Web-to-print Integration with Magento


WTPBiz is a Web to Print Magento extension with potent features. Using the extension, you can transform your Magento storefront into a creative studio. Let your customers customize and design their products instantly by integrating our Magento extension with your website. Our Magneto Web to Print is compatible with all devices and with both Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Complete Customization

WTPBiz Magento extension is a comprehensive personalization extension that allows your end-users to customize their designs or products as needed. The extension supports dynamic imaging and is super useful across various verticals of the print industry. It provides end-to-end management of the product customization; the end-users can manage image templates, text, alignments, etc.

Magento Product Designer Features

Our web to Print Magento extension has many comprehensive features and functionalities that ensure that the end-users will never face any kind of glitches while designing their favourite product. It is a fast and powerful tool with multi-database support, superior browser support, and large user-accessible data; which is protected by SSL encryption to ensure the safety of the sensitive data.


Integrating our Web to Print Magento extension with your storefront will drastically increase efficiency. The integration process is very simple and easy. Once the integration process is complete, our tool becomes a part of the admin panel of your eCommerce platform. Simply enhance your user experience by integrating our tool with your storefront.

Flexible user interface

Our Magento web to print tool is easy to operate, high performing, responsive and user friendly in nature. While designing or personalizing a print product you and your end-users can enjoy the uniformity and simplicity throughout, from start to finish. If you are looking for effective administration, storage and retrieval of print jobs at any scale, WTPBiz is the right solution for you.

Web to Print Cycle

The ready to print file can be downloaded directly or if needed it can be personalized as well. These files are available in PDF, PNG, or JPG formats.

Any questions?

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