Solution Security

Solution Security

As Web to print is a business application therefore while developing it we paid utmost attention to stable features, user-friendliness, and solution security. Our global partners and clients place immense trust in us as we offer them the highest level of integrity and transparency. Some of the incomparable features of our tool include cloud hosting, digital asset security, segregated database, and segregated content.

Business Level Security

To ensure the utmost level of business security, only authorized personnel has access to the server. All your business data like order details, customer details, etc. are kept confidential as only the designated system administrators have access to the back-end of your website. A separate front-end login is necessary for the end-users to access their accounts.

Secured Servers (SAAS)

Wtpbiz’s solution has a highly secured infrastructure. We understand that your data is your backbone that is why our solution is hosted on Amazon web server that keeps your data confidential and allows you to automate manual security tasks. (For more details about AWS read: )

Design Security

We understand that design is a very big asset for any print business. Our solution not only helps you to publish and manage design templates but also keep your PDF preview watermarked and secured.

Data Backups & Disaster Recovery (SAAS)

The vilest disaster for any business is losing data through some malicious activity or some natural/man-made calamity. To overcome such disasters we backup our servers on a regular basis and maintain enterprise-level back up both on-site and off-site.

Payment Security

Wtpbiz solutions maintain secure payment for the printer and secure payment transactions on the web too. We have a secure checkout process that requires making payment before confirming printer orders. All our web-based payment transactions take place on payment gateways with secure SSL encryptions thereby making online payments safe and secure.

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