What is the Difference between an Acrylic Print and a Canvas Print?

Difference between an Acrylic Print and a Canvas Print

Canvas prints as well as acrylic prints are considered to be great ways in which you can cherish your photos whether you desire to recall your old school photos or want to revisit fun times you’ve had with your family. You can even consider using these as elegant décor pieces. 

An acrylic print or a canvas print can effectively brighten up any space or room in which it is put. But now the main confusion that people come across is that, what to choose in between canvas prints or acrylic prints?

If you are looking forward to knowing which one is a better option to choose and the main distinctions existing between these two options, then this guide will prove to be very helpful for you.

Here, we will focus on clearing your confusion by discussing in detail these two options. So, let’s get started with our discussion.

What Is Referred To As A Canvas Print?

Canvas prints are specifically the images that are printed on scratch as well as fade-resistant canvas. After that, the stretching of it occurs over a frame. In this regard, the most common technique is known to be gallery wrapping, which involves wrapping the image over the frame. 

It again helps to add a professional touch or finish specifically to the canvas print. Although this is the most typical way of creating a canvas print, it can also be framed.

What Is An Acrylic Print? 

An acrylic print is particularly created whenever you focus on printing an image on photographic paper. After that, the image is placed in between two plexiglass sheets. Acrylic prints are known to be highly durable, and if you want your prints to have a glossy finish, these are a wonderful choice. 

However, when compared to acrylic prints, canvas prints tend to create the most artistic feel due to their aesthetic resemblance to oil paintings.

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What is the Composition of a Canvas Print?

Canvas is a robust as well as a long-lasting fabric that is made of cotton, polyester, or hemp. Each of these canvas materials has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. A cotton canvas has the most artistic feel due to the ink seeping into its fibers. 

On the other hand, canvases that are created with the help of hemp as well as polyester endure longer, and their colors are much more vibrant. It is specifically because the ink remains on the material’s strands. Although cotton prints are thought to be of higher quality, hemp, as well as polyester canvas prints, are long-lasting and affordable options to choose from. 

What is the Composition of an Acrylic Print?

There are mainly two ways in which acrylic prints can be created. Your images are printed directly onto an acrylic sheet as well as sealed with a coating in the first method. Whereas the second approach involves printing your image on photo paper and then heat sealing it between two acrylic sheets.

To perform the first method, the shop only requires having a printer that can effectively work with acrylic sheets. The second method specifically needs a little more craftsmanship. You need to be very careful before sealing the print in the plexiglass because even a single particle of dust could destroy the print. 

Acrylic prints, like canvas prints, come in a diverse variety of qualities, where some of the vendors tend to provide a very attractive end-product and others fall short of a satisfactory output.

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Acrylic Prints vs. Canvas Prints

Now, we will look at the main distinctions existing between the canvas prints as well as acrylic prints. 

In this guide, we have covered every factor as well as the distinction between these two prints so you can make an effective choice.  


Both canvas, as well as acrylic prints, are known to be long-lasting. But, among these two, however acrylic prints are known to be more resistant to water damage. UV protection is also included in both the canvas as well as acrylic paints, which may reach 98 percent based on the material that is used. The ultimate result is fade-proof prints. 

Color Sharpness

Acrylic prints possess a color sharpness advantage specifically over canvas prints, which tends to effectively improve its image vibrancy. Another thing that contributes to it involves the reflective surface of the acrylic prints. 

It effectively limits the light that passes through the print’s surface. In turn, it makes sure that the image colors can retain their sharpness at the time of being viewed from every side of the print. 

The printing process of canvas prints is purely concentrated on adding more color to obtain the optimum color coverage for the image is applied. This is an effective method through which printers guarantee that the image detail is preserved. 

In this regard, you should focus on opting for the assistance of a web to print service provider who possesses expertise in performing this particular technique. They will make sure that the ink spread across the canvas is effectively achieved each time. Along with that, they will also ensure that the final finished print is a replica of your vivid photograph. 


There is the presence of rivets on every corner of the acrylic prints. It contributes to providing a more aggressive feel to the image that is displayed. Thereby, transforming it into a more ‘in-place’ environment where there is the presence of a lot of metal furnishings. 

Canvas prints, on the other hand, provide your photographs a softer as well as more creative feel. Due to all of these reasons, these are known to be a must-have whenever it comes to your home décor.


When it comes to aesthetics or look, you need to decide between the canvas prints as well as acrylic prints based on your personal preference. So, in this regard, the main deciding factor is your aesthetic. 

Acrylic prints are somewhat more contemporary as well as sleek in terms of their feel and appearance, whilst canvas prints are known to be artistic and timeless in terms of appearance, making them ideal for home or even office décor. 

Selecting the right photo for canvas prints can be a little tricky, but in this regard, it is recommended to select one that is bright and lively to brighten up the space where it will be displayed.


At the time of deciding between acrylic as well as canvas prints, transportation is a very important consideration to make. Simply said, acrylic prints are heavier and more difficult to transport and mount, but on the other hand, the canvas prints are lightweight and much simpler to transport as well as mount. 

Whenever it comes to transportability, canvas prints are known to be a superior alternative. Rest assured that you can simply indulge in hanging a canvas print on your wall with very little effort only. 


Price is another aspect that contributes to playing a very important role in making a decision. When compared to acrylic prints, canvas prints are substantially cheaper. So, by opting for canvas prints, you would be able to get a lot of advantages in terms of pricing. Canvas prints are half the price of an acrylic print of the same size and are as artistic as the best acrylic print.

Life Span and Strength

The UV protection as well as the laminate that is applied to the canvas prints, in general, guarantee that the prints’ surface is effectively protected from scratches and bumps that may occur while moving your images around your office or home. 

The laminate also tends to protect the canvas from water damage while yet enabling you to clean it with the help of a damp cloth. 

The durability and strength of the canvas material, combined with the surface treatment applied, assure that a good canvas print will effectively last for 70 years or more. So, it means that the quality would not be compromised in this case. 

On the other hand, acrylic prints, contribute to providing even more protection along with lifespan for your image due to the nature of the printing method and surface used. The surface’s resilience makes sure that they are resistant to most scratches as well as breaks while still being lightweight enough to move around any room without any sort of difficulty. 

They’re much similar to canvas prints in that they’re resistant to moisture as well as simple to clean with the help of a wet cloth. These are again known to be resistant to damage from sunlight. In this case, the ether material type tends to offer a great option for image longevity and protection.

Your Image

Does your photo feature bold and bright colors? Acrylic’s light capturing properties will improve those colors, making them look more brilliant. Another best thing about the acrylic is that it offers a 3D look to your photos with specifically crisp edges and glossy, sleep finishes. 

Canvas prints again help to improve the appeal of your subject matter if it is more traditional or sedate. In this regard, you should keep in mind that the canvas surfaces provide a softer as well as somewhat textured appearance. Canvas prints, in fact, often resemble the attributes of oil paintings, making them outstanding options for landscapes and portraits.

What are the features of the space where your new print will be displayed? Is there a lot of light in the room? How is the specific area utilized? What sort of decorating style is now the most popular? A downtown loft with a lot of light as well as large space offers a perfect backdrop for an acrylic print to shine. 

A canvas print is usually the better choice for rooms with a relaxed feel or subdued lighting. In this regard, you should keep in mind that a rustic cabin in the woods would ideally offset a canvas print of any particular size. 

Recognized Designs for Canvas Prints


Printing photographs on canvas often revolves around astonishing shapes, intense tones as well as other contemporary designs.

Family Photograph

These are regarded as normal subjects specifically for canvas prints, whether it’s an image from a family get-together or an occasion family representation. 


Abstract designs are considered to be a perfect option for the living areas in a house with contemporary or moderate interiors. 

Inspirational Or Quotes

A lot of the families like making a considerable statement to an embellishing canvas. It is something that helps to effectively light up any particular room of the house.


Families with photogenic pets may want to consider hanging a canvas or two that features their textured furry friend. It’s a different matter to get their pet to stand by for a photo shoot. 


Landscape images are something that looks amazing on canvas, whether they’re from a family vacation to an international location or a backyard picnic.


Another popular option for custom canvas prints is considered to be map designs as well as prints. 

Final Verdict

I hope after reading this overall guide, you have got a very good idea about the distinctions existing between a canvas print as well as an acrylic print. 

Our comparative analysis of the acrylic prints versus canvas prints would surely help you to decide which particular is best for you. Acrylic photo prints are regarded as the best choice if you want something neo-modern, while canvas prints are the better option to opt for if you want something retro as well as classic. 

Given that plexiglass tends to get opaque over time, canvas prints tend to last longer when compared to acrylic prints. If done correctly, a canvas print can last for almost a century without causing any loss to the vividness of its colors. Also, in this case, the quality of the image will not be affected. 

To get your hands on an ideal canvas print, all that you need is to opt for the assistance of an ideal partner. 

You will come across many of the best options in the market to choose from. Select a professional and reliable web to print service provider who makes use of a proper custom Canvas Designer tool for accomplishing your job effectively and in time. So, what are you waiting for?

Get started on your custom canvas prints right now by choosing the right web-to-print company. 

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