T-Shirt Design Trends for Print-On-Demand

T shirt design trends for print on demand

T-shirts are something which never goes out of fashion. These are also known to be wardrobe essentials. Almost every people irrespective of their age and gender loves to wear t-shirts. The demand for customized t-shirts is on the higher side these days.

If you are looking forward to starting t-shirt printing business, then you should essentially keep yourself updated on the latest trends so that you always come up with the best and most updated designs. If you are not aware of these trends, then don’t be concerned anymore!

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We have designed this comprehensive guide to talk about t-shirt design trends that you should essentially have a clear idea about. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started with the discussion to gain a better understanding of this:

Top T-Shirt Design Trends to Follow

  • Minimalism

The minimalist t-shirt trend is all about using neutral colors and simple designs. All of these are known to be very effective in leaving a classy and simple mark, especially on your t-shirts which are considered to be its best part. As a part of this trend, you need to make use of simple typography and lines that again offers a distinctive elegance to your t-shirt designs.

  • Typography

It is another key t-shirt design trend that you can follow to create extraordinary designs with the aid of efficient tshirt design software. Talking about typography typically refers to the appearance or style of the text. This particular design trend is highly recognized among people.

You can think about what is so special about words. But you should never underestimate the importance of plain text. Words, when used appropriately are not only robust but also tend to have a deep and meaningful impact on people.

Again, whenever it comes to typography, you have many options that you can use. It includes a bold statement, a quote, handwritten text, or flipped and arched text. Depending on your preference, you can use any of these you want.

You can even portray your beliefs or ideology by imprinting a bold statement or a saying, in case you are associated with a cause whether political, social, or any other. It is always a good idea to display these sorts of texts on your t-shirt as it is assured to leave a lasting impression on the minds of people.

  • Vintage Design

If you want, you can even utilize a vintage design in your t-shirt. These sorts of designs look trendy. Also, these offer you the chance to exhibit extravagant designs, shapes, and colors.

The best part about this vintage t-shirt trend is that it exemplifies the spirit of the 80s as well as the 90s. Another thing to note is that it typically carries softer tones and shades along with stunning designs.

But these types of designs are not liked by everyone. If you are targeting a niche customer base, then this particular design trend is going to be very helpful for you. In this case, you can even employ a t-shirts design maker to create the best designs.

  • Black And White

Black and white are two colors that never go out of trend. Although, you may think that monochrome color palettes are too basic for you to use in your t-shirt design. But, most other people are not thinking in that way.

These may look basic and outdated, but still, both these colors are known to be the most desired ones. And so, there are a lot of people who are fond of this color combination, and they would love to wear t-shirts designed using these colors.

Again, a majority of the people find the refined fusion and contrast of these two colors on t-shirts to be eye-striking which contributes to their rapidly increasing popularity.

  • Cartoon Characters And Superheroes

There are many times you may have come across people who are wearing a t-shirt that feature the image of any superhero or cartoon character. From this, you can get an idea, that using the images of cartoon characters and superheroes in your t-shirt design is something that never goes out of trend.

Be it Batman, Marvel, Mickey Mouse, or any other characters, you need to come up with the best designs for everyone by featuring their favorite superheroes or cartoon characters. There is always a good demand for these sorts of designs. In this regard, it is interesting to note that, the demand for such designs even gets high whenever any superhero movie is released.

So, it would be best, if you target releasing your t-shirt designs at that particular time. This will again help you to reap the maximum benefits out of this specific design trend.

  • Doodle Artwork

Doodle artwork is another amazing t-shirt design trend that you can focus on considering for your print-on-demand business. It typically emanates a bubbly appearance. In this case, it is interesting to note that this kind of look can contribute to adding a reviving element, especially to your t-shirts.

As a part of this design trend, you can consider designing anything that you want by using distinct colors, shapes, and lines. If you adopt this particular trend, then all that you need is to depend on your power of imagination to do the real magic.

  • Crypto T-Shirts

In the last few years, a rapid boom has been seen in the crypto industry. The high demand for this has even encouraged a lot of business owners to design t-shirts on crypto. You can even take the advantage of this continuously rising demand by focusing on these sorts of designs for your print-on-demand business.

In this year i.e., 2022, the targeted group of customers who are looking forward to purchasing crypto t-shirts at any time of the year is also expected to increase by leaps and bounds particularly due to the rise of new cryptocurrencies as well as elements such as NFTs.

If you want, you can consider looking out for new concepts, terms, and jokes about crypto that you can use in your t-shirt design so that you would be able to provide maximum value to your customers. Again, if you are knowing this topic, then all that you need is to make use of this knowledge for your benefit.

  • Dinosaurs T-shirts

Dinosaurs look cool, isn’t it? Like many other people, if you are also a die-hard dinosaur fan and you have not missed a single “Jurassic Park” series, then you may agree with this. So, it means that there are a lot of people who are going to love these sorts of designs in t-shirts.

And the best part about the dinosaur t-shirt designs is that these are viable for almost all audiences, irrespective of their age and gender. Grunge dinosaurs, neon dinosaurs, cute dinosaurs; all of these designs belong to the same Dino t-shirt era which suggests that this particular trend is not going to stop at any point in time.

  • Anime Or Japanese T-Shirts

Another solid contender in the list of t-shirt design trends is anime t-shirts. Over the past year, it again has turned out to be a go-to style. Japanese t-shirt style is again somewhat different from anime, yet its demand is on the higher side similar to the anime t-shirt design.

One of the interesting things to note about this Japanese t-shirt style is that it evokes more of a Classical Japan woodblock print aesthetic rather than contemporary characters. If you find that your targeted group of customers is going to love these kinds of t-shirts, then you can consider investing your time in playing with such designs.

  • Psychedelic T-Shirt

This is not a recent trend. The origin of this specific trend dated back to the 1960s. Its designs and art are typically marked by unique elements which include dynamic typography, cool themes, vibrant colors spiral kaleidoscope motives.

Although this particular design trend is not as popular as all the designs which we have enlisted above, you can surely give it a try. There are always chances for your targeted group of customers to like this design.

If you are lucky, then it could even prove to be successful for your print-on-demand business. Due to this specific reason, you should never miss the opportunity to try something new and interesting even if it is not that popular among the people.

  • Lettering T-shirts

Most print-on-demand business owners like you will admit that t-shirt with plain text always sells better than any other complex designs. It is because of the simplicity factors associated with it.

A lot of the people like this kind of design as they can wear such t-shirts at any place they want, without worrying about anything. Also, this is such a design that is liked by people of almost every age group.

So, it means that one can gift t-shirts with vintage-style lettering to their father or grandfather without any hesitation. So, it is another amazing t-shirt design trend that you can select print-on-demand services or consider for your print-on-demand business.

  • Mirrored T-Shirts

Mirrored designs were very popular in the past years. And these designs are expected to make a comeback in the upcoming future times. So, if you want, you can consider this t-shirt design trend for your print-on-demand business.

One of the interesting things to note about this particular design is that it works amazingly when they are about either funny quotes or else texts which are pertinent in the right situation. Also, the t-shirts having such designs are best to wear at the gym.

  • Bootleg T-Shirts

Is the term “bootleg” totally new to you? If yes, then worry, we are going to discuss this in detail here. Bootleg is a term that is typically used for referring to an article that is illegally sold. In the sense of fashion, you can understand bootleg t-shirts as those that appear worn out and old.

So, this refers to the t-shirt designs which not only look old but also seem that someone has poorly designed these tees. Although this design is not professional, many people purchase these tees for special events. One of the best things about this design is that it is incredibly easy to create as you do not need to have great designing skills.

  • Puns T-Shirts

Puns refer to classic designs. And while you are creating original t-shirt designs, it is almost impossible to overlook this trend. Again, if you are not considering this trend, then you would end up missing something big.

While you work with these designs, you should essentially keep in mind that some puns are very funny, some of them are so bad that you cannot even use those, and some are so bad that they ultimately turn funny. Typically, the best puns in t-shirt designs are made with the combination of both images and words or full illustrations.

  • Axolotl T-Shirts

In the last few years, the trend for the axolotl t-shirt designs is on the higher side. Presently, it has turned out to be a most sought-after t-shirt design option which is likely by most people. A lot of the Vexels users have also been asking for axolotl-themed designs.

From this, you can get an understanding of its popularity. Axolotls are animals that look cute. And due to this specific reason, many people find this design to be soothing and appealing. So, it is another design trend that you may find worth considering.

  • Pale T-Shirts

In the fashion industry, pale refers to a visual which is characterized by pastel or monochrome colors, with influence in grunge as well as emo styles. You can get to see several distinct varieties of pale-style clothing in large retail stores.

If you are focusing to create pale-style t-shirt designs, then you should necessarily emphasize simple designs that contain monochrome shapes and elements. A lot of the eCommerce stores that tend to have specialization in this type of aesthetic are seen to adopt this particular t-shirt design trend.

In A Nutshell

Now that, you have completed reading this comprehensive blog post, you have learned about many of the best t-shirt design trends that you can employ for your print-on-demand business.

Hopefully, now you would start implementing these trends while creating your t-shirt design to reap maximum benefits. And once you are done creating, you can order wholesale blank t-shirts in bulk quantity and then print those.

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