, work, and manage our data. It has given the freedom to automate the workflow, print efficiently, and save time. Evolution with the latest technology is required to maintain the print ecosystem and SaaS based web to prints offer a monthly subscription fee to keep you updated. 

Summary- In the printing industry web to print has always been the need of an hour. But, choosing the right web to print solution has always been a major task. So, pick the web to print storefront according to your business needs. Cost, functions, and infrastructure are 3 major factors that will let you decide the most sufficient web to print for your business. Different web to print solutions such as SaaS and dedicated web to print have their own benefits in terms of cost and security. 

I hope, the above information would give you a fair idea of whether you need to opt for SaaS web to print on a monthly basis or dedicated web to print for your print business. If you have any further doubts, you can call us at +91-782-192-3115 or send an email at info@wtpbiz.com, our team would be more than glad to assist you on the same. 

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