Effective T-Shirt Printing Tips To Keep In Mind

Effective T-Shirt Printing Tips To Keep In Mind-img

Are you looking forward to creating your t-shirt design? You may have seen a lot of people wearing custom t-shirts. So, it is evident that people love to wear a personalized one. 

If you are looking forward to start tshirt printing business, then this t-shirt printing guide will prove to be very helpful for you. Not only that, but this blog will also be very useful if you are looking forward to going for t-shirt printing for your individual needs. 

A lot of the web to print companies are involved in offering wholesale t-shirt printing, allowing you to create bulk wholesale t shirts with a variety of interesting designs, quotes as well as slogans at a low cost. 

These companies make use of tshirt printing machine to do this job. It is not at all an easy job to carry out home tees printing specifically with heat-applied transfers. You will find many difficulties while correctly doing it with the help of an iron, 

Heat-applied t-shirt transfers need a heat press to appear professional. It is far more costly when compared to the bulk t shirt printing offered by any print service provider. 

At the time of creating a wholesale custom t-shirt, many individuals get perplexed due to the availability of several options in the printing industry. The design of your custom t-shirt is the first and the most important thing you should consider. 

Do you want only a picture, a slogan, or a slogan with an image? The cost of wholesale t-shirt printing is usually determined by the number of colors in the design you create.

You can start experimenting with typefaces for the text after you’ve decided what you want the personalized t-shirt to say. The font you choose contributes to having a very big impact on how your t-shirt appears. 

You should select a typeface that is simple to read. Bolder typefaces will print well, particularly on t-shirts that are deeper in color. For wholesale t-shirt printing, use a typeface that suits the idea of your custom t-shirt. 

For instance, in case, you’re designing t-shirts for your comic book club, a cartoon-like font like Comic Strip or Comic Sans would be a good choice. 

After you are done with selecting your text as well as an image for the t-shirt design, the subsequent step is to choose the kind of shirt on which it will be printed.

Golf shirts, baseball shirts, sweatshirts, etc., are among the different choices available.

You can also select from a variety of brands for your wholesale t-shirt printing. 

So, you’re ready to order your new t-shirt after you’ve decided on the picture, text, brand, color, as well as shirt style. 

You’ll see how simple it is to get hooked on producing your wholesale custom t-shirts after the shirt has gone through the overall printing process as well as arrived at your door. 

Your friends as well as even strangers on the street will most likely compliment you on all of the fantastic designs you create for your t-shirts. Wear your wholesale custom t-shirt design with pride and be prepared to be asked, from where you obtained this t-shirt design.

T-Shirt Printing Tips To Follow For Amazing Outcomes

The flexibility that comes with creating your bespoke merchandise is one of the most beautiful parts of the process. After all, the design, the garment’s thickness, as well as the labels are all up to you. 

It’s a world of possibilities, where you get to create unique things always to suit your business, campaign, or product whatever it is your customized t-shirts are for.

However, if you’re new to the t-shirt printing procedure, it might seem a little daunting at first. There are several options to consider, and it can seem that your promotional shirts idea has become much more difficult than what you have thought of. 

But, if you also dealing with similar situations, then you do not have to worry anyone. Just opt for the assistance of a professional web to print company. They will consider discussing all options for the prospective orders. 

Furthermore, in the following section, we’ve compiled a list of tips on how to get the most out of your personalized t-shirt printing. 

  • Make Use Of A Half Tone Print To Get Detailed Designs With Screen Printing

The usual screen print job involves simple “spot color” designs. In this case, the screen that is used possess varied-sized holes. These allow the ink to travel through onto the garment in a uniform pattern. This is ideal for many designs, especially those that are simple as well as clear. 

Half-tone printing is a good alternative if you want to employ screen printing for a design that has greater visual depth or is more intricate. 

In this particular method, the screen utilized to print the design possess holes for the ink to pass through that are uniform in size but vary in their placement. 

To put it another way, dots in darker sections of the picture are grouped, whereas dots in lighter sections are more dispersed. As a result, you can utilize it to create tonal variation, particularly in your design.

  • Make Photographs As Simple As Possible For Screen Printing

Creating a simplified version of a photograph can be considered to be a great way to screen print onto a t-shirt. 

It not only makes screen printing cheaper as well as easier, but it also gives your merchandise a unique flavor. 

Rather of exacting replicating the image, you’ve altered it to display it in a completely new light. But, in case, it is a cult or a recognized photograph, then this particular is a great way of stamping your own identity onto it. 

Direct-to-garment or DTG printing is the way to go if you’re dead set on a replica of the picture. However, by making use of the half-tone approach, you would be able to get a realistic screen print of your photo. 

  • Use 3D Puff For Making A Statement

If you simply want something loud as well as attention-grabbing, then 3D puff is something to go for. 

As evident from its name, it is a 3D, thick material that you can consider using for a design or logo on your t-shirt. It’s bold and so, it may be a perfect option for a brand who are having a playful side. 

  • Screen Print Specifically On Inside Neck 

Adding your labels to your t-shirts is a terrific way to make them unique. So, this is an effective tip to follow whenever it comes to customization.

However, for orders particularly below 500 units i.e., smaller orders, you would not be able to make use of woven labels. This is specifically because it is considered to be the more premium type. 

Instead, screen printing on the inside neck portion of the t-shirts is regarded as a great option. This is possible on small orders (of 20 units or more) and enables you to give your product an additional stamp of uniqueness.

  • Create Something Elegant With The Help Of Embroidery 

Embroidery is an outstanding method to give a t-shirt a touch of sophistication. Although most people think of embroidery when they think of baseball caps, it can also be a terrific option for some customized t-shirts. 

Stitching a neat little design, basic logo, etc., can contribute to adding a superb touch. 

  • Avoid Physical Printing Shops 

Physical printing shops, have to pay rent, staff costs, utility bills, and a lot more. All of these drive up the price that you will pay for your t-shirts. So, if you are seeking high quality as well as low prices, then you should focus on avoiding them at any cost. 

  • Design Your T-Shirts By Keeping The Colours To A Minimum Specifically For Large Quantities

Whenever you are involved in designing with minimal colors, you can utilize a high-quality printing process such as Silk Screen Printing

It is considered to be suitable when you are printing for large quantities i.e., more than 20. Also, you would be able to accomplish everything at very low pricing.

  • Use Free T-Shirt Designing Web Apps To Design Your Tees

Do you know how to make use of Adobe Photoshop? If not, then don’t worry. You will find the easy availability of many free tshirt design software or tool online that are straightforward to use. 

By making use of these free web apps, you would be able to achieve top-notch outcomes. Just, you need to buy the materials from a blank tshirt supplier, then design and send it for printing. 

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  • Check Your Design For Any Grammatical And Spelling Errors

These types of errors usually happen but are considered to be very much embarrassing. Even you might have come across these errors on printed items such as bumper stickers, road signs, etc. 

But, these types of errors should never happen as they can create a negative impact on your brand. So, double-check and triple-check your designs before sending them for printing purposes. 

  • Have Your T-Shirt Designed By A Professional Designer

We know what you’re thinking now. T-shirt designing by a professional would be very costly. But this is not true. You will find the availability of many professional designing services within your budget. If you are printing in bulk, then you will again get a lot of discounts. 

  • Be Very Selective Whenever It Comes To The T-Shirt Material 

Cotton, as well as Dri-fit, are the two most common materials that you can consider choosing. Dri-fit t-shirts allow quicker evaporation of the sweat and help you to keep cool on a sunny day. 

  • Have A Proper Understanding Of The Five Distinct T-Shirt Printing Methods

There are generally five types of printing methods for t-shirts. It includes Heat Transfer Printing, Silk Screen Printing, Dye Sublimation Printing, DTG Printing, as well as Embroidery. 

Each printing method possesses its own set of advantages as well as disadvantages which you should first understand well before going for any option. 

  • Select An Appropriate Printing Method For Your Material And Design 

It is difficult to decide if you don’t understand the limitations as well as disadvantages of various printing methods. 

So, first of all, you should focus on getting a proper understanding of these methods. Finally, consider selecting a printing method that is suitable for your material and design. 

  • Dye Sublimation Printing Can Only Be Performed White Dri-Fit T-Shirts 

Dye-sublimation printing allows you to create vibrant designs on your t-shirt at no additional expense. But, you should keep in mind that this particular printing process can only be done on white dry-fit t-shirts. 

  • DTG Printing Is Only Possible On Cotton Materials

Unfortunately, DTG printing on darker or black cotton t-shirts can be almost twice as costly as on white cotton t-shirts. Colorful photographs, on the other hand, can be printed by making use of DTG printing. It is considered to be cost-effective for small quantities. 

  • Heat Transfer Printing Is An Excellent Option If You Have Colourful Designs

Heat transfer printing is incredibly cost-effective, and there is no additional charge for colorful designs. However, your design will be printed on a thin vinyl sticker layer on your t-shirt.

  • Embroidery, As Well As Round Neck Tees, Do Not Go Well Together

If you’re getting polo t-shirts and you want to give them a more professional look, embroidery is the only option to consider. 

  • Silk Screen Printing Is The Most Prevalent Method 

The most common and popular method is silk screen printing, which is long-lasting and cost-effective in large quantities. It is particularly if your design is just one color. 

  • Check The Reputation Of The Printer You’re Considering

Check external customer reviews to verify whether a printing company is a reputable and reliable one. To do this, consider making use of transparent sources such as Facebook. 

  • Look Out For Transparent Pricing

Some of the printing companies focus on providing transparent pricing. You should go for these options. Choose a company that can clearly explain the pricing. 

Final Verdict

We hope, you have found all of the above-mentioned wholesale t-shirt printing tips to be very much useful. Considering these tips will help you to achieve top-notch results.

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