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Shopify Product Customizer: A Shopify Designer Tool for Excellent Product Personalization

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Shopify Designer Tool: Complete the Print Production Cycle including Customization of Products

Ecommerce owners love the Shopify platform to sell their products. But, if you are struggling with the personalization of the products, then we bring to you an intuitive product personalizer Shopify tool for your online store Shopify. The tool helps you and your customers to design products with their imagination. It offers next-level personalization features. Be it t-shirt, business cards, mugs, or mobile covers, it helps customers to create personalized designs of every product.

We are here to provide you a one-stop solution for your Shopify web to print. Here, you can administer all the activities of your online store Shopify from managing orders to designing and printing. It saves your time and allows you to think out of the box while you are designing the products. Shopify Custom Product Builder is easy to use. The responsive Shopify designer tool once integrated with the web to print then you will be able to customize and manage all the products.

3 Simple Steps to Get Started with Shopify Web to Print

Shopify is one of the best platforms for eCommerce business owners to sell products that can be enhanced with the help of Shopify product customizer. Implement these 3 steps to get started with the tool and fetch all the benefits with amazing features.

Integration is a simple step. We will integrate the Shopify Product Customizer tool so that you can handle all your products. You will get an admin panel from where the owner can manipulate all the changes in the product. The integration process is flawless whether you already have the Shopify web to print or you planning to have a new one.


Configuration is the next step where you can configure the static products in the store. Set all the changes and after the configuration is done, your customers will be able to see the changes.

Online Product Designer

In this step, your customers can customize the product according to their requirements. The tool provides them with a smooth interface to bring out all the changes and get the print-ready file.

Experience Easy to Use Shopify Designer Tool Features

Print ready designs can be availed with the help of flawless features of the Shopify Custom Product Builder tool. You can design and sell the personalized goods. Explore the features that can help you to expand your offerings and reach the global market.

Set Custom Pricing

With the help of this feature, you will be able to set the custom pricing for every product. After the integration of the designer tool, you can set different pricing. It allows you to sell different products at different margins so that you can increase your sales.

Quote Management

The quote management feature allows your customers to submit their price quotes for the products. It includes the feature where the admin can respond to the submitted quote. This feature helps owners to get the lead and convert them into a customer immediately without spending much time on a meeting.

Upload your Own Clip Art Library

The clip art library features are useful for all the customers to make their product interesting. They can upload the clip art library or they can choose any clip art from the predefined library.

Personalized Look and Feel of the Store

Wtpbiz offers you a Shopify Custom Product Builder tool that looks similar to the rest of the web to print online store. We offer you personalization in the look and feel of the store to offer uniformity in your brand.

Editable Vector PDF

Here, you will get an editable vector PDF. For high-resolution images, you can use this feature and a get print ready file. It improves customer convenience.

Setup coupons codes and discount

Shopify Designer tool permits you to generate various coupon and discount codes for each product. Set the margins and earn more. It helps you to increase sales too.

Mobile Responsive

Integrating the Product Personalizer Shopify tool will keep your online store Shopify responsive. It will be accessible from all the devices such as mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Multiple Languages

Reach a global market with the help of the online store Shopify. We have multiple language features through which you can communicate with a larger audience in their native language.


The tool allows customers to preview the customized products before ordering. Customers can change the look and design of the products after the preview.

Template Library

We have templates for various products. For example, if you need to customize a t-shirt, then we have t-shirt designing software included in the tool. It will help you customize the product the way you want. Predefined libraries will save customers time to design and then allow them to order quickly.

Object Grouping

Grouping of objects can be easily done in the Shopify web to print. It gives you better visibility of the objects.

Color Support- RGB & CMYK

Product Personalizer Shopify tool provides you downloadable print-ready files. It supports RGB and CMYK for the customer’s better experience.

Shop Now the Shopify Custom Product Builder To leverage the Benefits

Many e-commerce owners are getting benefited by our Shopify web to print. So, to offer customized products, you can avail of our designer tool. Reach your business goal with the help of this tool today.

New Online Store Shopify

If you are planning to expand your business with a new online store Shopify, then we are here to integrate the Product Personalizer Shopify tool. We will provide you an end-to-end solution to tailor-make the products and sell them conveniently. So, contact us for a brand new online Shopify store.

Integrate with Existing Shopify web to print store with no setup fees

If you have Shopify web to print store then you can complete it with advanced features offered by the Shopify Designer tool. We are here to provide you the integration of this tool without any setup fees. Create an impactful impression on your customers with the designer tool.

1. Do you charge any transaction fee?

No, we don’t charge any transaction fee. Whatever your customers pay to you, it directly goes to your account using your preferred payment gateway.

2. Difference between subscription plans and license plan?

In subscription plan, we take care of the hosting, maintenance and regular backups. Your site is hosted on a shared server. We use AWS for the same. Whereas, you host everything on your preferred server in license plan.

Though, we provide an option where you can always upgrade from subscription plan to license plan.

3. Is my data safe and secure?

Yes, we have an in-house team of network security experts which makes sure that your data is completely safe and secured with us. They perform regular backups to make sure you never lose anything. Moreover, you have all security features which Amazon AWS provides.

4. What if we need additional development?

You can always contact our team of experts for custom requirements. They will analyze your requirements, guide you with the process and perform the additional development in most fitted way.

5. How does support work?

Each and every customer of ours has a dedicated account manager assigned who is responsible to guide you and make sure you use the platform in your business benefit. Support is available round the clock to help you with your queries. You can email, call, use live chat or submit a support ticket.

6. How to get in touch?

To get in touch with us, call us directly to +91-782-192-3115 or write an email to


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