Top Custom Photo Pillow Design Ideas for Your Store

Top Custom Photo Pillow Design Ideas for Your Store

You enter a new apartment with your friend. You observe everything is well furnished. The furniture is contemporary, and the artwork on the walls is aesthetically appealing. But then you see a gorgeously adorned personalized picture pillow on the bed. 

It is something which you would not typically find in every house. Its uniqueness and eye-catching look will surely let you ask them from where they have got those pillows. You will also want those interesting stuff in your house. 

Pillows have existed in one form or another for thousands of years. Long back the days, these were hard and uncomfortable and were considered a thing only for the wealthy people for resting their heads. Yes, this is true. 

Pillows made of ivory or marble were used by the wealthy Egyptians to keep their heads off of the floor to protect themselves from many worms and other creatures. And these pillows were gorgeous, well-decorated, and useful, but not as soft and comfortable as it is today. 

But, currently, the concept of pillows has transformed a lot. We believe that the more pillows you have in your room, the cozier the space will be. Custom pillows are a one-of-a-kind way to exhibit your preferred photographs while also adding a pop of color as well as style to your home décor. 

On a photo pillow, you have the option to display whatever you may want. You can consider a blank pillow as a canvas and design and print any photo according to your preference. It can include your travel photos, family portraits, pictures of your loved ones, etc. 

If you want, you can also create or design an innovative housewarming gift for a throw cushion that adds a personal touch to your new home. Personalized pillows always make outstanding home décor gifts. You can give it as a gift to your loved ones to see a big smile on their face. 

Whether you are creating a photo collage, a personalized pillow, or a unique gift for your mother and father, you will find several options in every case which will help to make the design process very easy. Personalize your pillows by adding your text as well as background patterns that effectively fit with your unique style. 

In this regard, you can either choose white backside included or you can upgrade to double-sided pillow printing for making it more stylish. Again, you will find the availability of many different sizes of pillows in the market to choose from. 

Go for your preferred size and image for adding a stylish look to your house. You would be able to achieve this by opting for the assistance of a professional web to print service provider. They will help you in the designing and printing process. In just a few clicks, you can upload your photos, customize your pillow, and your work will be done in very little time. 

Custom Picture Pillows

Presently, pillows are seen as a comfort element and every people has this stuff in their houses. Also, in this current age of personalization, people are attracted to personalized products and pillows are not an exception to this. 

Many of the web to print businesses focus on offering stylish as well as comfortable photo pillows for every room in your house. Depending on your requirements, you can choose the size, design, and style of the pillows that you want for creating the perfect accent for your house. Now, we will have a close look at the different photo pillows ideas for your store or your own needs.

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Best Photo Pillows Ideas For Your Store

People nowadays consider a personalized photo pillow to be an item that may make or break a space. The market for pillows is continuously growing and you should take advantage of this profitable design trend for your business. So, here we will talk about some of the best custom pillow ideas that you can consider for your store. Let’s get started with our discussion. 

  • Photo Pillows That Possess Bold Designs

The most common use of a photo pillow involves adding an accent to your living room. While searching for the perfect pillow, most people have already figured out the other details. They have decided on beige walls as well as carefully picked colors for their rugs as well as sofas. Now, they want a pillow that will brighten up their space, and here comes the role of one with bold designs. 

To attract the attention of people, use your creativity to create bold designs as well as patterns. In this regard, you can make use of trending colors to achieve the best outcomes. Combine colors and themes to create a stunning pattern that will effectively brighten up any place. It includes stripes to polka dots which you can use for creating bold designs that will attract the attention of people visiting your house. 

  • Personalized Photo Pillows With Famous Quotes

The use of creatively written quotes to convey your philosophical beliefs with the world is a popular trend in interior design. This may be seen in poster art, wall hangings, coffee mugs, and especially in personalized photo pillows. 

Whatever quote you like or find interesting, you can choose that for printing on your personalized photo pillows. If you want, you can also make use of famous as well as inspirational quotations of well-known personalities, authors, or holy books. 

There are unlimited ideas that may captivate the mind and inspire just about anybody, from poetry to great literary works. Remember to include novelty, trendier and catchy quotes and slogans to catch the attention of people. A blank pillow is always considered to be a great canvas for photo pillow quotations.

  • Custom Photo Pillows For Animal Lovers Or Pet Parents

You can even custom print the perfect photo pillows with the photo of your pet by opting for the assistance of a print service provider. If you do not have a pet, but you are an animal lover and want a custom pillow with the image of your favorite animal, you can also go for it. In this regard, you can go for the custom dog as well as cat breeds prints or anything else that you want.  

Animal prints, particularly those focusing on endangered species, are all the rage. Create picture pillows to raise awareness about the humpback whale or any other animals which are listed in the endangered species. 

You can make use of the images of real animals to print your custom photo pillows. And, you will see them come to life on a high-quality and comfortable pillow, or you can use your artwork to provide a unique and distinctive touch to your design.

  • Photo Pillows With Zodiac Signs

Do people keep on asking you about their zodiac signs? If yes, then this can be an incredible option that you can go for. With this particular option, now you do not have to tell your zodiac sign again and again to the people. It includes having a custom photo pillow printed and keeping it in your guest room. In this way, you can easily share your astrology with any people who are visiting your house. 

Everyone, from Scorpios to Aries, likes seeing their Zodiac sign on display. Isn’t it a fantastic idea for partners to use picture pillows to mark their territory? The shy and polite Virgo would not have to worry about anyone taking his or her seat on the couch whenever his or her personalized photo pillows are there. 

Again, the artistic Pisces will love the fish you design for motivating him or her all through the day fulfilled with creative energy. The same goes on for the other zodiac signs as well. So, whatever may be your zodiac sign, you can have that printed on your custom pillow to create a unique look for your house. 

  • Patriotic Photo Pillows 

The national flag holds a lot of significance to every people who are living in that particular country. It is something that can be added to every item. T-shirts, backpacks, etc. are all popular items, where one can add their national flag to express their love for the nation. Similarly, one of the items where you can focus on adding the flag of your country and keep it with pride in your guest or living room includes the photo pillows. 

You can custom print your photo pillows with a flag design or else you can add the colors of the flag to the pillow. This timeless design will be the perfect accent for any of your rooms. In this regard, the spun polyester square pillow is something you can choose for showing off your patriotism. You can go with other shapes and materials of the pillow as well. This affordable, as well as high-quality accent piece, can be used to give an appealing look to your interiors. 

  • Photo Pillow With Your Artwork

The greatest benefit of the custom print revolution for artists is that they can display their artwork at any place they want. In this regard, you can focus on delivering your designs on bespoke photo pillows as well as pillowcases instead of sticking to the conventional and boring way of putting paintings in a frame on a wall. 

Now, with customized photo pillows, you can make use of your art as a permanent display on some bed or sofa thereby, providing that lasting and final design touch to someone’s space. Pillows and pillowcases are the ideal canvas for expressing your creativity, whether it’s graffiti, digital art, or conceptual imagery. 

If you want, you can consider printing different designs on both sides of the pillow. Or else, you can turn creative for your pillow case designs as well. Also, feel free to mix and match images with proper words to create an outstanding feel. 

  • Pillows With Travel Destinations

We all have come across the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower wall hangings. These are extremely beautiful travel destinations and creativity should not remain limited only to the wall hangings or calendars. If you love traveling and want to bring these creative and extremely beautiful vacation locations to your house, then there is no better option than custom photo pillows. 

Allow people to bring a little piece of the big world into their homes as well as display them custom picture pillows. There are so many incredible places and landmarks to visit, all over the world. You can make use of anything that you find interesting for making a fantastic pillow design. 

Make gorgeous designs by making use of your trip photos that other people will surely cherish. Alternatively, you can draw inspiration from some exotic locations to create your one-of-a-kind artwork that allows people to travel virtually all over the world without leaving the comfort of their bedrooms. So, it is considered to be an outstanding idea for a travel lover. 

For instance, you can consider a Great Wall of China pillow for adding a finishing touch in the living room. Or maybe an Mt. Fuji pillow for adding just the perfect touch of Japanese accent in that custom kitchen. When it comes to location designs, your options are endless which makes a great idea to consider.

  • Photo Pillows in the Style of….

The greatest, as well as the latest cultural icons, are often incorporated into custom designs. However, in the present age, you don’t want to get sued just because you wanted to sell some pillows with Disney Princesses, Spider-Man, etc, images on them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t build your personalized photo pillows in similar styles. 

Think about a custom pillow with pictures that is designed in the style of your child’s favorite cartoon characters. Well, this type of design will surely make your child happy and he or she will love to include them in their room. Allow your creativity to run wild with color palettes, typefaces, as well as styles that give hints to these copyrighted figures without really using them in your designs. 

Alternatively, you can also focus on creating bespoke designs in the style of recognized artists. So, whenever it comes to photo pillows as well as your creativity, almost everything goes. So, all in all, custom pillows are considered to be perfect items to bring your brilliant ideas into reality. 

Final Verdict

Therefore, with the help of print on demand, you can start selling custom photo pillows. Your bespoke designs are dropshipped directly to your customers’ doors whenever you opt for the assistance of a professional print service provider. So, what are you waiting for? Allow your creative energy to flow as well as start designing the perfect personalized photo pillows.

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